Fetal development

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    When do babies start to respond to sound? Or atleast hear it? I want to put headphones to my stomach and have my husband talk to him.



    Babies hearing is fairly well developed by the end of the second trimester.


    28 weeks is when they can start hearing



    Hey everyone. my midwife gave me a dute date of 20th march which works out with my last period and my pregnancy test that said i was 5 weeks pregnant when i done it.. im now 19 weeks but when i had my scan the doctor said i was 3-4 weeks behind which doesnt work out with any of my dates. could it be a small baby and has it happened to anyone else because my midwife said to keep the same date. xxx



    Hello everyone,

    We are students of Industrial and Management Engineering at Ben-Gurion University (BGU, Israel). Our Final Project is a part of a team of researchers from BGU and the affiliated Soroka Medical Center engaged large scale research about modeling and subsequent monitoring of fetus growth.

    We use Response Modeling Methodology (RMM), a recently introduced platform for modeling, as main tool for this research

    Within this framework, we assemble available real data about fetus growth with the objective of creating a large database by which to test and validate RMM-based modeling and monitoring techniques by BI tools and Data Mining.
    Thus, we should find open databases around the web that include biometric parameters of fetuses. The searches last for a half year but so far we found nothing. We would very much appreciate it if you could help us in finding these databases.

    You can also contact us by Email – [email protected]

    Thanks in advance,
    Avishay Cohen and Lior Shalev.



    HELP!!! went in for a scan wednesday and i am measuring 7w1d..only problem is, i should be 10w+. Heartrate was detected, at the rate that would be suitable for 10w. CRL is just extremely small and dr didn’t seem too pleased…does this mean i am going to miscarry? i’ve had 2 miscarriages, and am terrified it is happening again. has anyone ever had this happne?



    Learn how your baby changes and develops throughout pregnancy!

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