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    I’m 37 weeks pregnant (but I’m measuring at 38 weeks, plus I’m going by the due date the ultrasound tech gave me,which is Nov. 19) and I’m NOT dilated! :-[ My doctor said I’m not dilated at all but its thinner than it was when she checked me last week. Is there anything I can do to speed up the process? My doctor suggested intercourse but right now thats out of the question bc my bf is out of town, he’ll be back on the 16th of Nov. Has this ever happened to anyone else…so close to your due date but yet you’re not dilated?!? I’m kind of disappointed bc I was hoping I was atleast 2cm dilated.
    **My doctor isnt going to let me go pass 40wks bc my baby is measuring a week early. So it looks like I’m going to be induced around the 22nd or 23rd, I was just hoping to have him before then.



    Ok….well I am 14 weeks 3 days pregnant…and yesterday while in wal mart i started feeling very tired and my heart started racing…next thing i knew everything was black in front of me and my fiancee said i fell on the floor…i dont remember that part…when he sat me down in a chair my hands and feet went numb and i was sweating to death…does anyone know what might be going on? I thought I was dying



    hey guys preggo with my second baby am 11 weeks gone cant wait so excited hope its a baby boy this time.getting really bad symptoms this time.x



    shanon- i am not sure why they did not give me pitocin but the suppositories were to help soften my cervix. they inserted them vaginally. i think to get pitocin your cervix needs to be soft or it might not help and they did not want to break my water becuase then i would be committed to delivering within so many hours or be at risk of needing a c-section. i do not want that so we decided it would be best to send me home. im on my way to the docs now so i am going to see what they say.



    thank u wends123 :0) we have told the most of the immediate family and a few close friends but wanting to see my OBGYN before we start making other arrangements



    ooops guess hormones are a little off balance today. I sent Ian a text while he was at work I mean it to be nice but it came across as bitchy and I realzed it after I sent it. I wrote ‘and i don’t want everyone asking me 10 million questions all the time and asking me how i feel every 5 minutes and only you and me can touch my stomach and i was never the center of anyones world before now and i dont want ppl waiting hand and foot on me if i say i can do it and it doesnt hurt i can do it and if I can’t i will ask for help’ all he replied was yes mom and then I apologized and started to cry



    hi. so this is my 4th pregnancy and it is so much different than all of the others!! my morning sickness is worse, i can smell EVERYTHING and i have constant headaches! according to my calculations i should only be 7 weeks or so and i can barely fit into my jeans. so…yeah, im already showing >.> has anyone else dealt with getting big too quickly and not being able to smell anything without hurling? going to my first appointment with the midwife monday. maybe she will be able to shed some light on why everythings so crazy this time around! lol



    hey ladies. im 18 weeks pregnant, well generally the pregnancy has been goin really well. but i feel like i`ve been pregnant for aaaaages now. time has stopped since i got preggers. any ladies feeling like this?



    PregoNes- i hate to discourage you, but you could actually remain pregnant for like another month if you go over your due date by two weeks. Many people do not dilate until they are starting labor. I hope you dont have to wait that long but most babies are not born on their due dates.



    hey ladies I have two questions-

    1- my ultrasound at 8 weeks 3 days the baby was measuring 9 weeks 0 days. my ultrasound at 11 weeks 3 days the baby was measuring 12 weeks 0 days. nurse and ultrasound technician moved me up a couple days. should I stick with the lmp due date? or the ultrasound due date? I’ve been reading that the ultrasound due dates are more accurate. (also the 11 week 3 day ultrasound was done on a very clear er room ultrasound machine)

    2- k, next question I am 14 weeks (or 14 weeks 4 days) and i’ve been feeling movements. almost like swimming/fluttering and then today I think I felt a little pop. was that a kick? could these feelings be my baby?

    Thank you for all your help!!



    hi everyone new here just wondering wat you all thought of the problem i got right my cycle is 31 days long me and my partner last had sex 3 weeks ago my last bleed was on the 8th march when it ended and i have not come on since i had a small bleed not even a teaspoon on saturday and i have bad back pain and my boobs have just started to ache a little but i did a test last night and it was negative but i am 14 days late help i am usually like clockwork xxx



    ok guys i need some help, i am really bad about keeping up with the exact day i should start my period…however i know i should be starting very soon…. i feel pregnant and i have taken 2 test both negative. today when i took the 2nd test, as i was finishing taking the test i started to ‘spot’.. thinking to myself ‘shoot i just started my period, oh well maybe next month’ so i put a pantiliner on went on with my day…this is what i dont understand. i have done nothing since then. it was just spotting then and now nothing. that is in no way normal for me. normally when i start, i start no questions asked. my husband and i are not ‘trying’ but not preventing. we have an 8 month old and are ready for him to have a play mate. does anyone have any ideas of what they think mighy be going on with me? oh and today i had AWFUL lower back pain…. pinching pain…???? sorry this is so long
    i posted this on ttc too trying to get all the advice i can



    Anyone else get quite claustrophobic during pregnancy? I feel really mean, but I can’t stand my husband cuddling me in bed. I feel like I can hardly get enough oxygen and I just lie there hating it. I can’t bring myself to say anything. I just end up making an excuse and getting up for awhile.



    Shanon- thank you. went to the docs friday and was still dialated to 2 and cervix was still thick but doc said that could change quickly so I am just waiting patiently or at least trying to.



    mysteryem. i am only 6 weeks. i am bursting out of my clothes too. Smells are not annoying me yet but my appetite has gone and i feel sick constantly. I read last night that the uterus expands very early so bloating and the size of your stomach can change very early on in some people. I guess we are just lucky enough thats me and you lolxx

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