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    oh my goodness ritz crackers have NEVER tasted thisgreat lol



    How early should you be having cravings? Im only 8 weeks and i have some wicked cravings for fries and anything hot. Is that normal?



    I am on a frosted mini wheats kick, Ive eaten nearly an entire box in 2 days lol



    i hate the stuff usually…but right now i am craving some chef boyardee(sp?) mini beef ravioli ….and i dont have any :*(


    I started having cravings early in my pregnancy. I’m not really a junk food eater, but lately I’ve craved choc chip cookies and vanilla milk shakes. My dh keeps the fridge stocked, that keeps him out of the dog house. lol



    mini pickled onions and popcorn (not together – that’s something)



    Went to Italy at the beggining of my pregnancy and could not eat anything there. It all tasted so nasty. All I ate were fruit and salad. But walking down the street one day shopping we passed a leather store and OMG! I had to go and smell everything, then buy something for me to carry with me so I could walk and smell the leather. I craved that smell for about 3 weeks before it went away. I really could have eaten leather it smelt so good. Haha!


    Hello everyone… I am expecting my second child after a 8 year gap in 35 days!! I have been craving the weirdest things, not to eat but I love the smell of home stores( that sell wood or paints) (auto stores, Basements not mildy but like new carpet and I cant stop smelling a certain carpet deorderizer… Clean linen… I also crave baby powder, which I craved with my son as well. It is crazy and my boyfriend hates it. But I can’t help it. Ask me how many times I have gone to to store for the nursery!! lol



    using cheddar and sour cream potato chips to scoop up cold baked beans! Weird…but somehow high in fiber!



    I make pregnant lady bloody marys. A picture and recipe is on my page. Warning: It will more than likely gross every non pregnant person out but I love them!



    My biggest cravings have been Zaxby’s (its a chicken place here in the southwest usa) chicken wings wimpy flavored. My husband SWEARS our baby is going to come out with a chicken wing in her mouth. I also love the strawberry fruitista drinks they sell at taco bell w/ the real strawberry’s as toppings. I don’t care for them at the same time. Oh and of course girl scout thin mint cookies. But I must say my main addiction is the wings at zaxby’s. Unfortunately due to my gastric bypass surgery Im only able to eat 3 at a time and then Im completely full. But thats ok b/c I love them cold the next day.



    I had some cravings early on.. meat and cheese mostly…. BUT, now it’s hard for me to eat cause nothing seems appetizing!! I think it more the thought of cooking food then food itself that is turning me off…..Needless to say, I’ve been eating a TON of pizza….. I figure its got my veggies…. dairy… protien and carbs 😉 ONE thing i’ve been craving is lemon flavored italian ice… WHICH i can’t get here in el paso (I’m originally from NY). I’ve been all over town looking for it!! It’s driving me nuts!!



    i do not drink coffee! never did never will! oupssss
    what?? im craving for COFFEE??? why????
    i dont even like coffee !
    plus its a no no in pregnancy!



    I’m in my third trimester and i’m craving strawberry shakes from mcdonalds and a large fry..mmmmm delicious.



    a strawberry shake sounds good…

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