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    when i was pregnant with my first daughter she weighed 9lbs and i needed help getting her out..so he used the scissors and then i pushed her out..after the doc stitched me up i went to sleep and they wanted me to go to the bathroom.OH MY GOD THE PAIN!!!! with my 2nd daughter she tore me badly…



    I’m pregnant with my third baby. My daughter and son both weighed 5 pounds (her 12 ounces/him 13 ounces) no tearing, just grazing. I am so terrified of tearing or having an episiotomy. It looks and sounds scary. Do they numb you to put the stitches in?



    Eww I had an episiotomy as I was struggling to get my baby out, they cut all the way. Did’nt feel a thing at the time as I had, had an epidural so didn’t feel them stitch me up either….but when it wore off boy I was in pain!! I couldn’t sit down for 3wks I had to lie down. I used to bath twice a day as it soothed it, it was so swollen and bruised down there, the midwife said it looked like I’d been kicked by a horses hoof!!! Full recovery was about 12mths. we had sex after 4mths but it was uncomfortable. All back to normal now. I think a cut is better than a tear as apparently a tear is really hard to stitch back up properly, where as I straight cut goes back together easier. I don’t know whats better really, an episiotomy or a c-section??
    I am pregas again now with twins…..so we will see whats in store for me labour wise this time!!!!!!! Good luck ladies x



    not sure if anyone has had this problem before, but i went for my 6 weeks check up and my episiotomy had not healed..it was painful and sore still. so the doctor told me the stiches has dissolved but the cut never closed, put bacitracin, keep the area clean and come back in 4 weeks. so i went back yesterday and he said that it closed but a piece of the fleshy part of the cut was pushed out and closed under…i guess like a skin tag? so there’s a fleshy piece out, and not healed. he said over time it might die off and fall off…but he wants to do a local anesthetic and cut it off!! can’t fathom the thought of cutting it!! so i pushed it off for another month! HELP, anyone have any advice or had this happen to them!!!???



    Has anyone had a vaginal reconstruction? I had a natural birth and tore a little bit, the tearing definitely hurt the most, but only lasted the few seconds it happened then the healing was fine. However, the midwife went to get a Dr from the hospital to stitch me up and as there was none she took a second look and said I didn’t need stitches. This has proved to be terrible as it has not felt the same when I am with my partner. Another midwife told me ‘many women have vaginal reconstructions when they finish having their babies’. How long do I have to wait? It has been 3 years and I am now pregnant again, can I have stitches after this pregnancy even if I don’t tear? Can you stitch up something that has healed over? The words ‘vaginal reconstruction’ terrify me!


    Question: I tore pretty bad & had stitches; needless to say I’m not the same down there. Will I ever get used to it the way it is now? I can feel the difference when I move sometimes. Plus I’m afraid to have sex again because I’m worried about retearing.



    I had an episiotomy with the birth of my ds. He was facing up instead of down so the angle of his head made it very difficult for him to come out without help. They had to use a vacuum too. And yes, they definitely numb it first. The recovery is not fun. It’s very painful to sit, shower, pee, sleep etc. I had a lot of warm baths with epsom salts and used a peri-bottle whenever I went to the bathroom. I also used cold tea bags in my pads. I took lots of Tylenol and Advil. I’m hoping I don’t need one with my next baby. And I am definitely demanding an epidural next time! It’s been 15 months since ds was born and everything is pretty much back to normal down there. Sex is great! We were back at it after 6-7 weeks. Thank goodness because I was so worried it would never be the same.



    I had an episiotomy w/ my first child 10 yrs ago…but luckily have never had to have one w/ my 2 little girls and hoping not this time around either!!It is definitely not a fun recovery!!



    Man, why did I go to this topic I’m due in 11 days. 🙁 anywho w/ my DD I didn’t get an episiotomy I tore only I tore up into my vagina instead of down. I felt that rip and they literally had to sew my vagina back into a vagina. It healed quicker than it wouldve if I tore down from what I was told. I would get the oddest sensations too from it for over a year it seemed. Like if I got cold or something. Everythings good now. But crap am I scared this time!! I was told that if it was very forceful pushing then that may have been the cause. Which from what I remember it was, I pushed and let out a horror movie yelp and baby shot out. :/



    i had to have an episiotomy with my now 4 month old son. I have an older son who is 9years old who was 9lb 4 oz at birth i tore quite badly with him and also had open grazes aswell as needing stitches. Afetr a 9 year gap between pregnancies i was very scared of neeing stitches agan this time as recovery time was a long slow process 🙁 This time around due to my sons position he was delivered in theatre by forceps so i had to have an episotomy. I had had a spinal block so could not feel a thing ( which im so glad about). I was abit disapointed to be cut BUT healing time this time was so fast all healed nice neat (now brely visable) scar and had no problems at all. So for me I would take episiotomy over tearing anyday as i have experienced both and can definetly say being cut was far better for me .



    OMG! im so scared that i will have this! my baby is expected to be 10lbs at birth and he has a HUGE head! omg so scared



    I just had my first baby a few days ago (august 6th) I had to get an episiotomy and I’m still healing. I was wondering if they stitch u all the way up to how ur vagina was before? And if not, will it close up and heal back to normal. I looked down there with a mirror to see if I could tell but I didn’t wanna spread anything. I rlly hope they stitched me up to how my vagina was before. Another question, after having one episiotomy does sex feel the same? And can u see the scar?



    I had an episiotomy on my first. I was a little upset because I felt like I shouldn’t have needed it. It healed just fine though. I was totally back to normal probably around 4 weeks but I was too nervous to do anything until the 6 week check-up. The doctor said it was fine. It is totally back to normal. I don’t even notice a difference. And I haven’t had any complaints from DH about sex. I hope that this next pregnancy I won’t need it again!!!



    I got an episiotomy with my second child. He had a knot in his already too short cord which was cutting off his air. When his HR dropped to 50 bpm the doctor said my little guy needed to come out now. He apologized, stuck 2 needles in my vajay-jay, and cut me. OUCH! But my son came out and healed just fine. I now know what a circumcision feels like and it is awful! It tooks a few weeks to heal and longer to heal for sex.



    How is an episiotomy performed?

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