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    Ive dreamt 2ice now that im going to have the baby and leave it in my car boot. Sounds weird i know but i keep dreaming i will leave the baby in places and completly forget???


    I had the weirdest dream that I was in a public bathroom and went into labor. When I had my baby it came out as a full grown duck! Not even a baby chick, but a full grown duck….. how weird! lol



    Im not sure I am pregnant, but I have been having vivid dreams for the past week. The one I just had was that we were building things outside, and it started to rain a lot, til there was water everywhere, then we went inside and I was suddenly more aware of my tummy, I had a baby in there, he started pressing his hands, face, and feet to the outside (even though it was supposed to be too early for that and for me to know it was a boy) My family was there, happy but unimpressed. But I was SO happy.



    Want to talk about weird! I drempt a few weeks back before I knew the sex of my baby that I gave birth to a rooster that laid black eggs. Can we say Kuckoo!!!



    im not pregnant any more and im still having weird and scary dreams. the other morning i had a dream that my boyfriend left the baby in the car and she died from the heat. talk about a nightmare.


    I had a dream that I was notified of the death of a childhood friend. It was a male friend that was very dear to me. We lost touch once I moved out of state so I have no clue if he ok or not. It was a very vivid dream, and definitely disturbed me.



    I’ve had a couple really memorable dreams so far. I’m only 13 weeks pregnant so of course we don’t know the sex yet, but in both the dreams I’ve had a little girl. In the first one she was already older like 3 years old and she resembled me a lot! (Dark hair and brown eyes).

    In the next dream I had I actually dreamnt about labor. It only lasted 5 mins and didn’t hurt AT ALL! Haha! I SOOOO hope that’s an omen that my labor will be quick and I’ll be able to handle the pain ;P Or I guess it might turn out to be the opposite! Yikes!!!

    After baby was born she was like instantly 6 months old! She looked totally different then the last dream and more like her daddy. (Lighter hair and blue eyes). My mom was at home with me and trying to make the baby a bottle. Then my little girl reached up and held her arms out for me to pick her up and I just hugged her so tightly and then she fell asleep in my arms. I can’t wait to meet this baby for real and make all these dreams come true!!! <3


    My husband says I watch too many multiple birthing shows. Last night I had a dream I was having a c-section and we were in the operating room. The Dr pulled out one a baby after another until I woke up nearly in tears. It’s funny now, but I was terrified in my dream!



    last night I had the worst dream EVER… It was 10x worse than the normal ‘hubby is cheating on you’ dream. Right now I’m 26 weeks pregnant and to make a long story short: I dreamt that I went into pre-term labor and my baby had a 1% chance of living and she was starting to come out of me feet first when I was at home and I had to keep shoving her back up tp stay in! I didn’t feel any pain though, it was weird. Got to the hospital and they tried to knock me out with gas so they could rotate the baby to be head down but that wouldn’t work…They said my baby would most likely not make it and I started SCREAMING…then I woke up. I woke up at 5am and started to cry. I woke up DH but her didn’t really care, just wanted to go back to bed. But I couldn’t bc I was sobbing. God, I hate these dreams!



    Last night I dreamt I got into an arguement with my Mom b/c we both made spaghetti sauce and she was trying to get my very-proud-of-being-Italian husband to say her’s was better. Hahaha! I’m going batty from sleep deprivation!!!



    my dreams are getting beyond weird. they are all very sexuall so I wont go into details but I think Ive dreamt about every form of sexuality there is and some rather gross me out



    the very first dream i had before i went to the doctor: i was 11 weeks and they said i was ready to go into labor, i said that wasn’t possible. in the dream i gave birth to a very tiny fully formed baby…weird. the other night i dreamed i gave birth to a chimpanzee… i looked it up on the dream dictionary thing and it said ‘your maternal instincts have kicked in even though the thought may seem alien to you.’



    When I was prego (before we knew the sex of the baby) I dremt one night that I was changing a diaper and a little boy peed on me when his diaper was off. A few days later I dremt our son had unpluged our alarm clocks and told us he just wanted us to rest and stop running around all the time. Had 20 week ultrasound and guess what we found out we were having a boy. It was weird. Guess when he gets a little older I will have to set my alram on my cell phone JUST IN CASE! LOL. Good luck ladies. May all your baby dreams come true.



    I have nightmares every night.



    i hope to god i’m not the only one but i’ve had dreams of being the opposite sex….during sex…. it was freaky.

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