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    LOL, my gf’s been remarking on her boobs size increase and density as well.. myself i love her as she was/is/wll be but i find it cute to hear her remark on it…lol.. on a side note.. i’ve lernt to watch my elbows when i toss and turn in my sleep.. poor girl is sore..

    btw..thanks to all whom replied, or p/m’ed me i apreciate asll your kind words…i’ve since been feeling better about the whole thing, as i mentioned to one or 2 of ya, i found this webpage while googling, and it brought me/us some comfort..'s+heartbeat&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ca



    I’ve been pregnant 2 other times, but this is my first…got to 2nd trimester pregnancy and I always used first response….I got a dud on clear blue one time…no lines came up …NONE at all and I WAS pregnant. It sent me into big panic mode.



    decided to stay home contractions are still there, but they are consistant..if they intensify then I guess I will go..just really hate being sent baby is still in there..he seems to be doing well still we will see if I make it till



    hi i’m new here just looking for ppl to talk to i am 8 weeks due feb 12, 2010. just had an u/s and everything looks fine due to the fact that i had 2 ectopic pregnancy plenty ms, pain in my abdomen did i mention ms lol



    Hey girls.
    check out this amazing fetal monitor app-it’s called my baby beat and it allows u to hear the babys heartbeat and record it and it’s only like 4$!!! worth it!!..i got the info from here



    i think she told me the next time i go id find out im about 12 weeks and i go bak march 19th



    I just posted 2 ultrasound pictures. Please help me guess. Does it look like a boy or girl?



    hello everyone. i have a question that has been bothering me my fiance and i have been thinking about TTC and this past saturday night we finally decided we were going to try. since we have been doing the BD every night and since monday my BB have been hurting, back pain and have been having abdominal cramping as today i woke up with a punding headache and so fatigued, after i got a good nights sleep. i know it has only been five days but has anyone else had these symptoms or anything like it?



    I’m having this dull burning (sometimes sharp) pain on the right side of my stomach. The pain is only on my right side. The pain gets a little worst if you touch my stomach. I’m having alot of pelvic pressure. My pelvic bone hurts so bad, I can barely walk. Is this pain normal? I’m 38 weeks pregnant. I’m also having BHC or contractions every 7mins and they last for about a minute or two.



    Hey I’m not really trying to concieve but I figured this would be the best place to ask, I had my daughter on September 13, and I got my first period on November 28th. According to the ovulation calendar if I’m on a 28 day cycle which I always was before I got pregnant, the I’m 5 days late. Do you think my body can just be messed up from having a baby or can I be pregnant? I tested a week after we had unprotected sex almost a month ago and It was negative then…..what do you think?? If you could message me on my profile that would be great….Thanks:)



    blydansmommy-It just depends on the baby. I had one right around then and could not see it yet. It also depends on the quality of the ultrasound machine used. Good luck:)



    djsgirl- im 10weeks and i look like im 5months along. i know its bloating and not baby, but with my first i stayed this way the whole time. i gained all my weight in the first trimester even when i wasnt eating alot. its just how my body is. i looked the same size until maybe a month before i was due when i doubled lol. everyone is different. i was distinctively rounder and harder at about 7 months if i remember correctly. its been years since i was pregnant before now.



    New arrivals at Maternity Central for that special occasion



    Hey Ladies, im new on here..
    i never new pregnancy could feel like a lifetime!
    im only 17 weeks and it feels like ive been pregnant forever..
    im just waiting for the big surprise at the end, wish i could finally meet my little girl/boy!



    hey someone please HELP me im 14 weeks pregnant and i have a severe tooth ache is there anything apart from paracetamol i can take because i cant get to a dentist till tomorrow.

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