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    One of my friends husband also had one and then she got pregnant like 6 months later. She was shocked! They already had like 4 boys, thankfully she got her girl on the 5th try. LOL



    We told our best friends who were also expecting right when we found out at 4 weeks. We told our family at 6 weeks because it was the Thanksgiving weekend and we couldn’t hold it anymore. I told work after my 10 week appointment/ultrasound.



    yea .. get your tubes tied. lol. condoms suck! im on my 3rd (this one was a huge suprize) and im done! lol. i love my kids but damn! lol seriously though … i love finding out im pregnant. breaking the news. shopping for baby stuff. but im going on 24 and this is baby #3 and its enough for me! just be sure when you get pregnant you own up to it and not kill it like other people. thats wrong.

    anyways … my daughter (born in 04) was 8lbs 8ozs 21 3/4 in and my son (born in 08) was 10lbs 14ozs 21in. now im due in may and my new daughter is already @ 5lbs 4ozs but could be bigger. i make big healthy babies 🙂


    hey girlies, im wondering if anyone else here has suffered with obstetric cholestasis? i had it in my 1st pregnancy and am worried i will get it again as they say ur ‘more likely too’ if u had it before! starting to worry now as i am get in the later stage witch is when it normaly hits!!



    bluemolly – That is up to you. No one can tell you when is the right time to tell people. Just like no one can tell you how far apart is the perfect age difference between children. Only you will know what you are comfortable with. My sister waited until she finished her first trimester, me on the other hand waited like a week before saying anything. Completely you and your partners choice.



    hi eveyone i just found out about 2weeks ago that im pregnant.. i am now 7 weeks and i must say im scared..this is my first and i have to say im having a hard time adjusting 2 always being hungry..or being hungry within 2hours of eating i mean ill end up getting use to it but i dont understand y im having such a hard time..and on top of that if i pick up something to eat it and i put it to my mouth i end up not wanting it.. ughh im having such a hard time



    dangle1978 ~My youngest is just 5 months old, but oldest is 17, and we have a 9 yr gap between some of ours. So I know the feeling of ‘all new to you’lol. I felt mine move at around 4 months, that was the ‘fluttering’ feeling. At around 5 1/2 months I was being kicked,lol. 90% sure a girl? Congrats, I’m partial to girls…we have 5 of them,lol.



    hey ladies, i was wondering if anyone else has had this problem… im 23 weeks almost 24 and last night i woke up to a strange stomache ache, i couldnt move very well cuz it was hurting. it was like a gas stomache ache with no gas, it went away after 20 minutes. is this normal?



    So every time I have sex with my husband snot like discharge comes out of me a few hours later and its clear. Then today my dr. checked me and I started to bleed and she said it was just from being checked and then a few hours later same snot discharge only now coloured red from the blood. What is this discharge


    Hi there;
    jaypeeoh: my husband takes these leg cramp pills that he SWEARS by, and he has such awful leg cramps that he’ll wake up screaming in the middle of the night. Go to and the product my husband takes is called ‘Hyland’s Leg Cramps with Quinine’ and they are 100% homeopathic, but obviously, your doctor would know best if you should take them while pregnant! Hope this helps 🙂



    Oh trust me, I am getting my tubes tied! As soon as I turn 21, I’m there, ha..
    I really hope I don’t have to make an abortion/adoption decision…
    I’m 3 days late as of today, so my period could still pop up! Hopefully…
    Good luck with your babies!! My daughter was almost 8lbs, around 20lbs now!



    I took a test yesterday and got a very faint positive line. I retested today and did not get any line. Could I have gotten a false positive?



    hi im 28 weeks pregnant and found that my bump has dropped already and she is very low down with my other 2 pregnancies they didnt drop till near the end do you think she is coming early or am i being paranoid my mum went in labour a month early with her kids but i was late with my 2 boys



    ****telsbg****don’t worry… this is how the begining of pregnancy is for most women. I am hungry all the time too. If I don’t eat I feel like puking. HOWEVER, it is really important to not use your pregnancy as an excuse to eat your but off. PLS PEOPLE DO NOT GET OFFENDED BY THIS. I was 117lbs when I became pregnant with my son Samuel. At the end of the pregnancy I went up to 210lbs. It took so much hard work to lose all the weight I actually worked out 6 days a week 2 hrs per day. There is nothing wrong with being big if your happy big but this time I am eating all the time but I am eating celery and carrots and fruit. I am making healthy choices.



    hello all i didnt know weather to ask anyone this on here but for the last 2-3 weeks ive had a really bad belly and everytime i eat it comes out the other end almost straight away im 14 weeks pregnant and its horrid having this problem. could any of u help me with advice please. 🙂 x

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