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    Today while I was napping, I woke from my sleep and thought I saw a huge yellow spider on the wall, I ran out of the room. This is the second time I’ve had this dream, but last time the spider was multi colored but still very big, the size that covers up a large part of the wall. I hate these dreams and its only happened since I’ve been pregnant. It sucks



    I had the worst pregnancy dream last night, I was dreaming of clear fluid and blood were running down my leg, I was have a miscarriage I think, but maybe I was getting ready to have the baby I don’t really know. I’m so scared bout what this dream might mean, I’m nearly 16 weeks along and I don’t want to lose this baby!


    Is anyone else having bad dreams about their partner? I keep have these really weird, very vivid dreams about cheating. I tried to explain it to him and all he did was sit there and laugh at me and tell me I was crazy. The weirdest one was the circus. I was big fat pregnant walking a tight rope dressed as a clown and he was the ring leader on the ground in a threesome. I can why ppl are laughing at me to a point, but it hurt my feelings a little. Anyone else dreaming crazy?????



    YES! YES! YES!!! I have had all kinds of crazy dreams (mostly stupid bad dreams). About my husband , daughter, strangers, zombies, end of the world! The list goes on. I feel like I’m going crazy and my husband says I’m a weirdo!!! I wake up feeling like I’ve had no sleep. And sometimes pissed off with my husband! LOL! Not really funny, but true. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!



    OMG, ok.. Right when I found out I was pregnant with my 4th pregnancy (after 3 miscarriages prior) I had a very graphic and disturbing dream that I had a miscarriage. I specifically remember going to the washroom and seeing the baby come out, dangling from the umbilicle cord, and me screaming and crying. It was like a horrible horror movie… I suppose this is reflecting my fears of yet another miscarriage… Another dream I had somewhat recently, I had a dream that I was waiting int he hospital with my mom to give birth to my baby. I remember sitting in the hallway waiting to be admitted, but the baby didn’t wait and I just gave birth right there in the hallway. I remember having the baby for a few days, raising her (it was a beautiful baby girl), but then, some how she turned into a cat… I remember feeling really really sad, as if my baby had grown too independant (going from a helpless little baby girl to a grown cat wandering outside, not wanting anytihng to do with me). Perhaps this represents my fear of not having that closeness with my baby when they grow up or something? I’m not sure, but it was weird!!! Another dream I had just last night, I had a baby boy, and I took him to this really big mall that had like a fair going on inside of it. I kept forgetting him EVERYWHERE! I lost him SO many times, and even had a couple people return him to me a few times throughout the dream! It was SO scary and frustrating!!



    Last night i had a dream. I saw my two angel babies. They were happy and healthy and just beautiful. They were playing with two little girls that were on earth. Could that mean??? I don`t dare hope. Not so soon after losing my angels. But, it could mean that this pregnancy will have a positive outcome.

Viewing 6 posts - 91 through 96 (of 96 total)

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