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    I’m walking through some gross dirty factory. There is a steamy, sweaty feel to the air. Some soot covered creepy guy walks up to me and gropes my crotch. I scream and back away. He still comes at me towards my preggo belly. I try to punch him but my fist is in slow motion. I make contact like a feather. I keep trying but my punches are useless. I start screaming for my husband who is somewhere in the building. The guy starts trying to lick my belly. My husband shows up-I order him to knock this guy out and I’m relieved for a second. It’s short lived because my husband turns to me and said he doesn’t believe me. He’s not going to punch anyone on my word-he didn’t see the guy do it-somehow eluding to my pregnancy hormones overreacting. I freak out on my husband, totally frustrated. My dad shows up. I tell my dad about the creep. Dad immediately hits and then throws the creep into some machinery, where the guy is mangled. I woke up hating my husband, but knowing my dad would always be there for me-no questions asked.



    ok i have 2 kids.. and im not pregnant right now (that i no of) but i keep having dreams (this past 2 weeks) that i drop a baby into a river on accident and i can actually feel the pain that i feel in the dream.. i can feel myself cry but im asleep. idk what it is cuz i never had dreams like this b4 except when i was pregnant.. the dream i had with my first is i dropped him into a bunch of rocks and the rocks got stuck inside his head… with my second pregnancy the dream was that he was sleeping beside me and he fell between the bed and wall and got crushed. now im dropping a baby into the river???!? wth!!…and every single one of the dreams including the most recent ones never show the babys face… it creeps me out



    i dont have any bad dreams… in one of my dreams i was laying on my bed with my newborn on my chest and i was patting his bottom trying to soothe him… it felt so real that when i woke up and the weight was gone i was soo sad =/ another time i was laying on my side breastfeeding and i swear i could feel the weight of the baby next to me on the bed… THEY ARE SOOO REAL! its kinda weird



    I don’t normally dream, if I don I never remember them. Since week 4 I have been having crazy dreams, from angels talking about my baby to labor in the middle of the woods. Last night though, I woke up crying and woke my SO up to hold me. I dreamed that I was at a school of some kind and there were young people all around so it must have been a university. My SO was on the other side of the campus. I was walking there when a gun shot rang out and a person next to me screamed and fell! I bolted for cover trying to get to my SO to see if he was ok. I finally found him in a class room that looked like a high school class room and he and a few other people were sitting there unaware of the shooter. So I sat down and joined the class. Then another person walked in as pulled a gun and everyone got under their desks, I could see the shooter at the teacher desk and then I notice that between the teacher desk where the shooter was and myself there was a little girl in pig tails about 6. A differant person got up and tried to run and got shot in the back. We all stayed still. The shooter was taunting us all, but he didn’t see the little girl next to me. The shooter and I made eye contact, then he saw the girl…and I knew he was about to shot her! I stood up to take the shot but my legs collapsed so i crawled back under my desk and reached for the girls hand…he shot her..she screamed. I pulled her to me to hold her and try to stop the bleeding, I thought she was hit in her leg, but the shooter laughed and told me that she was dieing because he shot her in the ribs…I cried and put her down and launched myself at the shooter but woke up before he and I collided. It was so real! I felt like I could smell the gun smoke. I was so shaken up that SO made me a cup of hot tea and rubbed my back..I could only cry for a while, I didn’t go back to sleep last night after that. I want the night mares to stop!



    I had some very odd dreams recently one involoved being a hostage in an armed robbery being heavily pregnant and then going into labour!



    Ever since I’ve been pregnant, I’ve been having horrible nightmares, I have to be careful what I watch. Lately they have been about my husband leaving me. Why? He is a good guy and why in the world would I dream this? I know he would never leave, if I’m not dreaming about that than usually zombies are chasing me around! LOL! I really feel like I’m losing it! I CAN’T WAIT FOR BABY TO COME! Maybe these dreams will go away!



