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    hi mommies and mommies to be…….jamie is absolutely rigth my Doctor say that im gonna have 8 1/2 pound babys but when the times come i only have 7.5pounds..then at the 8 months of my pregnancy Doctor said that my baby is a gurl but i request the special ultrasound last minute of my pregnancy its a boy….. thats happend to me thats why i agree that ultrasound help but its not all exact all the time…



    Im nearly 30 weeks and I dont leak. TMI—- But if I squeeze my nipple a little bit will come out. Ive not had to wear pads for leaking with this PG. When I was PG with my DD I poured milk…not sure why Im not this time.



    Katyjones12: you know your body and if you think it’s your baby, then it probaby is. I’m 22.5 weeks and I can definently tell my baby is moving 🙂 it’s the best feeling in the world!



    3 out of my 4 pregnancies I got pregnant the first or second month. The other time it took 7 mos.



    Hello ladies!

    I am 16 weeks pregnant. This is a really exciting time for my husband and I because we have had several miscarriages in the past (that did not make it past the 1st trimester). We had the Triple Test dont last Friday and I am kind of nervous of what the results will be..eek! Waiting on September 3rd to get here so we can find out if its a boy or girl! Life is good!



    Hello. I am new here. I’m Sonja. I’m going to be 11 weeks pregnant with our 3rd baby tomorrow =) I’m a little nervous though right now because I’m not showing at all and I haven’t had any nausea in the last week. I hope nothing is wrong. I have an ultrsound on May 25, but not sure I will be able to wait that long!



    Awwww you guys…I’m feeling so bad…I have 2 babies now…Savannah is 3 and Zach is 5 months….and both times I really didn’t embrace the pregnancy. I was in a hurry with both and wanted to be induced with both…I really miss being pregnant so bad.. I want sooo bad to do it over and get it right…I would want to get maternity photos..embrace every little kick, all the morning sickenss ( believe it or not) also go into labor on my own if I can..with a natural birth…Am I wrong for feeling this way. Of course I’m not going to get pregnant again just for the sake of pregnancy. I just feel bad because I didn’t cherish all the moments.



    kar~ I was on a pill a while back that made me feel pregnant the whole time I was on it. I went of it after 6 months as I was tired of feeling sick all the time.



    Does anyone else have ovarian cysts or know someone who has? I am currently 15 weeks pregnant and I have one on my right ovary and one in my left ovary and decided not to have surgery due to the risks of losing my ovaries and miscarriage. My cysts are both approximately 6cm so not as big as some I have read (15cm-20cm) but on the borderline of operational. I am not in any pain with them and have had them before when I was pregnant 2 years ago, these went away when I miscarried at 8 weeks. Hopefully these will go away in time or after my pregnancy. I just wondered if there was anyone else on here who had knowledge of ovarian cysts?



    when i was preg with my daughter i didnt really leak unless i leaned into something. like if i leaned over or across the table and squished my nipple or something.



    bananamoonpi – I would wait until after 12 weeks.. but that’s just me… I know that it’s sssooooo difficult because we get so excited!! Baby dust to you.. x



    Hi everyone, this is my first day on the site, so please be patient if I’m doing this wrong, or posting in the wrong place. I actually just have a question, and I’m hoping that someone maybe went through something similar…. I’m a very high-risk pregnancy. I’ve had five previous miscarriages, and am on my sixth pregnancy. In my previous pregnancies, I never exceeded nine weeks. I am now sixteen weeks, and have seen the baby twice on sonogram, and heard the heartbeat. My doctors say that there is a lot less risk because of that but I can’t stop myself from worrying. A lot of my worry stems from the fact that I don’t really feel a lot of uterine growth, or at least not where all the books say I should be feeling it. At this time, I should be feeling it three inches under my belly button… I do feel it slightly right above my pelvis (and sometimes, it seems like I feel growth on the right side of my abdomen), but never in the middle where it should be. My doctors can’t see me again until next week…. I’m scared that something is wrong. Has anyone else experienced this? I feel I should also mention that I am overweight, so that might be a factor, but any advice or comments would be appreciated. Thanks so much!!!



    Hi 🙂 i am very new to this. im 21 as of july 10th and im 29 weeks and 4 days pregnant today 🙂 i cant explain how enjoyable and amaizing feeling my little girl kick, katherine lynette 🙂 i have only one question that kinda bothers me…..i had my 1 hr cbc and rpr saturday and i found out today that my wbc is like 16, and i guess thats really high….but im hearing from 2 sides my OB and my primary that its ok from my primary, but let the OB decide…..and my iron is low…



    iPhone app as FETAL MONITOR!

    Hey girls – my daily recommendation for an iPhone app:
    An iPhone app that acts as FETAL MONITOR!

    Truly brilliant – it uses the microphone to pick up the baby’s heart beat (just like stethoscope was used by doctors in the past).

    Simply brilliant!
    App name: my baby’s beat.

    The “AIRPLANE MODE” is used to stop all transmitting from the iPhone, so no cellular risk to the baby…

    Have fun :-))



    you might be having contractions in your back. sometimes they can be felt more in the back than in the front. i had this a few nights ago, and it was aweful!

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