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    Hi. Am 6wks 2d. Just joined you guys. When does d m/s kick in?



    Mums to be I need your help!

    I am due my third little one (making it 3 under 3) on May 5th and our car will not take 3 carseats so I recently entered a competition with a cute video explaining why we need a family car. I am now in the final 5 which is on this Friday 18th Feb.
    Winning the car depends on how many ‘like’ clicks I get on the competition page. If you have 10 seconds to spare please vote at the following link for Therese Coveney
    Thanks very, very much! I will post how I get on! Therese x




    i just wanted to say ive just got over having swine flu and i wasnt given the vaccine both my daughters had it too so we were all very ill but we are fine now



    Heyy everyone! I am 17 and 5 weeks pregnant. I’m just looking for some people to talk to and help with advice and such? Anyone?



    Hi Ladies,
    Is it normal to have your hair fall out during pregnancy? I’m 4 weeks Sat and my hair has been falling out like crazy, from even before I was even pregnant…


    hello everyone. I have a question and I would REALLY like some input. I am supposedly 6 weeks pregnant today. BUT… i’ve gained 5 lbs and my clothes are too tight. I can’t say i’m showing because i’m a big girl. This is my third pregnancy (my first born is 4 1/2 my 2nd ended in miscarriage 2nd trimester) Well also my ankles are swelling. My boobs have grown a cup size or more…. I had 3 periods in Sept.. I know CRAZY right? the first two was like… 2 days.. and they were basically spotting i guess.. the 3rd one on Sept 30 lasted 9 days. I guess wha ti’m trying to ask is… is it possible I could be further along than I think?????



    10 weeks 3 days pregnant and baby is already 3.9 cm long. I think this baby will be a bigger baby then my other kids



    Has anyone had the CVS testing done? I am sure I will have to this time around since our little boy passed away from a chromosomal disorder. I am a little scared this pregnancy but have left it in the arms of God. But I heard the CVS can detect some disorder early on but I heard it’s painful. Any advice from you ladies who had it done??? Thanks


    Right around now, curiousmommy2b… lol



    Hi Ladies, I was just wondering if anyone knows (or has experience with) anything about hypoglycemia (preexisting, not due to pregnancy) and pregnancy. And is it possible to still use a midwife with that condition?



    ariel1–My ob is pushing the shot, but not till your 14 weeks. I am 9 1/2 now. However, my 3 y/o ped. says he isn’t getting it for himself or his son, and this is not the first doc. that says they are not getting for their family. The fact is that they just began testing on pregnant women last month, so they really have no clue what it does to the fetus. Getting h1n1 is risky too, so it’s a personal decision everyone has to make. Me personally, I think I’ll pass.



    It was so hard at first.
    Im still in pain alot, but this whole ride is amazing:)
    Congratulations new mommy-to-be’s.



    Hi everyone! I have been suffering from terrible reflux/indigestion for the past 20 weeks or so (i am 35 weeks along). I have tried everything ‘tums’, ‘rennies’, ‘mylanta’, ‘gaviscon’, and ‘zantac’ my ob perscibed me…nothing has given me relief! I also avoid everything you are advised to not eat. Even milk and water doesnt relieve my symptoms and alot of the time eating/drinking nothing makes the symptoms worse! Well all, I read in the forum to try eating ALMONDS and CHEWING GUM (mint flavoured) and I am finding great relief, especially from the almonds…Give them a go! I hope this helps someone! 🙂



    hey everybody i am 15 to 16bdays late i’ve taken about 3 test and all of them come back negative.i’ve never missed a period pretty sure i am pregfer if i am im about 8 9 weels i get alot of abnominal crampping and i dont have much of an appitite. i ususally eat french fries or pickels and ofcourse im peeing alot now its starting to hurt a lil 🙁 HELP



    Are any of you pregnant, single and already a mum? My boyfriend of 2 yrs left me when we found out I am pregnant… came back for 2 weeks then decided that it was def. too much for him and has left entirely. I feel very alone. Very scared. Just so very sad.

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