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    Angnen don’t panic, fraternal twins run through the maternal line from mother to daughter, etc. This would be for fraternal/non-identical twins where the woman puts out two eggs at one time – most people don’t do this, although sometimes older mums are more likely to do this as they get rid of their egg supply. You probably have the same chance of twins as most people in that you could have identical twins where an egg splits into two to make two babies but this is a bit of a freak occurance and is not passed down through families. I hope this helps. And good luck if you are having twins. I do and they are great.


    I am fourteen weeks pregnant and sometimes when I am babysitting my stomach gets hit, or pushed or leaned on by the kids I am looking after. How damaging can this be?



    so a im a first time mom and new to the site im 16w 3d along i feel like im in a lull right now i feel nothing, nothing good nothing bad is that normal for how far i am i had a miscarriage at 10 weeks in 08′ so i worry very easily now any comments would be great 🙂



    aly1102 – i found out when I was 5 weeks. I only did a test as my cycles are so on the button every month! There are some pregnancy tests which can tell after only one week. My date is correct going by both my last period and also the scans. I am now almost 32 weeks and everything still seems to be on schedule….



    Thanks Mommieto2plus1 I spoke with a diiferent nurse this moring and she said it was more than likely that it had to do with the fact that im pregnant and not to worry. Alot of pregnant woman have weird labs sometimes…doesnt always mean theres a problem..PHEW thank GOD!!! Although I did have a different question.and anyone can answer this if they know the answer.. My midwife did a pelvic exam and found that my uterus is very enlarged and said that if she didnt already know how far along I was she would have guessed 9 weeks..I asked here if there was a chance that there might be more than one baby and she said that was a great possibility..EKKK TWINS or more OMG She order me an ultrasound STAT..LOL so next friday Oct 23rd we’ll see..So my question is,is does anyone know why this is going on? Or the cause of this enlarged uterus?



    mommy2b- you can get the hiccups any time. nothing to worry about. scouts honor. wait til you feel the baby get the hiccups, now thats funny.



    hi i am tracey my due date is 11th jan anyone else due then



    JDuece – You should read your box. Some say 5days early but if you look at the accuracy of it, it’s really low. Like only 55% accurate or something like that. And, when they say 5days early, they mean only 4days before your missed period. I didn’t get a positive test until 3days after my missed period. Some women do get a positive back a week early but that is very very rare. For best results wait until after you’ve missed it.



    Hello! Just found out I am about 4 1/2 weeks along with number 2! Such exciting news, but I’m slightly stressed. My sister is getting married 15 days before my due date!!! She has already picked the bridesmaid dresses, and I don’t want to ruin her wedding being as big as the church! I know it will all work out, but talk about bad timing, we have been trying for almost a year, happened at eleven months of TTC!



    hi evry1! i am 14 weeks 2mrw and am not sure if i am feelin the baby move or if its jus sumthing else! i have read that it feels like bubbles but this feels more like actual movements and jus wondered if any1 else is feeling this? 🙂 x



    Hello everyone…
    when do you plan to stop working?
    I want to know the trend before I talk with my boss 🙂



    kira – technically you are not pregnant at 2 weeks. week one is your period, week 2 is the week after your period, it is usually the very last day or two of week 2 that you will ovulate.



    ashleykaye, I have two boys who are four and two. They’re both really into the superhero thing, so when they start to fight, I tell them that being brothers is like being a super-team. They have to work together and watch out for eachother, so they can keep the world safe. If they fight with eachother, all the time, they can’t watch out for the bad guys. Ussually, it leads to a lot of pillow punching and crazy, imaginary bad guy fighting, which can be just as loud, but at least they’re working together.



    Ok I need some help tomorrow I will be 32 weeks yesterday I went for a level 2 ultrasound to check growth the baby is measuring about 5lb 2 ounces already. He gains about 1/2lb a week by the time I deliver he could be 10 to11 lbs. They think my due date might be off but I don’t think so . Is the baby growing too big because I am eating too much should I cut back I have only gained about 22lbs so far. They said if he got too big they would induce me at 38 weeks but holy moly he is big!!!!!



    WarriorGal- are you still preggers? Congrats on making it to full term. Wow!!! what an inspirational story. Hope you have a super easy delivery. Missyminx- I hope all is well with you. Remember you are already 24 weeks, you can do it

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