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    kchia – cramping early on is normal. Your uterus is stretching. If you arent bleeding you should be fine. Thats one of the first signs I know Im pregnant, when I start cramping and dont start my period.



    hi,have been getting a few headace the last couple of days!!!should i be worried or is it normal?am 11wks.



    Hi, I’m new to this community. I just found out last night that I’m pregnant! I just wanted to share my elation with everyone. I’m very excited. I thought the 2ww was bad, but knowing I’m pregnant and cant tell anyone for a while is much worse! How do you refrain from shouting it from the roof tops?



    Good Morning Mommies to be. I went for my first ultrasound yesterday. It was amazing!! The baby jumped around for a few minutes while they were taking measurements, and then when my fiance was allowed int eh room, the baby decided to cross it`s legs and have a nap, and refused to move!! The tech put my pregnancy between 11w 5d and 12w 4d. Since this is my first pregnancy, I`m not sure what the numbers all mean and if they are good. I have done some research online, but it`s hard to get a direct answer… I`m asking all of you experinced women out there. The crown-rump length was 50.4mm (I understand that measurement), the Biparietal Dameter was 17.5mm and the Nauchal Translucency was 1.1mm. Are these good numbers?? Thanks for your help and knowledge!!


    kateseal everything disagrees with me after I start eating it. I can eat chips and crackers without feeling sick. Hope you feel better soon.



    Hi! My name is Katie. I am expecting my first baby later this year and so wanted to join some of these conversations online to prepare and help answer any questions I have.

    I have a bit of a random question to start with but wondered whether anyone can recommend a subscription which contains products for both baby and mama?

    Thanks ya’ll



    tb838 I am on lovenox



    Have been trying since July, took at test this morning. BFP. I’m 4 weeks pg. Yay!!



    Pregnancy weight is harder to lose than weight you gain for other reasons. Double that and you can figure out how difficult it is to lose weight gained from a twin pregnancy. What makes it harder is trying to care for your twin infants while attempting to lose the weight. Follow these steps to learn how to lose twin pregnancy weight and regain your body confidence.



    Question for all you ladies out there. What have all of your OBs said about getting the swine flu vaccine, are they saying yes it’s a must, or saying you should wait until you are so far along? I have mixed emotions about it and don’t want to chance harming my baby. I want to know what all your docs have said! Thanks!



    Chikinjeans: Welcome! this is a perfect site for you to get to know other ladies and read about their stories and how they keep updated on their pregnancy. although congrats on the pregnancy, tons of baby love sent your way! 8 weeks and 5 days is still a bit new into the pregnancy stages, but yes every women is different. When i was around 8 weeks pregnant, i was having a food rush, everything i would eat would seem great! then again my pregnancy is a bit easier because i wasnt suffering from nausea at all and still isnt. hmm, but just out of curiousity, they tried to detect your baby with a doppler at a young stage? thats something new. i thought they would intentionally use the vaginal probe in order to detect the babys heartbeat? i dont know, maybe i guess every pregnancy is different. Things to expect, honestly its always a suprise especially since its your first pregnancy. Im glad to hear your excited to be a first time mommy, im right there with you honey, i am almost 22 weeks pregnant with my son and cant wait and everyday is a suprise to me, just yesterday i felt him kick my belly hard enough 3 times for me to feel it. but he is constantly moving around there. Pregnancy is such a fun ride, there are some days you will feel unhappy and some days you will feel happy but overall you have created something special and im happy for you girl. Enjoy!



    ok Im new here an desprately need advise, Im 8 weeks 5 days pg, the problem is stupid me had a one night stand, and before anyone judges I have a partner of 9 years we have 4 children, I am absolutely certain that the one im currently pregnant with is from the one night stand my partner knows about the whole thing i told him straight away, he also knows there is a big possibility that this baby is not his, but he told me hed stand by my side, so the big problem is I dont know whether or not to tell, the fella i had the one night stand that im pregnant or just wait it out til the baby is born and get a DNA test done- I did think about all my options abortion adoption and keeping the baby but i just cant abort and adoption i just dont think i could do, so i decided to keep the baby advice would help



    yeah i am waiting for my period to come but i have feeling it wont time willl tell.. last nite was weird i got asmall lil lumps under my arms pits n it was the same as my pregnancy with my son 4 yrs ago



    NACE (non-invasive prenatal test) test is 100% safe for you and your baby. It is as simple as a routine blood analysis. A small blood sample taken from the arm that is sufficient to run the test. NACE test is a new type of genetic test that screens for birth defects and inherited diseases. The NACE is to detect birth defects such as Down syndrome, chromosome abnormalities, genetic disorders.



    firstbabe- I am in the same boat. when did all of you women start feeling your baby? I’m only 15 weeks but I’m so nervous b/c of my last 2 m/c and I’m anxious about everything! I feel little things here and there but not everyday and I think that’s why I worry…

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