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    hello ladies,
    i am a new one on here 🙂 and well just wanted to ask ; im about 9 weeks pregnant and well i dont have ANY kind of symptoms except for the cramps i had 2 weeks ago but thats about it, i dont feel anything so i just wanna make sure everything is ok and if i should be concern about anything 🙂


    I am starting my 13th week of pregnancy after having 6 previous losses. So far, the Dr. can’t be happier. I am starting to feel nervous as this is uncharted territory for me. I am starting to feel better also, and was using my morning sickness as a crutch to tell myself everything was alright. Just wondering who else out there might be due in Apr. 2010. I should add that we have seen and heard the heartbeat…which I know is a good sign. 🙂



    hey, is anyone else showing at only 9 weeks??? its my second pregnancy and with my first i didnt start showing till after 12 weeks. i feel im getting bigger every day!!



    hiswife71608-since you are already weeks into your pregnancy, your body might very well be getting ready for baby’s growth. As she grows, she’s probably producing more harmones giving you headaches and cramps. As for me, I’m still trying to find out if I really am PG.



    @ BUBBYS MOMMY my first trimester I was so extremely tired all the time. I had never in my life been so exhausted. it was awful I was getting 10-11 hrs of sleep a night and then still falling asleep at work, so it could just be from your 1st trimester. 🙂


    mcollelo-i was advised also to take baby aspirin. I had one miscarriage @ 8weeks and one cp. no problem with blood clotting also, are u on progesterone pills or the cream. hope we get our bfp soon.



    My husband decided he would wake me up this morning to the smell of burnt eggs. I tossed my cookies (bile). Im putting him up on ebay with no reserve if he does it again.



    Does anybody know much about castor oil and inducing labor?



    Its very simple.. go into paint click file>open>chose your photo> click the bold A>there will be 2 pictures under your toolbar click the bottom one> spread the box over your picture>type your babys name or your email> Pick a light color so that it doesnt distract too much from the photo


    Im probably worrying about nothing but i would really like some advice, i am 6 weeks & 2 days pregnant and i havent had any sickness yet, not even felt sick (i had sickness with both previous pregnancies)

    i remember reading some thing when i was pregnant with my daughter that no sickness can be a sign that the pregnancy has stopped developing, im trying not to let this worry me but its hard not too!!!

    can anyone give me any advice on this?? it would be much appreciated!!!!




    rosie2010 – that is not making your baby boy any different from other babies. hes still a tiny human beeing and deserves to live and enjoy life.Chin up Sweetie , were with you 🙂 xxx



    Hi, i just have been feeling ‘less pregnant’ in the last couple of days, no nausea, no m/s, less tired and less peeing. im beggining to feel a bit nervous… i have not had any spotting or bleeding so no sign of a miscarriage, but even tho its great not to have any discomfort it is rather nerve wrecking to think that something might be wrong… anyone with a similiar situation? please advise



    Wmommytobe. omw. I am so jealous. Trust me you dont know morning sickness…its the pits.



    grace – I haven’t picked the prescription up yet (so freakin tired everyday), but I think they will be pills. I’m already nauseous and I’m just worried they will make it worse. I’m at 7 weeks today and praying like crazy. I just can’t take another loss. good luck with your bfp!



    Artisticchick- LOL!!!!! Makes me glad my husband can only make mac-n-cheese!

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