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    hello ladies!!! so I’m a little confused, i’m going into my 11th week and JUST now starting to get sick. REALLY? lol I’m like ok, this should be going away not coming on!



    so this morning I took the inteligender test and got GIRL results! I am so excited for my ultrasound next week now. I can’t wait to see if this test matches the ultrasound =] has anyone had a gender determination ultrasound that matches the inteligender test? just curious how accurate this test can be…



    McGill31, I too will have twice weekly NSTs starting next week. My OB said it’s to monitor for fetal well being. My understanding is they will hook us up to a fetal monitor and keep an eye on baby’s movements and heart rate. The technician says it is usually done for a 1 hour period. Best of luck to you.


    I’m 35wks+6days and I was sent to the ER from my Dr’s office because my baby’s heart rate was not accelerating enough during my NST. Come to find out I was dehydrated! I’ve been drinking the same amount of water since I’ve been pregnant and have never had this problem. So I guess the farther along you get you should increase your water intake. BTW my BH have slowed down a whole lot! I hope this helps.



    does anyone remember what was their hcg # at 1month?



    Tish, Im not sure where you are located but I found some nice stuff at Target on Clearance jeans and shorts that are very comfy! Good Luck! It seams alot is very expensive out there!!! Dont know why they are for sure not the greatest large and streachy thats all we need 🙂



    xrene good luck with the job, I’m in a similar position with the cramping and pain in the pelvis and lower stomach area, I’m a stocker overnight at Wal-mart and we are required to be able to lift at least 50lbs. I’m hoping I don’t have to stop working so soon, I have the only income right now for my fiance and I, he’s still in school.



    Mammo: this is my 3rd pregnancy.. (twins this time) I’ve never stopped coloring my hair… there’s not enough chemicals for it to travel all the way through your body and pass through your placenta… BUT it has been said that the chemicals can mix with your hormones in such a way that it can mess up the color. I’ve never had that happen though 🙂



    well, am not exactly sure what is going on with my cycle… me and the DB were active 24th of NOV. cant remember exactly when the LMP day was but I am sure it was around the 12th or 13th ofNOV. I have been cramping for like a week and nausea for like two weeks. Pains in my hips and very, very tender breast. took a HPT this morning, BFN but still no AF. All day yesterday and today i was thinking AF would come but still a no show. Think I could b prego and tested to early? I think worse pain was on tuesday but just slight cramping now. has any body gone through this? Thought AF was coming and tested with BFN and days later, got a BFP?



    Hey ladies. I am freaking out a little. I had a positive digital preg. test yesterday and my bbt was 98.5. This morning the test was still positive but my temp dropped to 97.7. I took a double take and took it again immediately before i stirred and then it was 98.2. Do you think this is a sign of miscarriage or is it normal for teps to fluctuate? My coverline is 97.4. PLEASE ADVISE! I am so freaking out.



    I am/was 6 weeks pregnant until yesterday. I believe I’m having a misscarriage. 🙁 I have quite a bit of dark bleeding with blood clots. I also have been experiencing a lot of stomach cramps and pressure on my cervix. Is this normal? I need a pick me up to if anyone else can help I would appreciate it.


    nhcutie— an elevated wbc count is a sign of infection… maybe the beginning of a uti? probably something little like that…and if your nurse wasn’t concerned about it i wouldn’t be either!



    Tired32 , I had BI at 6weeks and yes they gave me antibiotics which i could swallow 🙁
    But when the cause was finish i was also healed.
    With your Flu there is nothing you can take except for Panados….I think Flu is the one that is making you feel like that!! joyz of being preggies! hope you’re answered.



    Hello all!!! I am pregnant with my 4th child I have 3 BOYS!! 6,5, and 1 and we are trying for our girl… Totally different cravings like fruit and sweets and any veggie dipped in ranch! I hope its a girl!! I am due december 19th so 8 weeks 5 days. Decided to enjoy this forum and hopefully make a few pregnant friends I am currently in Okinawa Japan my husband is in the military so I am still making friends! 3rd week here on island!! 🙂 Hope all is well with you ladies tonight!


    Hi ladies.. do any of you have any positive stories or words of encouragement for me…. im going into my 9TH month of TTC my 1st child… i have exhausted all avanues i think.. any helpful tips of stories of TTC would be soo apreaciated so i can get the energy up to keep trying!! Please message me on my profile xoxoxox

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