    Michelle007 – its funny, I had very similar dreams while I was pregnant. Dreams taht my hubby was leaving, or that someone/something was attacking and I had to defend myself, and baby. I discovered that no one should ever try to hurt my child or they’ll be sorry! LoL. I would wake up so upset, and realize that I was a complete bada** on the inside.

    In the meantime, not pregnant, I dreamed that I went to stay at a hotel, hubby was going to meet me there and I was preparing the room deciding where we’d sleep with a 3 year old and a 1 year old. Umm… I only have a 15 month old. Not ready for another one. Nope. NOpe. Nope. woke up terrified.



    I had the funniest dream that I was pregnant with this one and then when I was 8 weeks along I got pregnant again. The baby’s were 8 weeks apart. I kept wondering if the younger baby would have to be born at the same time as the older baby. It was a crazy dream!



    well I had no where else to go thought here would be a good place to drop a thought. So I am almost 30 weeks with my second I never had dreams with my first so this is an interesting concept to me. At 20 weeks I had a dream about my cousins daughter and I knew she was my cousins (cousin is due 10th June) the baby was small and my cousin is having some placenta issues and it is affecting her babies growth a bit, I also dreamed my other cousin was pregnant in the same dream any way passed it off had a laugh any way had two dreams last night one was about my mum having another baby with someone which is interesting and the other I had a baby which was a girl but something was wrong and she grew in an instant and we left her at the hospital as an adult but I walked out of the hospital with 2 children one a girl (assuming its my daughter) and the other a boy but I never got to see their faces it really has me dumb founded. hoping nothing is wrong but it was the weirdest dream ever. Other than these dreams they have always been very violent like I had a dream someone attacked me and my DH woke me up because I was tossing and screaming so I don’t mind these other dreams I just wish they would relate to me and not everyone else LOL



    I think as much as I tell myself that I’m fine either way having a boy or a girl, I think subconsciously I have a preference for a girl. I have 2 boys and we are so excited to add to our family again. But, I have been having a few dreams here and there and a lot of anxiety about the sex of this baby. First, they tell me it’s a boy via ultrasound, and I feel sad or somewhat disappointed but don’t want people to know. And last night, I gave birth to a healty baby boy but felt sad again. Saying, it’s not a girl? But, the boy was so beautiful. I don’t want to feel this way. I know I will love this baby either way. But, as the day goes on I feel like I’m having a girl this time. But, when I sleep and dream I’m having or going to have a boy. Is anyone else having anxiety over the gender?



    Im 18 weeks pregnant now, but in my first trimester, i can remember this one awful nightmare i had that left me feeling drained and panicked all day. I had an early ‘miscarriage’ i guess if you can call it that because instead of the baby coming out vaginally, i coughed a fetus into my hand after losing several teeth. It was terrifying. I havent had any nightmares like that again, thankfully. But i did have a daydream in which i saw exactly what my child looked like. She was a girl (i wont actually know the gender til december 30th) and she was sooo adorable. I know regardless of whether or not im having a girl or not and my child looks like that, that i will love them either way. As the days pass, the dreams get better and i am more optimistic about my childs health and safe passage here.



    Im soo tired.. 6 weeks pregnant.. Tired all day and when i finally get to bed i dream about my baby then cant sleep 🙁 this is so upsettin i just want to sleep through but i cant 🙁 since i was pregnant I’ve been having 3 hours max at a time with out waking up. Any tips ladies? X



    I have had dreams about the gender with every baby. Every dream was right. I had a dream last night that I had a girl, and my friend came over today and said she had a dream I was having a girl too. So, we will see!! I hope it was right! It is amazing how many woman I know that said they knew the sex of their baby before the ultrasound.



    the other night i had a dream that i had my baby but, they had to put it back in bc it wasnt ready yet..lol.
    anyone else had dreams like this?? lol..i feel a little crazy


    I had a dream i got fired from my job and they called the police on me.iI kicked a door down, cursed some ppl out just made a real seen. i was a bad chick in that dream. Luckily they didnt lock me up. lol

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