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    amya- that was how I figured out I was pregnant, those cramps. And that weird, just ‘yuck, I’m going to start af ANY day now’ feeling…it lasted until I was about 10 weeks, then went away. I just tried to take it easy and made sure I got lots of rest. If you are really worried, call your doc, at least talk to a nurse.



    hey everyone ….. i just tested i have two lines. one is faint im so nervous. was pregnant a couple months back and miscarried . april 18th was my old due date. im so nervous to test again. and nervous on being pregnant again. i want it to be perfect.



    just–I’ve never had an abortion, and never intend to. Make sure you get all the facts first. Regular physicians (not abortion drs) will tell you that it is a highly traumatic experience for the mother. Most women I’ve read from who’ve had them have regretted it and it has stuck with them for life; they say that those feelings were not explained to them beforehand at the abortion clinic and that it was said to be a simple procedure that didn’t really affect the mother (or the ’tissue’…in my opinion, BABY). Anyway, yeah….I’d just advise getting all the details from your regular physician before making a call on it. Hang in there! Children are such an amazing blessing, even if we feel like we can’t handle anymore. If you absolutely feel like you can’t handle it, then I will always recommend adopting the baby out as opposed to abortion. You will have no regrets, and you will make another family very happy! 🙂 Everyone wins!



    hello all need some advice really i went to the dentist today and they want to take my tooth out and i need anastetic.( cnt spell it lol)
    but could harm the baby can someone please help me. 🙁



    Hi all! I found out about a week and a half ago that I am expecting my third baby! I am currently 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant but I sometimes feel 5 MONTHS pregnant with all of the bloating! My old pants don’t fit anymore, I’m so bloated! I feel like I have every pregnancy symptom there is with the exception of vomiting (thank you God!). Anyone else feel like this?



    Hiya! I just found this page. This is my first pregnancy. I am 8 weeks and 5 days! I am so excited but don’t know what to expect. Looking at all your pics – all different shapes and sizes. First Doctors appointment this morning, a bit gutted that he coudlnt detect the heartbeat with a Dopple due to i am a little overweight. Cant wait!! xx



    Any ladies out there have issues with constipation? What is safe to take? Mirilax has worked great in the past but not sure if its ok to take will pregnant. Any advice would be great!!



    mamarzner- My baby’s heartrate was 139 yesterday and we’re having a boy, and his heartrate has always been somewhere just below 140. Good luck and Congrats. And the chinese prediction thing did not work for me either, said we were having a girl! lol…



    Hhi everyone im 28 weeks now and 1 day,i also have 2 boys already one is 3 and the other is 4 there only 10 months heres the thing the 2 boys fight all the time over anything .im stressed so ladies is there any helpful hints on what to do that might help getting them to stop….



    mama-to-be….my test had a barely there 2nd line. i thought it was negative. nope! i mean it was so faint the only way to see it was hold it up to the light. try again in the morning. all will be well. GOOD LUCK!!!

    we found out yesterday were having a girl!!!!!!



    amyan209, I was induced once and my sister 3 times and all were natural births, I actually don’t think anyone I know had a c section after being induced, but I am not a medical expert. Hope this helps..


    sunflower~ So long as the needle was clean you and bubs should be fine.



    i have a quick question… i am 39w1d and the past past 2 days have noticed a significant lack of movement with the baby. I will see a slight movement here or there. Should i be concerned?



    Hi Claire I as well have just moved from the TTC room. I took 2 tests today and both were positive. My due date is around may 12th, Congratulations!!!! This will be my 2nd child with a gap of 11 years between my first son and now. Good luck to all!



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