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    i am due on saturday…and i have slept on right and left sides this whole time. i cant sleep on my back too long bc i cant breathe, its too heavy. if i wake up on my back ,i just roll back over to my side (either side) and its fine. dont stress about it. your body will tell you. if its not comfy, then just find a diff. position. if you feel ok, then you most likely are.


    I’m just a little concerned about something and I figured I’d ask before I started calling my doctor.

    On Friday (June 12th) I woke up about 10ish am to find something that seemed like a part of my mucus plug in my undies. Friday night I ended up having cramps that lasted a little over an hour. Saturday night I had some that lasted almost 3 hours, and Sunday night(last night) they lasted over 5 hours. They start off slowly and then get so intense that it feels as if it pulls my va-ja-ja and stomach really tight. Sorry if it’s TMI.



    Hey ladies. I’m just trying to get everyone’s take on breastfeeding vs. formula feeding. Can you really notice a difference in child behavior, etc. ??? Message me…I’m curious to hear your thoughts!



    Kirsty-It may be implantation bleeding. Around 7 weeks i wiped and had brown…and then around 8 weeks i wiped and had red. I now have an almost 6 month old healthy baby girl…dont get too nervous yet. As long as you dont have cramping i think you will be ok…i would call your dr though.



    Oh wow that’s fantastic, can’t wait til I feel my baby move!


    My husband and I are trying to get pregnant with our last baby. The first day of my last cycle was Feb 20, My husband was home on R&R from Iraq from March 1st-16th. ITechnically I am 2 days late, but my periods aren’t always regular. I am having cramps like I am getting my cycle, and my stomach is queezy. I’m exhausted, but I may just be tired from a long weekend. I’m to anxious to wait, but when is the best time to take a test? He left to go back to Iraq on Tuesday…



    lol ice pops make me feel sick and ive gone off meat so cant eat burgers.
    dangle1978- thats disgusting and i fort i was weird lol. ive never heard of anyone with that craving. but i hope u are enjoying it lol. x



    hi girls, im new to the pg forum, jst found out today im pg!!! After 4months of trying 🙂 Happy to finally be here, im only 3 weeks 3 days so still early days, but im mega excited 🙂



    April that was a great video . thankyou for sharing.



    Hi there. My bundle of joy is now 14 weeks old and I am 5 weeks pregnant with baby number 5. Am I mad!



    Ok can someone please help me?!?! I went to the doc’s today for my first preggie appt and they did some blood work and when it came back they found that my white blood cell count was alittle high..not to high but higher than average.. The nurse didnt seem to worried but never told me why it would be high. Can someone please tell me what this could mean. I was never asked to come back in a couple of weeks to retest so im confused. Im 5 weeks pregnant with my 7th child and this has NEVER happened before. Please help. Thanx in advance



    Around 8 weeks I had some bleeding, but mine was because I was over working myself. I put myself on bed rest with my feet up and had stopped bleeding within a few hours. But I still spoke to my doctor, he said I did the right thing but still had me come in for a U/S to confirm everything was ok. Im now 28 weeks & 2 days. I would check with my doctor to be safe.



    Chazoos: how far along are you?



    Pinkexecutioner, I am a crazy test taking woman. I took like 4 before I was late and they all said negative and then I took one the night I was supossed to start and it said PREGNANT. Then of course I bought more becasue I didnt believe it. HAhaha I have problems.



    cravings vary for everyone ive been having them since i was 8 weeks im now 15 weeks lol.

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