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    Can an ultrasound reveal disabilities in an unborn child?



    Hello my dear friend, welcome to this form and I hope you will find good advice about your issue. When it comes to know about disabilities of your baby with ultrasound, it is possible because ultrasound is very effective process to know about such issues. Any ultrasound scan cannot detect all kinds of problems with your baby in womb. But there are some specific types of physical defects and birth defects that ultrasound can detect easily. It can detect some serious issues like heart defects, any kind of kidney problem, absence of any part and other such issues about any baby. With ultrasound scan, you can also know about gender of baby but no one will guarantee that it will be always correct. These are some of the common topics that you can find with an ultrasound scan. I am not any professional health expert but if you want to find more details about it, I will suggest you consult with health expert. During pregnancy, you should not think about such things. Pregnancy is very beautiful and amazing moment of your life and you should enjoy it. You should not take stress about any disabilities of baby. You can know about it by using ultrasound scan but you will not find any help to find treatment for it until the birth of baby. I will suggest you not to think about all these problems about your baby and you should stay happy and positive during pregnancy. I hope it will work for you and you will be able to get happiness to become a beautiful mother. My blessings are with you my dear friend and I hope you will not take such stresses during your pregnancy.



    No, not always, it is not always mandatory that all the disability will be visible in usg. Yes, the major ones can be visible. But please do not think much negative. Deal with situations as it arrives, I think you should do some meditation.

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