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    I am not familiar perse’ but my OB does plan on putting me on it in my 2nd trimester before he puts in my cerclage since I am high risk.

    I am interested in hearing others experiences with it so I can have a heads up. At this point I am just hoping it does not cause any more nausea. I am having enough of that now.



    Hey ladies!! I am now graduated to the pregnancy side because I found out just today that I am PREGNANT!!! hope everything is going good for everybody! and Congrats to anyone else who recently found out themselves!!



    Hey, I was just wondering if anyone else was finding it increasingly hard to quit smoking?? I don’t want to put my baby at risk, and have the motivation, just not the will-power to quit!! HELP!! x



    I agree, its a huge worry!!!! im just glad im almost done lol






    @AZEEZA– Don’t worry. I have been blessed not to have m/s but in the beginning I felt the same way. I thought that just because I didn’t feel the urge to pee or have any cravings that something was wrong. I had been having cravings and the urge to pee all the time. I would wake up out of my sleep and want watermelon and twinkes and then one day it just stop. I was so worried that I called my doctor. After explaining what happened to me, she laughed and told me that everything was okay. But I was still worried. She made me an appointment and when I went to see her they couldn’t find my babys heartbeat soI became upset. Two nurses tried but they still couldn’t find it. Although I had had two miscarriage and a still birth, it just didn’t seem right. But this tech still in high school came in and found it right on the spot, as soon as she put the monitor on my belly. I laughed and cried at the same time. It was awful. I thought that I was going to die from shame because I made such a big deal about nothing. I think about it everyday. Its funny now. LOL. But, now I am 5 1/ months pregnant. I thank God everyday for my blessing and you should do the same. DON’T WORRY. Trust me I know. I hope this ease your worrying.



    aeb dont worry about the amount of scan you have had im only 28 weeks preg and ive already had 6 and im due another one on the 2nd november and then another again on the 11th i did say to them are they serious about giving me all these scans because i got told that they can harm the baby if u have to many but they said no they cant harm baby at all. 🙂 hope this helps. x im only having all these scan’s because of my unborn baby having spina bifida. you and baby will be fine. 🙂



    momi525 – I say go to the doctor as they will be able to do a blood test etc. to see what is going on



    I’ve been taking prometrium 200mg vaginal supp before bed since 21 weeks die to a short cervix. It does give you a yellowish discharge but other then that I haven’t noticed any side effects. Ill be 34 weeks in a couple days…I guess its supposed to keep the cervix strong for those w short ones!



    First of all grat on all the pregnancies below. I’m 15 weeks today this pregnancy has been a struggle with worry because i miscarried last august. Things are starting to look up but the bad thing is things from my miscarry click with this.
    I was due with my miscarry today and in a week i hear this babys heartbeat. Then i miscarried that baby in August and this baby is due in sugust. Finding it very hard to overcome but im starting to get excited. Xx



    Hi everyone. i am a new-mommy-to-be,have no idea what to expect,in a new country far from family.Hoping this site will help me understand my pregancy better.



    Help!! I am new to this site and I just found out I am pregnant. This is a miracle because the doctors told me I couldnt get pregnant. My problem is, I dont have insurance and my husband and I dont make much money, any suggestions?? I want to do whats right for my baby but I cant without insurance.



    Hey everyone, so Im new here and am due June 14th of this year. My husband and I are currently looking for a photographer to do maternity shots and infant shots once the baby arrives. The only problem is we have no idea what to look for, lol. We found this: and we like their pictures and the prices but was wondering if anyone has worked with them or can tell us if the pics and prices look good. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    – April



    SO worried. Approx 6 weeks pregnant, age 42. One miscarriage @ 4 weeks before my 6 year old was conceived.
    See yolk sac, growing no hb yet. Doctor very vague I have no idea if levels are ok, size of sac etc. He was seeing me 2x week. Now 13 days until next appointment. I am on pins + needles wondering if hb is going to be ok or not. I’m on progesterone. Definitely feel pregnant, but won’t relax unti hb seen. Plus my Dr has really lame ultrasound in office….last week he didn’t see yolk sac and sent me to radiology where it was clearly visible. So for all we know there might be a heartbeat now. Sorry to rant, hard not knowing what is going to happen!




    Your Estimated Due Date: Thursday, October 20, 2011
    Estimated Conception: Thursday, January 27, 2011

    You are: 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant.

    About 35 weeks remaining.

    try this link

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