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    liza08- that could of been ur mucous plug, they say its brown or dark red but mine was very very light pink, and the amount was about the size of a quarter…at the time i didnt know it was it, but the next morning i went into labour and 7 hrs later rylan was i slept thru most of my early labour contractions but at 7am the time i woke up they were already 2 mins apart, checked into the hosp nd i was already 6 just felt like bad menstrual cramps


    Yea that dont make him any different rosie…Im glad you have a positive outlook.



    Hello everyone! I am 4 weeks today! went in on the 10th & again on the 13th to have hcg levels checked…was 26 on the 10th & praying that it doubled on the 13th! Have to wait until Monday to hear the results from my doc! I had a tubal pregnancy back in February so my doc wants to monitor my levels closely to make sure they are doubling like they should! Wish me luck everyone! I pray for healthy pregnancies for all of us!



    16 weeks and 4 days pregnant with #4, bit of a shock as my little one was only 8 months old when I fell pregnant but now I’m over the moon and can’t wait to meet him/her 🙂



    hey guys whats the go with exercising when still in first trimester… im soo tired so when i think about exercising i cbf as all i want to do is rest…. due to this i have recently put on a huge gut despite being only 9 weeks along.. yet im soo bloated.

    This is my first time getting this far along with a pregnancy and i would like to know what other people do with exercising and having the energy to do it



    hey everyone, im 25 weeks pregnant and i am getting shooting pains in my left ovary frequently, it feels like im oulating, has anyone else had this, im starting to worry!



    My HCG level was 2300 on Friday. Three days later (Yesterday) it was 8012. Today I had a strange thumping/knocking pulse-type sensation low in my abdomen. I went to the hospital to get it checked out to be on the safe side. They just discharged me after about two hours, saying I seemed fine and not to worry. Yet they gave me my HCG level just before discharging me – and it is 9300. Considering my level was 8012 thirty six hours ago does this mean I am definitely going to miscarry – or is there still some hope?



    I am 10 wks preggo with my second child. I am very worried about birth defects and other complications that could happen to the baby, I was like this with my first too. I was wondering what all they can find out before the baby is born with ultrasound and blood tests. I am sure I am just being paranoid. I am doing every thing right, taking vitamins, drinking milk and lots of water. I do on occasion drink soda or coffee but in a small amount and I know that is probably a bad thing.


    I got my bfp at 11 dpo



    ok, feelin some of the effects of pregnancy …constipation is NOT my top choice 🙁



    kallie! congrats on the baby gir!



    hi cananyone help with my question plz dnt knw if im pregnant or not 2 pos hpt but neg blood test?



    Hi Everone
    Does any one know when morning sickness is supposed to start. On Tuesday I will be 7 weeks pregnant (according to my dr) and I dont really feel anyting yet I am hoping I am just lucky but being this is my first pregnancy I am freaking a bit



    gemmaxxx-I had this same issue was a cyst I had (have) on my left ovary…very freekin’ painful…I am not sure if your issue is the same…but my advice..for what ever it is worth…caall doc a request an U/S to see if it is a cyst..if he/she fights you on it..its your body and baby and insist that you want to know what is causing the pain..its your right


    hi mommys and mommies to be. im on here because i havent yet found out if i am pregnant or not and just lookig for opinions. my last real period was feb. 16-2009 and the following month (march 18-2009) i had a really light spotting every time i wipped, not enough for a pad or tampoon. and now this month (april 16 or 18) no sign of my period at all. and i have been a cow lately, really moody and irritable, my nipples(just my nips) are sore, and it looks like the part around my nips looks darker., i also have headaches off and on. i took 3 tests but they came out neg. so i was wondering what everyones take is on this. thank you

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