Fetal movements

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    hi all



    I didn’t feel any movement until around 23 weeks.



    Hey all..just joined!!! I am 24 weeks and 2 days and i have noticed that over the last day and a half, my baby has not been moving as much as it was the past 2 weeks. It rarely kicks and when i prod my tummy i can feel it move. I am a little worried…its my first one. I am going to call my doctor in a few hours. anyone else notice a decrease in movement???



    yummymommy12 – I wouldn’t worry too much! Remember your baby is human too! Some days s/he is more active and outgoing then other days. Some days s/he might want to lay back and relax Doesn’t mean anything is wrong, just that baby wants some down time. Also, if baby is facing towards your back you may not feel as many kicks as if s/he was facing your tummy. If baby moves when you feel for her/him then don’t worry. Mine has been very relaxed the last day or two too. I think my 3mile walk yesterday worn him out too! HAHA! My first son was really laid back. I would only feel him move around 8pm at night. He liked his sleep. Still does….it’s 9am and he’s still sleeping. I gotta go wake him up!



    Thanks Bri! My doc said pretty much the same thing. That some days they can be less active then others and that if i am really concerned i can come in anytime.


    Hey Ladies–I am 39 weeks and just wanted to add in here–I didn’t feel any diffinitive movements until about 23/24 weeks. Also, I was told with anterior placentas it is harder to feel the movements because the placenta acts as a cushion between you and baby. I have a VERY lazy baby in here, sometimes i would only feel her a couple times a day, IF that. Hope it helps 🙂



    Hi everyone, I will be 16 weeks pregnant in 2 days and I have been feeling the baby move since around 11 weeks, this is my second child. I also started showing at like 6 weeks!! Anyways, I am concerned because I haven’t felt any movement at all in 5 days. Should I contact my doctor?



    i’m 19 weeks pregnant, and haven’t really felt any movement or and kicking. it’s making me nervous 🙁



    coltons, I wouldn’t worry about it – particularly if this is your first. I didn’t feel my first until 20 weeks.



    im almost 15 weeks prego and i have felt only 3 movements. Feels like butterflies and when i feel it i stop bc its weird for me to feel it. I have only gained about 3 pounds and i dont look or really feel pregnant at all. I cant wait to get bigger and feel it move more!



    Hello everybody
    I’m kinda new on this board and i was wondering if u could help me with an advice.
    I’m almost 21 weeks pregnant with my first child and still havent felt anything that i can say for sure its the baby.Last Monday I had my big scan and found out im having a girl.Everything seemed to be fine with the lil girl and my placenta is posterior so it means it couldnt be cushioning the kicks.
    I’m very depressed and fear that something might happened to my baby since i havent felt much movements.Earlier i was feeling lil flutters when i sit down,but nothing now.

    Any thought/advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you



    LaNa22mtl – Congrats and welcome to the site! As for the kicks, being your first you may not notice kicks as quickly. You should start any day. But, if you don’t, that doesn’t mean baby isn’t ok. There are several posibilities for why baby isn’t kicking or you aren’t feeling them. Since you already said the placenta is in the right place then it’s probably because baby is facing the wrong way. If you are being kicked on the inside you probably won’t feel them as much as if she was kicking your belly. Another reason could be weight. If you are over weight (not saying you are but if) then your cushion could be padding it. Honestly, you really should start feeling kicks by 24weeks. If you haven’t felt them by your next appointment (which should be around that time) I would make a comment to your doctor/midwife. Real hard kicks usually aren’t felt for another couple of weeks anyhow. Try not to worry yet but if you can’t stop worrying then give your caregiver a call. They’ll probably tell you everything is fine but depending on your circumstances they might want to see you. Again, congrats and try not worry. If baby was fine at your 20 week u/s then the she is probably just fine.



    I am about 18 weeks and I havent felt any movements. I dont feel like im showing. I barely feel pregnant. Its so discouraging and annoying. I have an U/S on December 30th to determine the gender of my child. Hopefully by then I will be feeling things, and I will at least feel better seeing a picture of the baby again.



    Hey ladies. I will be 14 weeks tomorrow, and randomly (like once or twice a week) since about 11 weeks I’ve been wondering if I’ve been feeling flutters. It feels like someone lightly tapping the inside of my uterus, and it’s slowly getting a little higher (still only feeling it just above my pubic region though, where my uterus is located). This is my first (my first pregnancy didn’t actually make it this far so it’s pretty much my first), do you think I’m just imaging things, or could it actually be flutters? Message my page if you can help me out.



    Im 19 weeks and 4 days still not feeling the baby move, my other 5 i felt early on what is going on with this one???

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