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    how much longer do you think i have to wait…. Im 1cm dilated and 70% effaced. I dont want to wait anylonger!! im dying over here!


    thank you mayy! I remember with my first, i was sick from start to finish LOL!



    Baby hasnt moved much today & my stomach is constantly hard…should I be worried?
    Right now my stomach is shaped weird…one side is sticking out more than the other!



    hi there this is for my friend and i just want to know if its normal or if someone in here has gone through this before
    she is 11 weeks pregnant her mouth is full water, she cant cook anything, cant go out and she only drinks cock and eat fried chicken i found it very strange as i never had this but just wanted to know it is normal good luck and all the best



    is pregnant again



    Hi all, let me tell you my story. I actually missed a few pills back in may, and thought I could possibly be pregnant, did a test and it was pos but faint. So I did one of them digital ones and it cameup neg, then my period came so thought nothing more of it. I have over the last couple of days found myself not quite feeling right, so i went to the doctor today where I was examined, he had a feel and says he could feel the thing cant remember what its called just above my pelvis. He then had a listen and heard a pulse other than mine. Could this be wrong, He thinks im pregnant. I dunno what to think.



    not everyone gets morning sickness, some ppl get it the entire pregnancy, everybody is different. if your not getting morning sickness count yourself lucky



    hey Ressa, thanks for the comment I know how you feel my income is what pays the bills and for the job I do my wage is awful plus the taxman loves to annoy me!! the worst thing is you dont get any help from the government when you work which is what annoys me!!! gud luck with your work issues and I hope that your not pushed out of your job!!!
    hey rach, my mums best mate was like that for 18 years, the only thing I can do to suggest is make a mood for you and your partner like a romatic weekend away for you both, for a bit of relaxation and what not, get a bit of pamperin so you feel good. my mums mate did this and concieved she was on ovalation crap an everything her little boy is now two hope this helps x



    I am new here. But I had a condom mishap on one of my most fertile days (didnt know it was my most fertile day until i started google searching.) anyways I have the feeling that im pregnant. I just can feel it. I don’t know how to explain it. I havent missed my period yet but I do know I’m a lot more tired than normal. Am I just being silly or has anyone else just known before that got a positive HPT?



    Thanks mayy08, that information is helpful! 🙂 Are you preggo now or TTC?



    Feelin-huge-I’m a bit further along (almost 31 weeks), but the doctor just told me that I’m measuring at 36-37 weeks. He wants to do an ultrasound. Like you, I knew my period dates, and I was right on schedule at 12 weeks, so he thinks it might be a big baby. I’ve been reading about it, but it still is kind of scary! Good luck to you!



    Hey everybody, does anyone know how normal cramping is so early in a pregnancy? I’m 5 weeks and have been cramping a lot. The cramps are like the ones I had when I had my period. I’ve had no spotting and no other symptoms besides the cramps. They happen pretty often. They are pretty uncomfortable but short and often.



    so excited 8 weeks in confirmed with doctor today it was really wonderful she made me feel very special im so happy and want to do my best what do experienced mummies say you should eat and avoid at this stage



    MelissaM25 – Pregnancy hormones do so many things to your body. It is perfectly normal to feel elated and depression even at the same time. This pregnancy was planned and I still like I made a mistake. I know I didn’t. I love being a mom but it’s scary. Bringing another life into the world is a huge responsibility. All your emotions are normal. It should get better the further along you go and then fear might come back a bit once you are upon your due date. No worries though. Once the baby is born everything seems to fall into place. My first was not planned. We were planning on buying a house and I was working. We have vacations we wanted to go on, etc…. We ended up moving to a condo for almost two years to save money and find the right now. We saved and Kekoa was born. This last March we finally moved into our house and the next month got pregnant with baby #2. I am also no longer working. We are saving right now to visit family on the islands and hopefully we being heading over in a couple months. I think around six or seven months. Plenty of time before this one is born. Anyways, we’re all here for you if you want to vent or cry or get all excited about whatever is happening in your life and pregnancy!

    Sorry Tiffyy, I never got the exact number count. I know it was low since I couldn’t get a positive for days after my period was due. But once I went to my doctor an u/s confirmed it.

    Clareroyal – That’s a new one for me. A positive is usually a pregnancy. Are you sure your period that month wasn’t just normal bleeding during pregnancy. Also, my doctor does an ultrasound at the first visit. She does this to make sure there is only one child, that it has implanted in the right place and for a due date. It’s weird to me that he wouldn’t conduct an u/s or have one ordered if he thought there was one. If another heartbeat has been found then you are at least 10weeks or so. I would think an u/s would be in order?



    i did the intellegender at 12 weeks and it said boy. I am 19 weeks and just found out monday that we are in fact having a boy!

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