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    Thanks Diegirl. I actually was so stressed over this that I went out and bought a pregnancy test, and no I’m NOT pregnant. Since the feeling hasn’t gone away, I think that maybe the pill is the culprit. I’ll go see my doc and try something different.



    Hi Everyone
    New to all of this. Just found out yesterday that I am 4weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. I am really nervous as have miscarried before. Hopefully I will get through the next 2 months and can start to relax a bit then. Looking forward to chatting to other Mummys.




    I am 6 weeks pregnant and I have a 7 month old. Any tips for me and my husband?



    katyjones12 – I felt this second one much sooner. I remember reading books and online that says baby is now moving but you won’t be able to feel them for several more weeks. I think books say you can feel them at 14weeks at the earliest but to be honest I know what I was feeling. My son was 17months when I got pregnant it’s not like he’s years and years and I’ve forgotten. I don’t know if it was as early at 8 weeks but it wasn’t far ahead of that. I think around 9 or 10. So if you are in tune with your body I’m sure you probably felt them.



    BigBellyJess- How will u know what size diapers to buy and how much of each size? Babies grow so fast and u never know when they’re movin up to a bigger size. What if u get a bunch of one size and they outgrow them? If u purchased them months before, can u still exchange them?



    nerdy…No this is my second baby. just unsure if i am feelin it or not. have got ,idwife 2mrw so will be able 2 ask her



    i just recently had a misscarriage about 10 weeks of twin pregnncy. it was hard emotionally. i was having sex through the misscarriage. i had no idea i was misscarriing it was very light light pink on an off not even enough for a pad. any way. i went to go get a utra sound an the misscarriage was in progress. 1 day it was very bad second day got so much lighter then the 3rd day it completely stopped by the afternoon is this normal? i would think not. also ince its stoped we continued having sex we had no problems with pain. my period was supossed to come it did ‘SO I THOUGHT’ i was spotting on a panty liner.(pee problem when cough or sneeze). an for that day it was only like literally no lie 4 small dime spots. next day same thing went on for 2 days 3 days alittle heavyier enough for 2 small pantiliners that day or at the most 3 but never finished it. 4th day very very light 5th day close to nothing spotting. then it completely stopped 6th day i saw pink /red only when i whiped nothing more. not sure if it is done or is gunna keep going. can somone tell me if this sounds like implantation bleeding? why so long? or is it a period? never have had a period like this befour al reguarly even after my 2 pregnancys. any answers would be great thank you. please message me or comment thank you very much! seeking answers an personal experience. i hope people that are pregnant an or have become pregnant may have experienced this. share with me thank you.
    an if their is a chance of pregnancy?



    Has anyone ever had their doctor tell them that they’re having a boy but ended up having a girl?
    Lately everyone has been telling me that it looks like I’m having a girl (because of how I’m carrying) and at my last u/s he had his legs open but I didnt see any boy parts! So I’m starting to wonder! At 23 weeks, I was told that I’m having a boy.



    I’ve noticed alot of Uterus’ in different shapes. What shape is normal or the best for the baby?



    my son is a month old and he only drinks 2 oz every three hours and sometimes doesnt want to drink that i burb him every oz usually less than that i burb him and he spits up everytime he went to the doctor 2 days ago and he only weighs 5lbs 6 oz when i brought him home he weighed 5lbs 4 oz and that was 2 weeks ago and the doctor is not worried should i get a 2nd opinion



    newborn – I never leaked before my daughter’s birth. But once she was born, I leaked until she was 7 months old..she is 15 months now and I still feed her..don’t will start producing colostrum immediately after the baby is born..



    Hi, I’m 9 weeks along and 21 years old, this is technically my second baby I’ve carried, but first one to make it this far. I have an appt on Dec 7th to see my midwife and doctor and cannot wait. I have already had an ultrasound done and seen my tiny baby and heard its heartbeat at 6 weeks along, under circumstances that scared me and my boyfriend. My question to anybody is this: circumstances were I went to the ER due to unusual period like bleeding and painful cramping on my left side of my abdomen, after miscarriaging once, I freaked out but after many tests, poking and proding, an ultrasound and what not the doctors (yes doctors) couldn’t explain it. We were greatly relieved the baby was ok. Has anyone heard or went through anything like this? I still get the painful cramping, but like I said the doctors can’t explain it considering all the tests were good.



    Bixgirl- congrats! I have lost 3 pregnancies, even up to 13 weeks, but went on to have 2 boys and am 12 wks now. Every preg def is different and books don’t always have the answer. I think they can give an estimate, but I can’t rely on everything they say bc my body is different. I was overweight my last pregnancy so I couldn’t palpate my uterus that early either. Stay positive! Chance for miscarriage really drops after 13 wks. Hope all goes well!



    Hello all! I am new to this site, but loving it already. I am 6 weeks pregnant with my second child, and sooo excited 🙂



    heya i am 15 weeks and 5 days pregnant with second baby,

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