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    is it okay to drink loads of orange juice a day. im nearly 14 weeks pregnant could this mean im having a girl or not



    yes you could be prego. wait another couple days and test if not positive then go to the dr. I got prego on the pill….only reason I thought maybe I was prego was because my boobs were…kind of miss that!!! Ask your dr to do a blood test…



    Lucy they were wrong to laugh at you. When I was pregnant I felt the baby move from week 13-14 but I just didn’t realize what it was until a few weeks later.



    hey im 10.4 weeks pregnant any advice for me this is my first very scared but excited does anyone know of signs to tell if its a boy or girl thank you



    Hey ladies
    I am writing a book about pregnancy, but would love more info on it from all of you!
    I would be very thankful if you would send me an e-mail to [email protected] with the following:
    • comments on your symptoms – important is to put which week you are in!
    • questions regarding pregnancy you might have (and remember, there are no dumb questions, I will then have a few midwives answer them).
    • How long it took you to get pregnant and how you finally succeeded (if you used any other option rather than the traditional girl meets boy action )
    • Your weight gain so far (don’t worry, your comments will be completely anonymous)
    Please remember to write which week you are in as the book is divided into “weekly chapters”
    If you have children already, please also send me:
    • your comments on signs of labor
    • how long the labor took
    • what kind of birth you had (water-birth, natural, epidural…)
    • the weight and height of your baby
    • your top 10 items to bring with you to hospital
    • your top 10 items to have at home when coming home with the baby
    I will keep your e-mail address on file (unless you ask me not to) only to provide you with an update of a possible publishing date for the book.
    Thanks in advance for your help on this, it is very much appreciated!



    Well ladies I did it I got my H1N1 vaccine and I feel absolutely just fine. I spent all afternoon talking to several docs and nurses and they all reccommended that I get it! So I did!



    im about 12 wks wen will i find out the baby sex



    Hey, everyone!

    This is an unusual request, but I need help finding women in the LA area who are newly pregnant or serious about trying to get pregnant. I’m casting a new show on television and really want to get the word out to the women of LA. We want to help surprise the father-to-be with the big news! 🙂

    If this is you or someone you know, will you please email me at [email protected]?

    Thank you, lovely ladies, for all your help!



    hey im confused i have been on that many calculaters anddue date thingys
    my last period was on the13th jan how many weeks am i



    hi everyone i am new here, i am expecting my 4th child and am really worried that i will have the same problems that i have done with my others, my 1st child was still-born at 38wks and then my other two have got developmental delays my son has the mental age of 12 months when hes 5yrs and there were serious issues in his delivery i had a c-section with him and his head got stuck and when he was born he didnt breathe for 5mins they had to bring him round and my daughter who is now almost 7 has characteristics of downs syndrome even though its not that both my children are under investigation to see what is wrong with them. I dont have my children with me they live in foster care due to alot of reasons that i dont wish to go into right now. i was told by my old consultsnt that i had gestastional diabetes with all of my other pregnancies and it didnt show up but my n=ew consultant said that its not true unlesss i get a high blood sugar level with my gtt test.
    has anyone had similar to me and can anyone give me advice on how to stop this happening again?
    my new baby is by a different dad so i dont know if this will make any difference
    many thanks emma x



    Okay I have been having contractions all day…since last night actually, they are painful but not really intensifing..They are low and lasting about a minute comming about every 5 minutes..but I am getting very tired, eexhausted…I couldn’t sleep last night at all and tried to take a nap but no luck..I am schedualed for a C on thursday…I have been in the hospital 2 times (in two weeks) for them to just make me walk and send me home this is my second full term child I am just so tired and wondering if its time to go in yet again? Any help would be great. Thanks



    I was happily looking forward to 4th July as me and hubby were preparing ourselves for a nice meal out to celebrate our first wedding anniversary on 5th July 2009.. However, at 1.30am on 4th I woke up with extreme abdomen and back pain, I was literally rolling around in agony.

    My hubby rushed me to my antenatal hospital where I went through loads of examinations, blood tests, swabs etc. I was given, gas and air, a morphine injection, two pethidine injections another injection (I cant remember what it was just know it relaxes the muscles and begin with a B !!) The injections made me sick and didn’t take the pain away so I was then admitted to a ward where I spent 5 days having further tests, a scan and resting while taking morphine tablets, the injection that relaxes muscles, pain killers and antibiotics. I rattle when I walk LOL

    They checked baby all the time and the little one was fine, strong heartbeat and kicking and poking me like mad but boy was I in pain.

    They were adamant it wasn’t my two ovarian cysts or baby causing the pain so they thought I had a kidney infection or kidney stone, after a scan came back only showing a fluid blockage on my right kidney but no sign of a urine infection or kidney stone they diagnosed me with a tender uterus .

    The pain is now bearable with tablets and I am home on bed rest. My consultant has stated that due to my tender womb and ovarian cysts I will have pain all the way through my pregnancy and I am only 26 weeks pregnant at the moment !!!!

    I just wondered if anyone else had been diagnosed or heard of a tender uterus?



    chocolate-mommy….i have two family members that had successful vbac’s. one was even a high risk pregnancy, but she went into labor on her own before her scheduled c-section. so they let her just go. not a single problem either.
    i’m in the same boat, having to decide. from what i understand, you have a higher chance of a successful vbac if you go into labor naturally. however, if you are induced, then you have a higher chance of another c-section.
    also, keep in mind that a lot of times you only hear the negative side of things. for example, you’ll probably read tons of stories of complications and bad outcomes to vbacs. but think of how many of them go right………those stories just aren’t shared as much. same thing with carpet cleaning. cosmetic surgery. airplane flights. you’ll hear more negative than positive. but don’t let it cloud your decision making. good luck.



    Hi kimswifey26-they tend to tell you on your 20wk scan the sex of the baby,it’s part of the anomaly scan.Thats when I found out.x


    Keep weight off during Pregnancy!

    I gain alot of weight during pregnancy. I didn’t know many exercises I can do while pregnant to keep some of the weight off…lol I bought a few exercise videos but none didn’t get the job done like I wanted to. I later stumbled across an exercise method that gave me the weight loss in all the right places and kept them off. I would like to share the method if anyone is interested…it worked for me.

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