Fetal movements

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    I am 15W6 days pregnant and i first started feeling my baby move about a week ago… i feel it about 5 times a day just a little flutter i can feel it a lot better when im laying down… cant wait untill my husband can feel him her as well.



    Im a first time mom and im 32 weeks my little man moves like crazy and hes starting to move up in to my ribs his head has been spending his time pushing on my on my right side i start to see his little head sticking out of my side.



    Hi everyone, this is my 1st post, im 23 weeks today… bit worried because im not sure if what im feeling is my baby!!! just cant wait until I get a real for sure movement.. this is my 3rd pregnancy, my son will be 12 years next month and I had a M/C at 12 weeks 2 & half years ago so been 12 years since I felt a baby move inside me!!!! hoping it happens soon



    Hi All. I am 31 weeks pregnant today and my baby has been moving pretty well but there are some day when he seems so quiet! And now that I’m in the single digits, I understand movement should feel different … And they do! I might feel a strange shifting movement and all of a sudden I will feel what I think is his little round head right beneath my right rib (which is where he seems to go more than anywhere else, and yes, he has been breach during my last 2 US). Then as if by magic, he’s shifted again and I no longer feel his head there. So, I am really sending movement as opposed to kicks and jabs but I do worry because my doc said I should look for 10 movements a day while I see online it says 10 movements in a 2 hour period. Confused and still monitoring the shifts.



    When will I be able to feel my baby’s first movements?


    I’m 18 wks and 5 days, and havent felt any movement yet… is that normal?



    I know like 2 weeks agao i was really scare because my baby was active, but no i can’t him/her to stop moving. I love feeling the movements. They havent started hurting yet. {{26 weeks}} But i had some that felt uncomfortable before. I’m just so freaking excited…



    last night I woke up and I was sleeping on my belly and then all day today I haven’t felt any baby movements. I am getting very nervous now about it.


    i got my first movements at 15 weeks but they dont come constant yet. Baby A is more active than B though, but the U/S shows they are both moving.



    A few mornings ago, I was laying in bed, and I felt my baby kick up higher than he’s ever been able to reach, before. This was like way up by my ribs, and I’m only 24 weeks- so I think he must have some super-long legs! It kind of made me nauseous, though, because now that my uterus is getting so big, there isn’t much room for my intestines and stomach- and he keeps kicking them!



    I am 19 weeks very soon and i’ve already felt lots of moving around but when can the father feel with his hand? is it much later in the pregnancy before he can feel the baby move from outside?



    I’m 23 and this is my second baby. My son was a breeze, he was 3 weeks early due to the umb. cord wrapped around his neck and still weighed in at 9.4 and 22.5 inches long. Now I’m 18weeks and 5 days and still havent felt the little one kick. I had an ultrasound yesterday and she was active as all and her heart rate was 167 and they said she was also big and healthy…am i just being paranoid?




    I am 23 wks with my first and I dont feel much movement. I’ve felt slight movements before. About a week ago I noticed the baby would get a little active when I laid down for bed. But lately I don’t feel that. I dont know if I should be worried or not. At my last appt I told my doc I dont feel much movement, she said she didnt feel hers until about 24-25wks, so that eased my concern a little bit. The ultrasound tech also said he was behind the placenta so it would be a little harder for me to fell him. But as a first time mother I cant help but worry. I’m ready to feel kicks and movements all day long. Anyone else having this issue or have had this issue?????


    1st-timearound~ try laying down on your side with your legs propped btwn a pillow after you drink a lot of water. just keep drinking water, you’ll be surprised how much your little bugga moves in the weeks to come!!! try not to stress over it.



    ill tell u wat, first time around, those movements are nice, but if you feel them too much, they will start to get bothersome. mine had the hiccups several times daily, and i would just wait for the hiccups to end. ask ur doctor to do a fetal heart beat test, i cant remember exactally what its called. i thought my baby wasnt moving enough near the end, and did the test, and it really eased my mind. it takes about 15 minutes. its really simple, too.

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