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    mrsbug- When I found out I was pregnant, I was told the same thing, They said it was either an etopic or I was going to miscarry. I was so upset! But everything turned out to be ok. I am now almost 15 weeks. I hope this helps. Good luck! 🙂



    Cinderella – don’t worry. If you are really stressing about something being wrong, get booked in for a scan or a doppler with your doc, to put your mind at rest.

    I felt mine at 16 weeks for sure being a real kick, but it was like a pop, not a bump, iykwim. Before that it was like little bubbles or flutters. If you have a fairly ‘active’ gut you won’t be able to tell the difference yet. By 24 weeks you’ll be begging it to stay still!


    Found out i was pregnant on the 11-12-13 and due on the 14-08-14 all wierd with the numbers 🙂 I am pretty excited but also pretty scared it is my first child and im worried that i’ll do things wrong! I was wondering if anyone has any cures for Morning sickness as i cant stand tea at the moment and the thought of a plain biscuit makes me want to vomit. lol thanks x



    Has anyone in here taken the p17 injections for pre-term labor?? I want to know from the moms who took it most of their pregnancy how long after you stopped did you go into labor?? I am stopping mine in the next 4 to 6 weeks and I’m very miserable right now. I just want to know how long it takes for labor to start after stopping these shots??



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    hi, hoping i am posting in the right place. Both me and my partner are trying to have a baby, my last period was the 4th May, according to the chart it says that im 5 weeks but however i have tried a number of preg test and they have come up neg. I do have a underactive thryoid and i was told that thryoid can give out negative readings. I am having the systoms, am going to go to the doctors for a blood test, does anyone else out there have the same problem?



    Ambar are you close enough to this co-worker to have a heart to heart with her and clear the air about it? You might know her well enough to have an idea about whether talking to her might be a good idea or not. Everyone is different so you might have to judge whether bringing it up would be good for her and for you… and your relationship. How would you feel in her shoes, and is she the same sort of person as you? Is the name a big enough possibility for your child that you want to broach such a difficult subject? I think I would listen to your heart and your instincts here. Is this a person who you are going to know for years and so will be around to hear you speak of your child and hear the name often? Would she be hurt by hearing that name, or take it as a tribute or kind reminder of her baby? Good luck with your dilema. It’s a really tricky one.



    im 7 weeks pregnant and havent been sick yet is something wrong



    Good Morning to all the pregnant women out there. I am at the end of my 10th week and I know my breasts have grown considerably already. They have been sore and have started to get really veiny looking. I know all of this is supposed to happen, so none of that worries me. The question I have is that my left areola has almost doubled in size while the right one hasn’t changed much at all. Why is this?? WIll the right one catch up?? I have also noticed that since the beginning my nipples are always errect. Is this normal??



    cinderella- I felt little flutters around 16 weeks or so, but actually feeling her move and kick wasnt til after 22 weeks. They say when its your first you may not feel movements very early. Even at around 25 or 26 weeks I went to the doc to checked cause i didnt feel her move for a few days and was worried got there could hear her moving around like crazy but i just couldnt feel it cause she was still so small.



    hi just wondering if any1 could give me any info im only 6 weeks pregnant and went to my gp yesturday to be told iv got high blood pressure has any1 else had this early and its sorted its self out x



    Talitha – My period was supposed to come last tuesday. I took the pregnancy test on thursday and it said positive. But then on Sunday I felt I needed to take another one and it said negative. That afternoon I started to spot. Mon thru today I have had constant bleeding and passing of blood clots. Is that what you experienced? I took another test last night and it said negative as well. It was just a $1 store test though.



    Wondering if you ladies know… are the signs and symptoms of pregnancy different if you are BF vs. not BF??



    ibteesa- ha thanks its feels like this is my first pregnancy. lol even though its not. my first one was soo easy and with no sickness or horrible pains like this except one time. soo this pregnancy im experiencing all this for the first time so im like what the heck! am i ok?? but im happy to have found this site! i love talking to other ladies who know what your going through. and plus i cant just go to my drs all the time its an hour away.. ha closest one to me!



    ambar, I agree with manda. If you really want this name then you should talk to her. But, if it’s only in your top few names then maybe just deciding on another name would be more appropriate. It’s probably hard enough that she sees you still pregnant when she’s had this horrible loss. When I was pregnant with my son a new employ had just lost twins. I felt terrible and so did she but we’re friends and she now treats my son like a child. My first option would be to decide on a different name but if you really want it then talk to her.

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