Fetal heart rate

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    my baby heart rate is slight but it is okay



    I went to my ten week OB appointment on Wed with my Husband. I have really been worried for tha last 4 weeks. I have lost 3 babies the last one in August. I’m 43 yrs old and I don’t have anytime to waste. Anyway my Dr told me she would not be surprised if she could not hear a heart beat with the doppler, she said if she could not she would do a U/S. But to our wonderful surprise we heard ou little beanie baby with a HR of 160. That was the best sound ever my husband and I was so overwelmed.


    At 15W Baby A was 147 and baby B was 140.



    Heart rate at 10 weeks was 170bpm (didn’t get to hear it though) and at 14 weeks it was 152-156bpm, I was all smiles!



    I had some spotting, very light brownish and a little light pink. I went in for my first ultrasound and they couldn’t see the baby but said I was around 5 weeks pregnant. I went back one week later 6 weeks and FHR was 96 BPM the doctor said that was kind of low and to come back in two weeks to see if it has gone up. Now the waiting game begins, I had a Miscarriage last year and do not want to go through it again. Was looking for some advice… what do you all this about 96 bpm… Is this normal…. Doc and nurse thought it was low and didn’t act to excited. Please help!



    mtyw, I also had spotting early on (am now 16 weeks). Our fetal heartrate was 98 at around 6 weeks but was up to 125 two days later and up to 182 (!) three weeks after that. Doc said it was so low at first because it had probably just started beating at the time. It’s been normal ever since. BTW, I spotted for nearly 3 weeks. It was VERY light and always just brown. Hang in there!



    wyogirl, Thank You so much! You put my mind as ease. I go back on the 30th for another ultrasound hopefully then I will be able to see normal results. The doc did send me at 5 weeks for HCG testing it went from 3300 to 9600 in 48 hours and the pregnancy symptoms are there as well. I have been sick to my stomach for the past 5 days nothing tastes good anymore. :o) breasts tender too but after going through a miscarriage before, it is so scary. Not to mention I was in the ER from 3 PM to 11PM because they were so slow. It was the most horrifying experience. Thanks Again!!!



    Went for CVS testing today and babies heart rate was 150 at 12wks4dys. I am so hoping for a girl, but the heart rate has me thinking boy. Anyone else with HR at 12-13wks 150 and had a girl.



    Juicy…The myth is that 140 and under is boy and over 140 is girl…so based on the heartrate it would be a girl!! I am 35 weeks now so my babies heartrate really varies now but around 12 weeks it was around 145-150…and im expecting a girl! Good luck to you!


    Juicy – my baby had a 150-155 heart rate pretty much the whole pregnancy… I had a baby girl…



    Im 36 weeks pregnant with my 2nd boy and he has had a heart beat of about 150 up until 2 weeks ago, it now ranges from 136-150.



    Well this evening the nurse called me with me CVS results and she said everything was normal. Thank GOD!! Also she told me we are having a BOY!! We were hoping for a girl, nut I guess GOD has other plans at this time. I’m just glad he’s healthy so far.



    my sons heartbeat goes anywhere from 140 to a whole 160 two weeks ago so i don’t believe the old wives tale



    i went to my first u/s today. i’m 13 weeks 4 days. i have pictures and got to hear the heartbeat. it’s so weird knowing that there’s actually something growing in there. now i have pictures to prove it!! anyway, the baby’s heart rate was at 140. 2 different people at 2 different times that both work in the hospital (not the same one) has said that it’s a boy, just from the heart rate. crazy. i’m trying to gather all my friends and asking them what there baby’s heart rates were and so far it’s falling under the statistics. i actually want a boy first but to know that it has what it’s supposed to have is good enough for me.


    We FINALLY got to hear our little babies heartbeat for the first time yesterday…it was150bpm! Both my fiance and i have a feeling this one is going to be a boy! =D

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