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    Has anyone heard of a uti or kidney infection affecting the accuracy of htps? I have heard that some doctor say it can mess with the pH too much or contaminate the urine to make the HCG unreadable. Just wondering if anyone has experienced this???



    Hi Everyone and Congrats to all! On Oct 2/08 i had a tubal reversal done…….my doctor said we could start trying 1 – 2 weeks later. Amazingly we are expecting on July 5/09!


    13 days overdue! – i think your mad but at the same time i would love it 😀



    ok so I know this is just venting but I guess I need to! So after 5 yrs of trying and having many miscarriages I have finally made it to 15 wks! And so far everything is going great with the pregnancy. But we found out Friday my husband has to have heart surgrey!!!!! And they tell me no stress are they serious this is my husband my world…and I am not suppose to stress…How could a wife not stress during a time like this! I just feel so lost…i am sorry for venting but I didnt know where to vent at as i am hurting and scared right now..thanks to anyone who reads this and listened to me thank you!!!



    I also had bleeding around 6/7 weeks with my daughter and I was petrified I was having a miscarriage so I called the DR and she had me go for an U/S.. It was just the baby implanting though– I have a healthy 3 week old baby to prove it!! I even had a little bit of crampiness aswell, but like i said, everything was fine– The biggest thing to remember is not to stress about it..



    14 weeks in 3 days 🙂



    Omg…if I didn’t feel pregnant b4 I’m feeling it now… I’m in my 9th week and I’m having mild headaches and nasuea(nasuea is really bad)… Any suggestions as what can help to calm it other than trying 2 relax which I’m doing



    Yeah everyone thinks its nasty but it tastes good to me lol….



    Hi my name is Linnette. This is my first pregnancy. I am 17 weeks and 4 days pregnant.



    Does your baby need to drop / engage for you to go into labor?



    hi everyone im new,im 27 weeks and 6 days pregnant .is anyone else due around april so anxious i can barely wait …



    hello every1.
    i jus signed up on here couple of secs ago. i am 12 weeks and 3 days and had my 1st scan 2day so exciting. hopefully the mood swings will calm down now!!!!is any1 else gettin really bad head aches?



    hi ladies, i’m curious. i’m in Australia, am currently 27 weeks and have been told that because i have such big babies that i will have a ceaser at 39 weeks. they only do these of a thursday so i presume this will be done at 38 weeks 4 days. just wondering if anyone else has had this for this reason? and maybe if anyone has had their 2nd earlier than their 1st. my son was 10lb 10 and i had him naturally. anyone with similar stories they would be muchly appreciated 🙂



    Hi any one have tubal reversal surgery?



    hello, I am new here. I am 6 weeks 5 days. Pretty scary to feel pregnant one day and the next not pregnant lol. Just waiting on the ‘safe zone’.

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