Fetal movements

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    I am 13 weeks 3 days and I haven’t felt the baby move. I know that’s EARLY, but with my first I felt at like 11 weeks.. Just the sudden gassy feeling (but not gas) nothing this time around.. I only weigh 102 right now. I would think I would feel something. Hopefully I’m being paranoid. It’s just at 2 weeks I found out I was pregnant by a pee test. Starting bleeding BAD at 5 weeks and found out I had twins and lost one. Just nervous I’m sure….


    i am 18weeks and 4days i have been feeling the baby move for like 2 weeks my husband has just been able to feel it like 2 days ago and he cant get enough of it.. i started showing at like 12weeks and i am so ready to meet the little one i have not found out the sex yet that is in 12days
    hope everyone is doing great



    I’m 26 weeks with a super small baby…he’s only 13oz so far…I’m suppose to monitor his movements but I have such a hard time knowing if it’s gas, food digesting or if it’s actually my little prince moving.



    Hey ladies! Im 25weeks this week with my first baby and Im a bit worried cause everyone else i know who is pregnant and doctors seems to be saying ‘strong movements, moving all day’ and my baby only kicks at certain times of the day but not very strong should i be worried? I dont know what everyone means by strong baby movement 🙁



    xenia im in same situation im 25 weeks and not feelin much movement or strong movement im suspected to be carrying a small baby again though which could be the cause of mine but still doesnt stop me worrying so any input form anyone will be greatly appreciated



    hey corrina 🙂 i got told today at the doctors that this could be usual cause the bub is moving from being upside down lol



    I am 24 weeks and just started to feel my little man move. And trust me, when he starts you’ll never get used to it. morning noon night hes a wiggle worm. BUT I only feel him kick my lower abdomin, which I used to mistake for gas. now I know what it is.



    This might be a weird question, but how can you differentiate between the baby moving and gas? I’m almost 23 weeks and I still don’t know if what I’m feeling is the baby! It makes me feel like screaming. lol. Any descriptions on how to tell what’s what would be so appreciated!!! 🙂 Thanks!



    Hi, I am 14w3d pregnant with twins. I started feeling one of the babies move at 13w2d. I could feel it for 6 days but nothing for the past 3 days. Has anything similar happened to any of you ladies? Is this normal?


    mrstt iam 19.4 weeks and feel my baby move almost everyday but its getting to the point where if i dont feel anything i worry but baby has a sleeping pattern now maybe you arent feeling anything because your moving around when babies awake. but then you are only 14 and a half weeks so the kicks are still very light, i you were over 20 weeks then i would say its not normal. dont panic, you’ll be feeling thuds in the ribs soon xx



    I am 32 weeks and woke up to my baby doing summersaults thats what it felt like.



    I am 21 weeks 6 days…..So Sat this baby was kicking like you wouldn’t believe …. hard enough to stop me while I am walking. then by Wed his kicks weren’t as hard… buy Friday I felt close to nothing… to the point I called the Dr and they got me right in. He is fine saw him moving and kicking around he had Hiccups and all… It was really strange …Dr said it happens… My only conclusion is that more liquid must have produced in my placenta to reduce the sensation and feel… My recommendation is to call the Dr if you feel nervous but don’t stress out….Dr said up to 22 weeks it happens but if it were 28 weeks they would be concerned….



    I am almost 18 weeks 3 days away 🙂 I have 3 other children and am worried about this one and how much baby moves I have felt baby before and I know its normal cause I am only 17w4d but it still worries me 🙁 I have a doppler now I had to buy one cause I was so worried now that I hear baby I am ok just still worried about movement



    hey ladies, this is my first post, and I am 11.6 weeks I think today I felt my baby move, I’m excited I’ve been pregnant before but lost the baby, so this is a miracle and I pray I make it to my second trimester super excited two more weeks!! well really one because tmrw I will be 12wks



    I am 21 weeks tomorrow and I dont feel anything at all really. Maybe small thuds down low almost feels like its right on my bladder, but thats it. I am going for my next ultra sound on wed to find out what the gender of the baby is….my last was on 12th week and i seen the little arms legs and heartbeat….this is my second child and I thought i would have felt a lot more movement and gained more weight by now. With my son at this point i had gained about 15 pounds, and this time only 5. Once i see the baby moving i will feel much better. I try to eat sweets or drink orange juice as i was told it would make the baby move around but it doesnt do nothing……i just cant wait till wed….COME FASTER! I BEEN WAITING SOOO LONG!!

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