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    Thankyou 🙂



    akcoastiewife that is so adorable and exciting! Let us know his reaction! Me and dh have been tcc for one cycle and I just found out yesterday that I am pregnant! I got my BFP yesterday! It only took 2 regular tests and 2 digital tests to believe it! lol! So excited!



    Hey, I have a question that I’d love to hear your opinions on.

    How long did you wait to tell your family about your pregnancy? What about your friends?

    I’d really love to hear some reasons you did or didn’t wait too. Thanks!!!



    ok so I have a kinda dumb question. I’m 27 weeks along and I was just starting to think about how much my daughter would weigh. I’ve heard rumors that your kids tend to be around that same weight bracket. My son was 9.4 and 22 1/2 long and 3 weeks early so does anyone have any experience with this or an idea if it’s correct.



    thanks dj…



    Can someone answer this please. I am 19 weeks pregnant and i’ve been on my toes the whole pregnancy because of the miscarriage I had with my first. Should I be showing? Should I be feeling the baby move? Please help.



    idk if i am pregnant.. last month(jan) i had really sore BB and nauseous and ive been really really tired.. all i wanna do is sleep.. i only ‘bled’ (if that’s what you want to call it) for 3 days and that is not normal for me as of now i am 19 days late on my af which is also not normal..i am also feeling so tired and stuff that i dont even wanna do my hair or shave.. all i wanan do is eat and sleep.. i took 4 pregnancy tests and they were all BFN.. can they be wrong? i have one more test should i take it? idk 🙁



    Hi, my name is Joy. I am on here because Im really confused with what is happening with my body right now. My LMP was 06/18/2010. I had intercourse with my fiance 6/25 7/1-7/6 and my I have a normal 33-35 day cycle. I have been experiencing very mild lower abdominal cramps for the past week. My pd is due tomorrow 7/22 but on monday afternoon 7/19 I starting spotting this light red/pinkish color (only enough to use a panty liner). It stopped by noon today 7/21. My normal period comes early morning (wake up time 6AM) , and is heavy from start to finish. I went to the doctor and got a blood pregnancy test on monday 7/19 which came out negative. I wanted to know if this could be implantation bleeding. And if so, am I right when I say the pregnancy test (blood) wouldn’t come out positive until 3 days after implantation takes place or 5 days with a urine test due to the hcg hormone not being released until the implantation has completly taken place. If anyone has any input please dont hesitate on replying. Thanks a bunch!



    Is there anyone else out there experiencing bad hair loss and really bad breakouts? This is terrible.Like its not bad enough that im gaining weight now my skin hates me. Lol. I wash and im using nioxin for my hair but its still really bad 🙁 My hair in the front is also turning RED !! Bahhh. Is this norm? I dont remember this with my other 2. Im 11 weeks. Any remedys?



    so yesterday i was taken to the hospital after no fetal movement for 4 days and major cramping.. im 17 weeks pregnant. Anyways everything turned out to be alright bub is fine… but they asked me have i felt the baby move yet.. i replied truthfully that yes i have since 13wks…. you know what they did…. THEY LAUGHED AT ME, and then procced to tell me … you cant feel the baby move that early your imagining things…

    It doesnt help that they seen i was only 18.. they tried telling me lots of bullsht. I even had one doctor turn around and go… it cant be moving the book doesnt say that. Like what the hell…. lucky my partner stepped in then after he saw how upset i was getting and said that there is exceptions.

    did anyone else feel there little one move alot earlier than everyone say’s its ment to.



    GBMom – I also got the seasonal shot month ago. The H1N1 isn’t getting to Seattle until the end of next week. I’m still debating the pros and cons to that one. But, if I do I will be getting it at 30weeks on the 23rd. I also had a sore arm for a couple hours after getting the seasonal shot. This is normal. It was a little tinglely for a bit too. But, I never got sick or had any effects from it. Baby is doing well and never slowed down with it either. I’ll probably get the next shot too. There are just too many cases of swine flu popping up in Seattle. It’s becoming scary. I have a 23month old too. I’ll probably get his shots as well.



    mrsoaks-girls tend to be a bit smaller but not always, but they more than likely will be close to the same size, I have also heared that your second is bigger than your first and your third is bigger than your second..but I am not to sure. My first son was 6lbs 15oz and this boy is estimated in the 8lb range…this one will be 8 days early and I had my first on his due date. Two different fathers though, so it could be genetics.



    Hey there ladies! I m really worried I m getting this thick white cm is the anyone who went through the same as a sign of pregnancy & I m it a good sign ?



    Can anyone tell me what their implantation bleeding was like? Leave a msg on my page if you dont mind. Thanks!!



    I used intelligender as well, actually we did two. Both said boy…ultrasound said girl!

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