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    I’m 42 years old – I recently divorced after a long 20 year bad marriage, quickly met a wonderful man & immediately got pregnant. This is my first baby. I’ve had the time of my life this past 8 months but now I’m getting a little scared. I’ve went a long time doing whatever I wanted when I wanted and know this is going to abruptly change. My life has already changed 100% since getting pregnant last May. I wonder if I’m crazy sometimes but I’m so very happy with where I’m at right now.



    Hey just want to find out when did everyone have there nursery room finished and did everyone have a theme.. i had baby blue and lemon .. but become a fan of pink.. we rent so we cnt paint… im having a bit of trouble with it… anyone with helpful advice please message me im stuck and i only have 7.5 weeks left



    Thank You Diane. I didn’t know there was a HCG level fourn, I’ll have to check that out.



    Hey all,
    I’m a first time mum 25 weeks and my partner and i have found a brilliant shopping aid. Its called Baby shopping checklist, very practical notebook style written book containing great tips & ideas on what’s essential to buy & what’s optional. Check it out at let me know what you think



    RESamantha-I have A Girl and A boy and am currently pregnant with my third child, second boy. This pregnancy and the pregnancy I had with my son were milkd in the nausea department. When I was pregnant with my little girl I had chronic nausea. I dont know if it’s true, but they say you have worse nausea when you’re carrying a girl. But could just be old wives tales. Try eating small and often and drink some ginger tea (though check the ingredients. Alot of ginger tea doesnt actually have ginger!)



    hi rosie2010. i crave ice pops and juicy beef burgers not together lol lol xx



    rosie- i wish you the best, for the c section part dont worry to much about it. with my ds i had an emergency c section and it wasnt all that bad. it might take a little longer for recovery and that but other then that i had no problem. if ever you have any questions or just want to talk hit me up. this pregnancy is a planned c section. hope all is well belly rubs



    yeah prego its bc ur baby is dropping down lower…puts so much pressure!!!



    shaybaby- if your concerned you can always just go up to the hospital and they’ll do a non-stress test. basically all they do is put these monitors on your belly and leave them there for like 20 or more minutes and see how your baby’s heartrate and whatnot is doing over a longer period of time. 🙂



    does or did anyone take a prenatal vitamin and folic acid supplement during their first tri-mester



    Hi ladies, i am so confused. I dunno did an early mornign test this morning and still neg, i hve had 2 pregnancies already and have never been through this. I am thinking enlarged uterus, second pulse in tummy could it be something else, like something bad. I cant wait till monday, this is doing my head in. I have tried seraching and cant find anything on what else it could be, I am so stressed out that I aint go a clue what to think no more.



    Chazoos: I am 21.5 weeks



    Kymmie Mummy- I have to say all my pregnancies have been different. I have 2 girls already. My first one I wasnt sick at all. My 2nd I was super nauseas but never really threw up. I just couldnt eat. And then there is this one. I actually get sick:( But you kow what, its getting better. It was just bad for 2 days last week. Today I am good:)))



    I crave milkshakes with ketchup in them. Then I dip my fries and burgers in it. My husband and kids think its nasty but it taste good to this prego mommy lol



    Went to have a hysterectomy on Dec 15th I was getting prepped for surgery they came and told me I was pg. I was beyond stunned. Had 2 m/c last year 2 months apart so feeling very scared that it will happen again. Can’t wait to go to my ultrasound appt on Jan 6th to confirm everything is ok at this point.

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