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    okay so I’m 23 and prego with number 2. I’ve been diagnosed with SLE, systemic lupus erythromytitus. And ontop of all that fun stuff I’ve got chronic kidney issues, pylonephritis. I’m in an extreme amount of pain and it’s intolerable!!! HELP! Does anyone know anything that I can take. Tylenol doesnt help. Cant have anything with red dye#3 or yellow dye #2 or iodine.

    #6769601 is another way to watermark your photos.. Whatever you do make sure its in the center so that the water mark is not cropped out!



    nadiajennings – i didnt really get sick until i was like 8 or 9 weeks and then it only lasted for a very very short time!! I dont think that i would really worry!! maybe you wont be as sick this time be thankful!!



    lol….i am the same, iv been feeling pretty crappy this time and with my little boy i felt really good. i have a scan tomorrow which is exciting 🙂 i just want to see the heartbeat cause then i can relax a little:)



    Azeeza- Sounds like how i was in the beginning of my pregnancy without any symptoms and not feeling ‘pregnant’. You could either play the waiting game or you can always schedule an appointment to do a check up and consult your doctor about not feelings pregnant. its sometimes a scare because we want to feel pregnant afterall to know that there is something there. i know how you feel, but i played the waiting game with myself and when i was 8 weeks i got spotting out of no where for a couple weeks straight and that scared me because it followed the spotting with some cramping and i thought i was having another m/c, although i wasnt. the baby was fine when i had an ultrasound and after my appt with the doc everything stopped, my cramps and the spotting, and honestly i dont have nausea at all, even throughout my pregnancy i never even felt like puking once. and now im 5 months pregnant and i havent got a big baby bump as some people i know have gotten and i dont feel like im pregnant. but i guess every woman is different, you shouldnt panic or put yourself through a stressful worry about not feeling pregnant, im sure everything is fine girly =]



    Hi Everyone – I am 35 weeks and am wondering how many ultrasounds you all have had during pregnancies..? I was diagnosed with placenta previa (doing fine so far) and am scheduled to have my 5th (and last) ultrasound in two weeks to see if by chance the placenta has moved at all. I was recently reading how ultrasounds are not necessarily safe and have even been linked to neurological damage in babies. This is really upsetting me. How many have you all had? Have your babies been ok?


    mcollelo-congrat, wish u a H&H 9 months.



    Is anyone familar with taken Prometrium?



    im 8 and a half weeks pregnant with my first. im having realy bad lower back pain. is anyone else having this problem and is it normal? x





    thank you hana!! i will be wishing for it to go when i start with it!! haha!! pregnancy is such a worrying time though isnt it? xxx



    hi girls, congrats on all of your pregnancies =) quick question for those of you who had cramps before you got your bfp… my period is due today, and ive had mild/pintchy cramps that come and go on boths sides. before today the cramps were only on my left side. anyone expierence this? thank you!



    Thanks Veronikalq. im 10 weeks pregnant at the moment so two more weeks to go before i can be out of the danger zone. its my first pregnancy so im not to clued up on what exactly im supposed to feel so i guess that brings on the concern. yep i just hope its all good and im having a great pregnancy!



    Hi Aeb, when I was pregnant with my 3rd I was having scans every 2 weeks from 18 thru to 31 weeks, then I went onto weekly scans for another 4 weeks. My son is now almost 10 mths old and is showing no signs of harm from the scans. I also had alot with my first 2 children and they are both fine as well. Good luck and try not to stress, if they werent good for you or baby then im sure they wouldnt do them.



    I’m so confused…I was suppose to have my period April 25 but it didn’t came. I did home pregnancy test on the 29th and its negative. Its near end May and I still don’t have a period. May 26, I did another home pregnancy test and still negative. I have never missed a period before….if I am not pregnant, is there something wrong?

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