Exercise during pregnancy

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    @ satucker, I’m a fitness instructor and also love hot yoga. However, gotta stop that during pregnancy. Overheating is a main concern for pregnant women. My doc was more concerned about this than my HR.



    Just got my BFP, and curious about working out. I run, which I know I can still do that. But I really like Bikram Yoga also (hot yoga)… is that safe to do?



    Just wondering what excersize the mummas to be are doing? With my first pregnancy I did it all, continued surfing and beach jogging to 5 months, road my bike up big hills to 9 months, etc etc. I had a lovely healthy girl and natural birth. Then in my second pregnancy before I knew I was pregnant I ran a marathon. I really pushed myself and later found out I was pregnant and miscarried at 8 weeks. 3rd pregnancy likewise I was training hard and learned of my pregnancy at around 6 weeks and miscarried at 8 weeks. Now I am pregnant again and being very cautious excersize wise. It is killing me as I love being active and I feel a bit down. I am 9 weeks and seem to have a big belly already! I go for a walk most days and sometimes the stair master at the gym. I think I will start doing a little more once I pass 14 weeks. My Dr mentioned that overheating was the worst thing (as opposed to wearing a heart monitor and keeping the beat below 160 bpm). Does anyone else feel like they have been ‘put out to pasture’?



    I really miss exercise! Its my first pregnancy and I am expecting twins, 15weeks. My husband and I had do to through IVF to make this happen and all the way through the treatment I was told to be very careful with exercise and I was really afraid to mess up things after everything we have been through. But, after doing weeks of research, I decided get over the treatment and bring my life back to normal as much as it was possible. I avoid running but try to walk everywhere I can, sometimes cross-trainer in the gym, swimming, pilates for pregnancy, and golf. I just make sure that I stay well hydrated all the time. But I am looking forward to the days when I’ll be able to go for a long run again or a game of tennis or squash but that’s not going to happen untill the New Year!:) Also, I get fed up with people patronizing me all the time and telling me that I should avoid certain activities including golf, flying, etc. It upsets me that they question my actions and decisions… After all I am the one who carries my two little babies and I would never do anything that could potentially harm them!



    motomumma, I feel the same way!!! I used to compete in figure shows and was tight as a drum and pushed myself to the exhaustion on my workouts. Cant do that anymore!!! I walk on the treadmill and do the eliiptical trainer. I also lift very light weights 4 or 5 days a week. That is about all I feel comfortable with. If my heartrate gets above 135 I have trouble breathing. I am 14 weeks and only gained 5 lbs so far but it feels like 15 by what I am used to. But it is all for a good cause so we have to just deal with it, in my opinion. We can hit it hard after the baby is here. I am also a worry wort!! LOL



    I was actually training for a half ironman when I found out I was pregnant. I checked with my doctor at the 6 week ultrasound, and he said, I can still keep running, cycling and swimming, as long as I drink enough water. I kept up my program for about a week or so, but then was just too tired to do anything. I slept through about 3 weeks. Now that I have my energy back, i run 2 miles at a time (very slow), and go for easy bike rides over the weekend, for about an hour and a half. I still do not feel walking is exercise, but I guess I will have to add that when the running does not work anymore. I am going to look for some prenatal yoga dvd’s over the weekend. I used to do yoga about once a week, but not sure which poses are safe during pregnancy. I want to make sure I am as fit and strong as I can be for the delivery.



    I know it’s not good to do exercises where you are laying on your back. I think you are okay anyway for the first trimester. Some positions can cause mc so just do a little research. Babyfit.com? Good luck. So happy you are exercising that’s great!


    I gain alot of weight during pregnancy. I didn’t know many exercises I can do while pregnant to keep some of the weight off…lol I bought a few exercise videos but none didn’t get the job done like I wanted to. I later stumbled across an exercise method that gave me the weight loss in all the right places and kept them off. I would like to share the method if anyone is interested…it worked for me. http://bit.ly/9w9jmk



    I love running always have (marathon runner)..now that I am pregnant, I am scared running will cause a misscarriage..I’ve had two misscarriages in the past…not sure if it’s connected to the running or not..But I am not taking any chances this time…
    I get bored if I can only walk. walking is not enough for me. I like sweating and the high you get from working out…
    I know doctors say it’s ok to excercise but I don’t want to take the risk, it’s a miracle I’m pregnant.!!



    I disagree with the article’s statement that running is not safe during pregnancy. I am a marathon runner and I continued for 35 of the 38 weeks of my last pregnancy with absolutely no problems. Granted, I had to slow down and cut back on my mileage– at 20 weeks I was still running about 20 miles/week at about an 8:45/mile pace, and at 30 weeks I was down to about 12 miles/week at about 9:45/mile; by the time I hit 35 weeks I ran my last 5k race of the pregnancy in 34:11. My son was 7lb 12oz and incredibly healthy and is currently a bright, silly, energetic 2 and a half year-old. I don’t think he was an ‘exception’ or ‘lucky’ either. I think running during my pregnancy kept me healthier emotionally, prevented excessive weight gain (I gained 34 lbs as opposed to 65 with my first pregnancy that took nearly a year to lose), and helped me get back into shape much quicker postpartum.




    Hello, it’s me again…. I have made it past the 14 week mark and am getting back into the excersize classes again (dancing and low impact aerobics). I love how I feel much more positive afterwards but yet I am riddled with guilt about possible overheating. I wear a heart monitor and try to stay under 140 beats but my face goes beetroot red (it always has) and I get a light sweat on my forehead and underarms. I don’t feel puffed at all and normally I would be much more sweatier. Every doctor and instructor I have asked says not to overheat but how much is too much? I read 40 degree celcius somewhere, but how can I tell what temperature I am? Is a red face and light sweat overheating? Do other people out there get a bit hot and sweaty too?



    have not had a problem with morning sickness really. but EVERY time i go to the gym and get on the eliptical i get nauseated after about 15 minutes. tracking my HR the whole time i never reach more than 135 ( goal to stay under 140). it sucks because i can only spend 15 minutes at a time doing anything and then i have to run home and vomit … or worse use the gym toilet , 9 weeks pregnant here.



    Yes pregnancy exercise is vital since they help you most especially during labor and birth. Along the course of pregnancy also, it promotes better maternal-fetal circulation such as the exchange of oxygen and nutrients. It gives the expectant mother also an overall feeling of well being. Here’s a site I would like to share to you which contains a lot of helpful information regarding pregnancy exercises and as well as weight management during pregnancy. Here it is w w w dot pregnancyexercisesecrets dot com.




    I am a woman who always does exercise a lot. When I was pregnant, I thought that exercise is a big plus for Mom and the baby. If you exercised regularly before pregnancy comes, continue your program, with modifications as you need. I was still confused about what kind of exercise that I could do and then I started following the Getting Pregnant Plan book from http://aboutgettingpregnant.com . The Getting Pregnant Plan encompasses many topics. One of the topics is moderate physical activity during pregnancy such as dancing, swimming, water aerobics, yoga, Pilates, and gardening. Those activities made me feel better, look better, and prepared my body for birthing. I’m happy to get so much information about what I can do and cannot do during pregnancy.



    Is exercise safe during pregnancy?

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