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    one step at a time – This last week was great for me but for two weeks before that I think I was going to have a mental breakdown. I was spilling things, breaking things, losing things, and didn’t want to drive anywhere because I swear I was going to hit another car. All I wanted was to crawl into bed where I couldn’t break anything. But of course I have a 2 yr old and he won’t let me just lay in bed. It’s normal….pregnancy brain! It does get better once the baby is born. But for now we’re all very hormonal and forgetful. It’s not scientific or anything but it’s just a common complaint of pregnancy! I’m lucky that I only have a few weeks to go but honestly I just want it done so I can get back to my normal life. I will be able to move again and have my brain back.



    So excited, Doctor confirmed this afternoon! Pregnant!! and all bloodwork looks good. But a month until i can get the first ultrasound for dating. so nervous that its so far away but very excited in the meantime.



    clareehousee.. is this your first baby? I have read that with other pregnancies you can start feeling that early. With your first not so early but you never know ever 1 is different


    Hi everyone if its 12 o’clock i’m officially 7 weeks and a first time mommy but any hoo I have never in my 24 years had teeth problems and sometime last week I woke up to a complete closed mouth I can’t open it at all!!! I have been mushing food and drinking it through a straw I have lots of pain on my right side of my mouth jaw and throat I have (TMJ) and it has been said pregnancy can bring this about do to hormone changes anyone else dealing with this???


    question.. when r u not spose to lay on ur right side or back anymore????



    I dont know about a complete asshole but i do feel like he is lacking very much in the sensitivity department! He thinks that i am full of it when i say that my back hurts or i am exhausted!!!!



    hey ladies. im a little nervous right now… i have light pink discharge when ive wiped twice yesterday and twice the day before and once this morning. ive Miscarried before and it wasnt the same discharge or spotting like now and i had pain before no pain now.,. i did however had a light brown spot at one point.. telll me something



    did any of you not leak colostrum before birth..becuase i havent and im 37 weeks…



    Hey everyone. I am now 17 weeks and 5 days. i found out what I was having at 15 weeks and 2 days with a 2D gender ultrasound and its a BOY yay…I already have two girls and girls run in our family alot so the whole family is excited. I am happy that I went out and already started up a wardrobe for Little Aadyn. We still have a ways to go but Im jst so happy that God finally blessed me with a son. I have a regular ultrasound with my doctor on Dec 10 and another 3d ultrasound in January. Im jst so excited. I started feeling him move just a couple days after I hit 17 weeks and he is an active baby. On the ultrasound he was all over the place putting on a show for us. Cant wait till April 28th.



    wondering if i could have some help figuring out dates? i have done a hundred online calculators and have it narrowed down to a 5 week period. because before i moved my period was always normal 30 days starting on the 25th. then i moved and in january it was early on the 19th 6 days and fairly heavy. i figured it was just stress. then in feb it was on the 25th or 26th and more normal lighter about 4 days. so not sure which month to base it on and i dont want to be wondering for the next month until my ultrasound how far along i am. any help?



    Hi, I probably sound really stupid, but I am 9 weeks pregnant with my fisrt child. Is it still safe to have sex? Do we have to be extra specially gentle??


    Where are all the 7 week mommies??? Role call what are your due dates???



    I believe books say 18 weeks but my doctor told me that your body will tell you. I could never sleep on my side so I’d fall asleep on my tummy or back (later on) and then roll over to my side sometime during the night. The worry is cutting off the blood supply to your legs and baby. If your legs are feeling like the blood supply is going then move….at night you will in your sleep. Don’t worry too much about it. If your watching tv then fine a comfortable position besides on your back. Sleeping, no worries your body will tell you.





    hi there everyone. im new to all of this. im just in a bit of confusion and come on here to maybe find some answers. im hoping to be pregnant, i have a lot of the symptoms but i took two pregnancy tests and they came out negitive. i know women can still end up pregnant but im just so confused. symptoms i’ve been having are: pretty much eating everything in sight, i used to go poo a lot but now its slowed way down( i know its gross but i used to go EVERY morning but recently i havent been), little bit of acne poping up, today i’ve been queasy more than any other day, cramps, my nipples are a bit sore, and really just not feeling myself. i havent really been feeling myself for a couple weeks now. and last month(3-16-09) when i was supposed to get my period, i ended up have like maybe 3-4 days of really really light spotting, not enough to use a pad or tampon and this month(4-16) i didnt have a period at all and im pretty regular. the last real period i had was back in febuary. and everywhere i look on the internet tells me these are good signs im pregnant but not so much is the pregnancy tests telling me so. was hoping to find answers as to what i should do. thank you for taking the time to read this.


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