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    yeah 12 is pretty early..especially if it is your first



    Hi, looking for someone to private message with that has had multiple pregnancy losses and is pregnant again. This is also my situation and I’m freaking out. I cannot enjoy this pregnancy at all, I am obsessively worrying and crying often. I need advice. 🙁 Thanks.



    question… is there a time frame normally how long its takes after you notice your belly has significantly dropped, when the baby is supposed to come? or is it different for everyone?! thank you.



    I found one I like better!

    You can see ‘My baby’ on my profile!



    emmaorem – Stay strong! I’m sure you can quit. I never started so I’m probably not the best one to be talking to but. I do have a friend that quit smoking and weed when she got pregnant. She just got herself down little by little and now her son is over a year and she didn’t take it back up. It can be done. Your doing the right thing. Get some sugarless gum or something like that. How about a sport. Yoga can be very relaxing and help sooth tenson that I’m sure builds up when you aren’t smoking. Once you can get past the first few days or weeks I’m sure it’ll get better. Good Luck!



    I have a dilema…my husband and I have a name in mind. However, its the same name that a co-worker had in mind for her baby. Unfortunately, she lost the baby. I really like the name but I feel I would be insensitive to her if I decided to go with that same name. When she said the name she was thinking of, I told her that was the name I liked (this was all before she miscarried). My husband and I have not completely decided on that name but it was one of our top names. Does anybody have any suggestions? Words of wisdom?



    Hey im pregnant with my first, im 9weeks but have no symptoms?? i had a scan at 6weeks to see how far gone i was and everything was as it should of been. I don’t have my ultrasound until the 23rd, whic seems so far away? my belly is a little bigger but thats it!! it really worries me! has anyone else had no symptoms???



    I recently found out I was pregnant (last week I took a HPT) so I went to the OB to get on some vitamins. They told me that my HCG levels are so low that I would be at early pregnancy stages or the tail end of a miscarriage. My levels were 76 on 7-2 and 1873 on 7-8. Is there any advice anyone could give me? Or have anything to say to ease my worries



    hello, i just had a few questions that are bothering me, im 18 weeks pregnant and i have not felt my baby move i dont think, im starting to worry, do i need to be worrried? (this is my first)
    i also keep having horrible dreams about loosing my baby, can u tell if u have a miscarriage at this stage, as i had one earlier this year at 8 and half weeks and i think its making me paranoid, all i want to do is enjoy my pregnancy and relax.



    Ok so i have a dumb question i had my period the 5th of aug. And i got the depo shot a week later the lady said use condom for the next 2 weeks well my husband and I didn’t take the advice to use the condoms and he was supposed to pull out and didn’t and he did the deed inside me and I realized it was my most fertile day.. Could I still get pregnant even though I got the depo shot… Sorry if TMI please don’t bash me or my husband just need info thanks.



    I think its different for everyone



    hi ladies

    iv recently had to do a pregnanctytest n its come out as negative but im still getting symptons so doing another one tomorrow morning to make sure im not!

    however iv noticed my breast milk supply hs increased something cronic! so much s that its leaking all the time again. my daughter is 6 months old and isnt drinking as much anymore but its all of a sudden picked up again

    does anyone know if breast milk supply increases in pregnancy? xxx



    A bit TMI but having the urge to poop, is that normal? Like when I wake up in the mornings I feel like I HAVE to go (but I’ve always been like this).



    Hi everyone. Im 18 weeks pregnant with my first and my husband and I are so excited! Im due May 18th! We find out the sex on the 23rd Im cant wait to find out what my peanut is = )



    with my first i had no symptoms, no sickness, no anything, he is now a healthy 2 year old:) i didnt even really have sore boobs with him. this time, im also 9 weeks iv been sick and vomiting, heartburn already, very sore boobs, tired as anything, my belly is even getting bigger quicker!

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