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    So a really good friend of mine just text me and ask what was the ‘best’ prenatal to take and all that jazz… any suggestions ?



    Oh, i was going to say something about getting things going. You can talk to your doc about getting your membranes stripped. I think they wont do it until your due date but maybe a little earlier. I had my done and my son was born a day and half later. Hope you rest and enjoy the last few days while you can!



    hi everyone im 28 wks now and 4 days and i just fill sleepy and shortness of breath..



    Hey everybody, I am not due until December 20th. I am 37 and am so nervous. I wish time would go a little faster through this beginning trimester. Does anyone else feel really nervous now?



    i dont know why but when i done a test it only showed up positive when i was 4 weeks pregnant. i did feel pregnant had the same symtoms as you but still my tests were showing negetive. i finally done one last test and it was positive. i am now 6 weeks pregnant and feeling it for definate. maybe try taking one in a week and see what happenes?!…
    hope this helps, chealseaC



    Alright, ladies. I am having my third child. It came as a shock at first but we are thrilled not that it has settled! I have two girls ages 11 and almost 3. When I was pregnant for both my kids I was due in fall or summer. This has thrown my maternity clothes off by a few seasons. My winter clothes may do but the summer ones wont. Do any of you fellow pregos know of any good maternity sights where I can get affordable (not paying $50 for a t-shirt that I will only be wearing a few months) maternity clothes. I’m looking for cute, show off the belly but not look like a teeny bopper look. Suggestions are welcome! Thanks!



    doctors appt in 40 minutes to confirm and man i am so nervous. hope all is well..getting a friend to take me for support and to drive cuz im not feeling the greatest



    hi all im 17 weeks pregnant and i still feel sick and keep going dizzy. i feel like poo lol.
    i wouldnt mind if i just felt sick but i am being sick really bad today and my blood vessals burst in my face everytime and ive got like loads of red blotches on my face 🙁 im going to go to the doctors on monday to see if i can get some help to stop me from being sick, i hate it. 🙁 hope everyone else is okay and having a fab weekend.



    3 for 2 at Mothercare on maternity fashion, there’s around 170 different items to choose from 🙂



    Pregnones, When I was 39 1/2 weeks, i was not dilated, just slightly thinning. they were gonna enduce me the following week. The morning of my due date, my water broke. lol. So dont worry to much about not being dilated yet. I had no mucus plug, no sign of anything, and then the next day my water is gushing all over my kitchen floor! lmao. Any thing can happen between now and your due date.



    sweet-ladi – I would hope that they would do a u/s! I cant believe that they have not been calling you off the hook wondering where you have been!Thats quite a long time not to see a doctor could you maybe pay for one visit out of pocket?? definatly not a ultra sound though but if need be they do take payments…


    Tinkerbell-when I was preggo with my son, I felt like I was really going to start my period ANY second for the first 3 1/2 – 4 months. I kept going to the bathroom to see if I was bleeding everywhere! It was so terrible…but it will go away. Best of luck to you!! Keep us posted on what happens with the scan!



    slh1980~ That was well said 🙂



    Danlyn: i’m 22 weeks and I get that tightning in my lower stomach all the time. Like when it happens, my stomach gets harder than usual? Is that what it’s like for you??



    So i just found out saturday that i have placenta previa…ughhh when everything was getting good this comes up…now bed rest and to mentchen that the contractions that come with this HURT….

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