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    Has anyone ever had their doctor tell them that they’re having a boy but ended up having a girl?
    At 23 weeks I was told that I’m having a boy.Lately everyone has been telling me that it looks like I’m having a girl (because of how I’m carrying) and at my last u/s he had his legs open but I didnt see any boy parts! So I’m starting to wonder!



    Hey everyone! Hope you’re loving pregnancy as much as I am! A book I’m reading says you can hear the baby’s heartbeat with a stethascope as early as 9 weeks. I’d love to be able to hear it then…is this true? When could you hear your baby’s heartbeating?


    thank you domevapurple i will do so. also this morning i just checked and im getting these little bump looking things on one of my breasts and a little on the other. there is a whole bunch more then just the few around the outside of my nipple. would anyone happen to know what this may be. thank you



    Okay, has anyone got pregnant taking Birth Control Pills before?
    Okay, I am on the pills but want to get pregnant again, I have a girl already. Do you think is possible??????? My husband doesn’t want more, I am just hoping I can get knock up while taking BCP.
    I need some hope!!!! Anyone???



    verified I am PG (estimated at 9 wks) if not, could be only 5 wks; waiting to go to my OBGYN and have them confirm everything else. been looking at all the baby stuff online…bottles, toy, beds, car seats….afraid it is too early to look although i cannot keep my mind off of it. was always told that it was best to wait till after the 1st trimester before one starts planning and buying. what y’all think?



    BigBellyJess I would check with the supermarket or place where you want to buy your nappies… if you keep the receipt with the box of nappies you may be able to swap them for the next size up if your baby grows faster than you think. 🙂



    I just discovered this board and I really like it. I am 5 weeks pregnant with my third child…..the best part of all? I am 40!



    can a doctor tell me i will deliver early on my first baby because its a big baby i am 12 weeks



    A friend of mine’s cousin had that happen to them. They were told throughout the pregnancy they were having a boy, based on ultrasounds, and they ended up having a girl. It CAN happen.



    felisha- i had an abnormal pap during pregnancy. i had a colposcopy done. that is where they look at your cervix with a magnifying lens to look at the abnormal cells. they cant raelly do much else while u are pregnant except look. i had my baby 2 months ago and had another pap, still abnormal. im getting another colposcopy feb 3



    Just a question, my mother-in-law saw that at Wall Greens they have a sex determination test you can take. I am only 6 weeks along so I know I have to wait a little while before taking it but I was wondering if anyone has taken one and do they work?



    I was on Orth Novem 7/7/7 back in February 2007 when I got pregnant with my son. I had been on that same pill for 10 years. I never missed a pill and had sex. Never! If I missed for some reason my husband was completely cut off. HAHA! Well, it happened and my doctor said sometimes with a strong sperm and willing egg these things happen. Well, he’s now the love of my life but it was scary and shocking when it happened.



    Hi,Im 31 weeks along and for the last 6 days I have had pressure and some pain near my tailbone.I was wondering has anyone else experienced this and if its normal?This is my 5th pregnancy but the 1st time I have felt this pain…



    Hi all. New to this today! I am 8 weeks and 3 days with my 1st. Ive only actually been sick twice, although if im hungry i feel really sick! Im moody and my boobs are sore but not growing much, i feel bloated at night and have tummy cramps that arent bad, feel more like period twinges!! Is this normal?? I have my 1st midwife appointment in 2 weeks, just want a nscan or to hear babies heartbeat to know all is ok!! x



    I am 20 weeks tomorrow and very excited. We had to have an amnio and everything came back excellent….we also found out we are having a girl…my husband really wanted to know!
    It is nice to now be comfortable knowing everything is ok (we lost last year and had complications, hence why we needed an amnio). Very excited to be pregnant!!

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