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    I am 38 weeks pregnet, I had my mucus membrane stripping done and have been having contractions on and off. I am 2 1/2 cm dilated and 40 % effacted. This is so fustrating going to the L&D and they tell me im not in active labor. Can anyone give me insight if the stripping will cause me to go into active labor?



    how does this thing work? Im new and I wanna chat with some other prego woman…but I dont know how! HELP! lol



    mammo – try foils- doesn’t touch your head



    i am new here im 38 weeks n 1 day n have a 1 year old i thought this site would be best for me



    Using bleaching creams in pregnancy?
    hello ,when i was about 4 weeks / 5 weeks pregnant i used a face bleaching cream but i didn’t know yet that i was pregnant ,do you thick i hurt my baby ?



    How much do those home dopplers cost?



    Ok ladies I need some help here. I’ve been having these wierd feelings, I’m almost 16 weeks. I don’t know if its the baby moving, or if it isn’t then is it normal or does it warrant a call to the doctor. Its hard to describe. It happens more while I’m sitting at my desk. Its in the middle of the tummy in between the pubic bone and belly button and its a very brief kind of cramp. Not painful but not pleasant. Just kind of wierd. I’m not sure if this is normal?…



    clareroyal – I know ladies that have never gotten a positive reading. They aren’t always full proof. It’s like when my sister went into labor for the second time. Her water had broken and the hospital tested it for being amneotic and it came back negative. They were going to send her home!!! It was a crazy night. She would not leave. She said she knew what was water and what was pee. She gave birth to her son 8 MINUTES later. Get that one? So, you never know. I think if there is a second heartbeat thten you are definately pregnant.



    hi dappy, its my third pregnanct too and feel so moody. never was like this with my other two. hope yours is going well and takecare.x


    Girls i was just wondering this… i have Egg white mucus… really really stretchy.. its day 13 of my cycle… only just discovered it by going to the toilet.. i have been taking Ovulation tests but they have been negative… this is only the 2nd time in 9 months i have seen Egg white mucus in my cycle … should i Bd??? xx



    hi all i’ve just joined, i just found out i’m four weeks and three days pregnant with my second child, my first is now eight so i’m looking forward to chattin to some new people and sharing advice and tips, been a long time since my daughter everythings different now thanks rachel x



    Hello ladies. I am 38 and PCOS and have known about it since I was 15. I was married and have no children. I am now with the man to whom I want to have a family with and have been trying for almost 2 yrs. I am on the far end of PCOS as I don’t get my cycle without meds 98% of the time. We have been using meds for almost 6 montths now to bring on cycle and ovulation. The Dr. says I do ovulat just don’t know when or how often. I just noticed this second site to here as I am on the first one also. I was wondering if anyone could help me out here.
    I have been taking provera to bring on my periods and like clock work withing a few days after I finish I get it. Then I take clomid to bring on ovulation. Last month I went to the Dr. and he did an internal ultra sound and said the lining is med and if I don’t get my period this month to call his office. We also did a blood test that came back neg. So I started my provera again plus this month I started to take metformin also. It has been 5 – 6 days now since I last took the provera and no period. No indication of symptoms either. Could this be from the metformin? Could it be that when I saw my Dr. I was preg but just to early to tell? Has anyone else had this happen? I am not sure what to think. I have been having a discharge at least once a day everyday when I go.
    I have also experienced some tenderness in my breast (as they are not normally tender). The feeling of wanting to be sick either before I take my metformin or just after taking and eating. I am getting a line around my waist as if what I am wearing is too tight. Sometimes it feelsss that way too. I have not put on any weight for this to be happening, nor have I bought smaller pants lol. My bras seem tighter also. My Dr. did say that if the lining is thin you are not prego but if it is thick then you are. So with mine being in the mid I am confused.
    Please help if you can. Thanks!



    hey everyone. I made this video and put it on you tube. I hope everyone likes it. 🙂 it’s very personal and means a lot to me. take a look if you have time.



    Hello Everyone! I have a question for anyone who wants to answer. I was pregnant over the summer and I lost my baby at 8 weeks. It was unplanned but it made me and my fiance realize how bad we want one. The problem is my fiance says he dont want me to get pregnant again because I became just nasty (as in mean) and I couldnt control my hornmones. Which is the truth and I knew I couldnt control them and it upset me more. Did anyone else have these issues??? Is there anything I can take to control my hormones? Just curious.



    Hi everyone . I just found out that im 5 weeks pregnant with my third. I wish everyone luck.

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