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    Smashley89 – I think that that would make you 5 weeks?



    NACE (non-intrusive pre-birth test) test is 100% safe for you and your infant. It is as basic as a normal blood investigation. A little blood test taken from the arm that is adequate to run the test. NACE test is another kind of hereditary test that screens for conception surrenders and acquired illnesses.



    lucy01- I felt my baby move at 16 weeks (its my third pregnancy, but hte first to make it past 10-13 weeks). They definatly should laugh at you, they don’t know everything and not everything happens like their books say it will!! When I went in for my first u/s at 20+ weeks, the technician was so surprised that I could feel it. lol


    Girls is it ok to dye your hair when you’re pregnant? I want to top up my roots, which are brown, to match the rest of my dark brown hair, but I also want to add some highlights…



    2ndontheway2010 – Thanks. They get pretty scary sometimes. Occasionally I only get it on the left side. Like on the left overy (So it feels) and the pain shoots down my leg. I told my Doc about it and she said that it’s pretty common and that at this point I shouldn’t worry. I worry about everything though, especially since having a miscarriage just before.
    Oh and might I add, I’m tired as HELL all the time. LOL I hear in the 2nd trimester the tiredness fades away. Is that true? *hoping*



    Hi Ladies! Well I am pregnant! I have a situation on my hand’s that I am not happy about and it’s killin me every day! Maybe you can help me understand more! My last day of my first AF was Aug 1. It lasted until Aug 5th or 6th can’t remeber which one for sure! Anyways…. I made a horrible mistake. I slept with another man on Aug 14th and the first time we used protection. He went in the bathroom threw it away washed up and came back into the room. Then about a hour later we started fooling around again and he put it in me without a condom for litterlay a min! I told him to stop and he was no were near ejaculation so he pulled out and he finished in his hand! On Aug 16th I was with my husband. We never use protection ever! I was also with my husband on the 6th and so on that week with no condom. Well the doctors keep tellin me I concived on the 15th of Aug and I was with no one on the 15th. I kust really want someone to help me on this situation and what you think? I know what I did was waaaayyy wrong and I am so stressed about it! I need help!


    smidge1219 – i count it as just starting week 5, count the 18th as 0 maybe? and congrats 🙂



    So this week has been a week from hell. I started cramping and spotting lightly early Monday AM in the middle of the night. Freaked out, called the dr. right away. (I have miscarried before… natural reaction) Tuesday I went in for an US to see how everything looked. (I haven’t had anymore spotting or cramping since Monday even to date) My US on Tuesday said that I am 5 wks 6 days and there was no heart beat. According to my LMP I should have been 9 weeks 2 days. So now at this point we don’t know if we have lost the baby and it stopped developing 3 weeks ago or if somehow the dates are off. (I am 110% sure of my LMP date) The Dr had me come in today for an exam and my cervix and everything seem perfectly normal. Everything but the US being off by 3 weeks. I go back on Tuesday for another US. (the dr. hasn’t done any blood work… is this normal????)

    What are the chances this will have a positive outcome???



    I have a question, and I hope someone can help me! I have been on the pill, and usually I know what day I get my period, right on, but this go around- I spotted slightly, and it was *not* normal. I didn’t miss any pills, all were taken on time. I defiantly missed my period. Now I am slightly cramping, minor back pain. I took a pregnancy test- and nothing. Is it possible I am pregnant? I have been on the pill for 3 years now, all has been normal up until now….. Help!



    29 weeks pregnant. Been having Braxton hicks for 2 weeks already. I’m very uncomfortable and achy lately. Not to mention exhausted. This is my 3rd baby. Any suggestions or ideas for any of the above. I’m at the point now where I just want to be done with it all



    Lucy01.. I’m 21 weeks at the mo.. But iv felt movement since 14 weeks.. It is my second baby so i totally new the difference.. An also i’d be quite slim so even though ‘the Book’ says that your partner wont feel the movement til around 25ish weeks.. My whole family have felt the baby kick from 18 weeks.. Nothin is black and white.. Though you’l come across alot of doctors that think it is.. You no your own body so dont let anyone tell u different..! Good luck.. X


    its actually better to do highlights in ur hair cuz ur not dumping it on ur scalp and all over ur whole head like dying. the part thats bad is when u get the dye all over ur scalp and it goes into ur skin and then into ur blood stream. just make sure if ur gonna do highlights that ur in a well ventilated area so u wont be affected by the fumes and try to get the least amount u can on ur actual head. they also say its better to wait till ur out of the 1st trimester. i got my hair done when i was about 4 months. and i just got it done again when i was 35 weeks. just be careful. =]



    So here’s a question that most likely no one can answer but here goes. When do women usually start showing? I’m 6 weeks today and I look really bloated. I almost look like I’m about 4-5 months. I’m guessing this is due to gas, etc. When will I start looking more pregnant then bloated?
    I feel sooo fat right now. LOL



    shoveland – Wow, that is a hard situation. Ok, so the conception date is based on the size of the embryo and some grow faster or slower then others. So, it could be from either man. I can tell you the pre-cum does have sperm in it. It’s scary but you can get pregnant without actually have intercourse. When we were 17 I have a friend that was virgin. She was fooling around with her boyfriend. His parts got very close to hers but they never actually had sex. Well, several weeks later she found out she was pregnant. She was literally a pregnant virgin. He of course denied the baby and they broke up. Turn out he was the father and yes she still had an intacked hymen. Since he did ejacuate in the condem before going at it again the sperm count was probably lower. Of course it only takes one to impregnant you. But, looking at the odds, it’s probably your husband’s baby. You know what you did was wrong but it’s now time to fix it. Find out why you cheated and then tell your husband. It’s better he finds out now and you deal with the issues then after and find out baby isn’t his. I would be pissed if I were a guy and my wife cheated but didn’t tell me and got pregnant. If I thought I was having a baby and then it turns out not to be mine then it would be even more heartbreaking. Of course it’s your choice. If you just can’t bring yourself to do that maybe after baby is born you can get the other guy to do a test with you. If it’s negative then you can just move on since you know it was hubby’s baby. But, that is kind of the cowardly way out. Any way you go is going to be hard. There will be tears and probably lots of fighting. Just be careful and watch your body. You don’t want to over stress yourself and baby.



    Hello there everyone.Im new to this site and joined to meet other ‘mums to be’ in around the same week of pregnancy as I am. I am 25 weeks preganant.I have plenty of questions,concerns and queries and once I figure out how to use this site,hopefully some of them can be answered.This is my first pregnancy and as I’m writing this,my baby girl is kicking away,she’s a big fan of music-debussy mainly.I have one main question at the moment:I’m trying to find out how you go about booking antenatal classes and when do you start them,I’m seeing my midwife this week but I don’t think I’m going to get my answers there.. If anybody is wiser than I am at the moment I’d love to hear from you.x

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