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    luckywhite – it could be that your baby is crying inside you. When you have a newborn and they cry – they sort of shiver a bit too if they cry hard enough. I am 30 weeks along and sometimes it feels as though mine is throwing a temper tantrum inside. All of that is normal according to my obstetrician – but if you really feel concerned about it – it doesn’t hurt to ask your doctor if there should be anything you need to worry about with your baby. It probably is just really active right now =) Good luck to you…


    raegan-I felt like that for more than the first half of my pregnancy with my son. I was so scared everyday. I even had a problem with getting up at least three times every night to see if I was bleeding for the first 17 weeks. My doctor said it was normal for women to experience fear and worry a lot. Once I could feel him moving often, I didn’t worry as much. Just try to relax and not stress. (I know!) Congrats!!



    okay.. i’m trying to find a class for child preparation/parenting. not a birthing/Lamaze class. but a class where they teach the basics. how to change a diaper, how to care for the umbilical cord, baby cpr, etc… do you ladies know where to find information on these classes?



    hi,am in my ninth wk and to day i have a realy strange taste in my mouth….abit like metallic as if i had eaten copper or something,is this normal.




    Im 20 weeks and 4 days today, had ultrasound on saturday been told 90% chance we are having a boy which is what i wanted so thats good. Just wonderd are any of you at the same stage as me having any of the following problems (im having them all together):- swelling in hands especially fingers had to take my rings off weeks ago! and sweling in ankles and feet, this is all day and night not just at a certain time of the day, silver floaty stars occassionally, mild headaches occassionally, breathlessness especially walking up the stairs or exerting myself doing small things, weak legs with the breathlessness, carpal tunnel syndrome, depression, piles (from previous pregnancy that have come back), moody and snappy for no reason and you cant control yourself and tired. Bloods have come back all normal!
    I know its a long list but I have all of this with this pregnancy I have never been this symptomatic in pregnancy with the last 5 is anyone the same? Would like to hear from anyone who is going through hell like me lol



    also i dont really FEEL pregnant… im worried cause i dont wanna lose the baby…. ne advice??? email me [email protected]



    TashaWardrop: i might not be able to tell you i kow what its like to have a kid, because im a first time parent myself. but when i was around 8 weeks i was having cramping also, i was very hungry, it was unbelievable…but around my 8 weeks i had spotting like no other, i was so paranoid because i had cramping pains in my abdomen and i thought i was going to have a miscarriage again…i was always calling my doctor because i was worried, but i just accpeted to let nature take its course, and Thankfully it was not a miscarriage. now im 34 weeks pregnant with my baby boy, its such a joy to know you are becoming a parent.



    I am very new to this forum and this is my first blog. I am 6 weeks pregnant but have no much pregnancy symptoms other than nose bleeding occasionally. What I am concerned more and worried is I get brown blood or tissue like discharge when i wipe and sometimes black small blood clot when urinating..Very worried,thinking if its a miscarriage.Any suggestion would be really helpful


    i feel so tierd ahhhh!!



    Raegan- I had that same feeling this time around. I am now 9.5 weeks pregnant. This is my 3rd. With my first two I never had those feelings, it just never crossed my mind, nieve maybe. I talked to my dr. about my feelings, and through exam and an u/s I was assured, but only a little. I can’t wait until I start feeling the baby.



    andy21 – Our ped. office offers classes of that sort but really if you are spending money for the class I would skip it. The nurses will show you have to change the diaper at the hospital if you don’t already know how. There is also plenty of books and websites on the subject. Same for caring for the cord. It’s actually really easing. You just make sure you don’t put anything that rubs too close on it. You keep it clean and watch for infection. Pretty much if it’s not smelly and green you are good to go. Kekoa’s cord fell off within days of leaving the hospital. CPR is definately something you should know though. Your local Red Cross should offer classes for that. I commend you for wanting to take that class. Also, if you are planning to breastfeed I would read up and maybe take a class or join a support group. Breastfeeding is very rewarding but can be difficult when you don’t know how to fix challenges. Most hospitals have a lactation specialist on hand but some are more helpful then others.



    Hi! Im new to the forum and Im 11 wks and due April 24 2010. Dobbydidit.. I’ve had that metalic taste too accompied with a lot of saliva.. gross!! But I think its totally normal.. at least thats what the pregnancy books tell me.



    I’m 5 weeks 8 days pregnant, i want to know step by step from week 1 of my pregnancy, the food i must eat any vitamins to take.



    Hi Jimmyswifey, i am 1o weeks preg, the exact same thing happen to me. i ddidnt feel pregnant or have any symptoms and i got worried, so i went to the doc and asked for an ultrasound to put my mind at ease. the doc was very accommodating and i had an ultrasound an saw that all was well and then only did i feel relieved, if you feel worried or stressed see your doc maybehe/she can help you and give you an ultrasound. All the best!!



    Hi there, I’m just new here and I have a quick question. Did anyone have lower stomach pains in the first few weeks of your pregnancy? I was to the doctor today for my annual physical and he said that I’m pregnant but only by 2 weeks, I’ve been noticing for the past couple of days that my stomach has been cramping and I thought I was just going to get my period early this month (although that’s very uncommon for me) but it hasn’t come yet and I’m still cramping off and on. Is this possible at only 2 weeks pregnant?

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