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    Cowen-Yeppers it can happen! Doctors still can’t figure out if my little one was a twin or a new pregnancy. Due dates were within 3 weeks from each other. They decided it was a new pregnancy and gave me a new due date..but he always measured two weeks bigger than his due date…hummmm 😉 Good Luck and Congrats



    andy 21- camping should be fine. i went around the same time the 24 week spot and i did fine. it might be a little uncomfortable but you can go. with my first i went later on in the pregnancy and everything was fine.



    I am so happy to be back on here! After my miscarriage last year I stopped coming to the site but I just found out I’m preggers again. YAY! I tested early at only 3 weeks because I was having some major dizzy spells. This never happened to me before so I knew something was up and sure enough those two lovely lines appeared! Now I’m almost 5 weeks and waiting to get past this first trimester so I can annouce my new pregnancy to my family, friends, and most importantly to my kids.



    1stTimeMommy2BKC – this is my 1st pregnancy and i felt the baby move for the first time at 15 weeks. then i didn’t feel him for another 3 weeks really. now he kicks all of the time. enjoy it now while you can just waiting for a kick. he beats the crap outta me – especially while i’m sitting at my desk at work and right before i go to bed. the best way i ever heard it being described was not the flutters of a butterfly, but like popcorn popping or bubbles. it’s exactly what it feels like. i’m sure you’ve already felt it, but you just didn’t know it yet! and Bri is right, don’t anticipate it. you’ll just know when you feel it. and that first time you realize it, it’s amaaaaaazing. then it gets old. haha.



    Jazzylen – Congrats and I’m sure you’ll be a good mother. The best thing is to remember that you are Mom. You can research how you think you should parent and go with it. There are so many different options out there. This site is great because it gives you all of them. Enjoy!



    Hello everyone : ) My name is Sunni. I am 30 and expecting my first !!! I am due May 29th 2011. I double as a Army wife also. My husband Jack(38) is so great : ) We have been together for 10 yrs and married for 7 of those wonderful years. Hoping to find other expecting mama’s to chat with. I can’t wait to meet my little one in May !!!


    Well ladies i come to join u. I am almost 4 weeks. YAY!!! I confirm with Clear blue this afternoon. Still hasn’t sunken in but i am sure will.



    Hello all, so I have a dilemma. I am definitely preggo with my 5th child at 31. Well, I’m not sure how far along I am. On June 3-8 2011 was my last normal period. I am usually like clockwork, textbook 28 day cycle. Well, June 29 I had some spotting, then June 30 to the 1st of August bleeding like a period. Keep in mind I wasn’t suppose to start until July 5th. Well, it just stopped and never came back. Then on July 24 I found out I was pregnant. I took two hpt, then a blood test at the dctrs.. All came back bfp. So, I don’t know if I got pregnant in late June or middle of July. Can you more than spot with implantation bleeding? I have never experienced this with any of my other children. I have always known when my lmp was every time except this one.



    I have a baby girl she is 12months old. She is a very busy toddler and i am missing her cuddles sooo much! I would like to have another baby but i don’t want to upset her by having to share my time and love with her and another baby. She has been such a great baby, i’m pretty sure shes the best they come. She has slept through the night since 3 months, she very rarely cries (she has to have a reason, she never just cries) She has been walking since 9 months and is such a smart little girl. I’m worried that the next baby might not be so easy and that i might regret it after.. I’m in between what should i do???? please leave comments on my page ~ thank you. ~



    hi debz81,the 1 hour test is were u drink a nasty drink the doc gives you and they draw ur blood to check glucose and diabetes that type of stuff.



    help…any one know some home remedy for kidney stones…i am 22 weeks….doc say theres nothing they can do…just lots of fluid its been 2 weeks already and i have not passed it yet….



    I will be 9 weeks pregnant tomm. and I went to the dr today and they couldn’t hear a heart beat…it has me very very worried. I have not had any signs of a miscarriage and since this is my first pregnancy I am worried…especially since I could not hear the babies heart. Anyone ever experienced this…please help me ease my worries


    hi i am Julia please help i have now the results of my hcg total and the numbers are very high 43411 mu/ml and i cant wait untill december 8 when i have my apointment with the doctor to see what is this



    ok so I know this way too much info but does anyone get ‘pregnancy stank’. Every now and then I get this musky scent wafting up from ‘down there’. My SIL says it is normal and just the horomones but she’s never been pregnant sooo I was wondering if you knew


    I need some advice please..I use to frequent this site a lot when I was pregnant with my son. After having my son ( who is now 2) I had a tubal. my problem is this past month I started bleeding two weeks early light bleeding for three days with a headache the whole time that tylenol would not get rid of. I have also have been having hotflashes. I researched it online, and all I could come up with is pregnancy. I know a couple people that have got pregnant after a tubal. I hope that is not my case though. Anyone had anything like this after having there tubes tied. What could be going on ?
    e advice Please..

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