Early symptoms of pregnancy

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    I had a m/c in March at 4 weeks, then I got my normal period in April and we have been trying again, I should have got AF anywhere from the 13th to the 15th of this month and its a no show, I have tons of pregnancy symptoms but got a BFN this morning. Shouldnt i be getting a BFP if ‘I am or should I wait a few days and test again? just dont wanna get my hopes up if im not. My symptoms are very sore boobs,very bloated, back aches, headaches, my face has been breaking out alot more then normal, i get dizzy easy, very tired, ive had these for like 2 weeks straight, I keep thinking AF is gonna show up but i have no signs of her showing! thanks guys



    I will give you the short version. I have been on the pill for years and there have been many times when I missed a pill and took it the next day, but I have never gotten pregnant while on it. I also know for a fact that this happened in April and May, 2010. Over the last 2 weeks or so, I have been experiencing many pregnancy symptoms: nausea, exhausted, dark nipples, weight gain in stomach (I look pregnant) movement in abdomen, backpain, headaches, food aversions/cravings. My son was born two yrs ago so I do remember a lot about the way I felt and I can swear I am pregnant, but the tests are coming up negative. ALSO, I DID get my ‘period’ this month because I was still taking the pill until a few days ago. It was very light and I have also have breakthough/possible implantation bleeding a few times over last two months. Was that a real period or was my body ‘making’ me get it because I am still on the pill???? I called my doctor’s office for a blood test but they wont do it until I get an actual ‘positive’ result on a home pregnancy test. What should I do??? Am I pregnant???



    on week 9 of my second pregnancy and this time round i feel so ill im hungry all day long but as soon as i eat i feel really sick i ache all over my waistline has already expanded and everytime i move a little to quickly i feel like im pulling muscles in my stomach all i want to do is sleep anyone have any advice for me


    Hi all, I had my last period on 4th December 2010. I haven’t got my periods as of today.. i don’t have pregnancy symptoms like my earlier pregnacy.. i took many tests over a period of 2 weeks but all negative… could i still be pregnant…. i Was diagnosed with UTI last week.. could that delay my AF? hubby dear does not want me spending too much money on the HPT… but i just want to know weather I am pregnant or I am not???



    Okay I need some advice!!!

    Im 19 and I live with my boyfriend, we moved to Colorado in February 2011, when we were kicked out of my brothers house on valentines day ( long story ) anywho, we left with us, some clothes and a ferret.

    we got to colorado manage to get an apartment and we actually made out pretty good.

    Now my problem is…

    I havent had my period for maybe a year and 8 – 9 months before I met my bf, but last month I got my period on the 9th – 13th, but we’ve been having unprotected sex, and he hasnt pulled out either since August.

    so last time he did it was Sept 14th. (Around the 19th – 20th I took a test and it was negative but we also had unprotected sex on Sept 4th, but back to the story!) lately i’ve been really nauseous, my back hurts so much, im so tired ( I gotta leave to work in alittle and all I wanna do is climb back into bed, shoot me ), my boobs are way bigger, but they dont’ hurt. and I have a history of getting the worlds worst cramps but lately they been mild or just a tingle. & im emotional.

    i’m just so confused, I wanna be pregnant, is it just wishful thinking?



    I’m not sure yet if I’m pregnant yet, but I was curious if anyone, during early pregnancy, experienced random shooting pains on one side? The pains are not that bad, but I never experienced this before with my last pregnancy.



    Hi everyone, I had my period 27th of november so today is my 28th day of the cycle. I feel bloated and have bachaches, other than that, I feel nothing else. Could this be pregnancy symptoms or just PMS? I have endometriosis and had a laparoscopy done last june with removal of bilateral ovarian cysts….I desperately wish these could be pregnancy symptoms. What do u think?



    I feel like I’m going to start aunt flow I’m 8 weeks and 5 days I’m really getting scared!!!!!



    I’m cd21 I ovulated around cd 9-10, had light/ med spotting on cd17-18 then it stopped I’m now on cd21 I’ve tested negative so far I do have ( symptoms started dsy before spotting and are still going on) nausea, indigestion, hotflashes, and alot of fatigue. . What you guys think, imma test again closer to cd28 and hopefully that’ll give my hcg to increase if I am. I have 2 boys but with both of them I waited til after af was late so idk. .. its seems so long of a wait lol



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    So AF is 6 days late but still bfn anyone ever have this problem



    Early pregnancy symptoms can be hard to recognize. While a missed period is often the first sign of pregnancy, there are a whole host of symptoms to look out for such as Bleeding or Spotting known as implantation bleeding, Increased Need to Urinate, Tender or Swollen Breasts, Fatigue, Nausea (Morning Sickness), and Abdominal Bloating. But you have to test it for sure to know if you are pregnant or not. Read more info here http://tiny.cc/psbnux ‪



    Are the symptoms that I am experiencing normal?

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