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    i bled for 3 mos with first pregnancy and 4 mos with 2nd pregnancy!



    You could try acupuncture. Some women swear by it. I’m going to do it with this next baby (if I’m over due)



    Well ladies im at 133lbs today and am not due until april 10th.Im really stressed about this because im not a big person at all or wasnt until i got pregnant here with my 3rd.Im just thinking i still have a few more months until my due date and ive already reached to 133lbs.Give me some advice is this to doc says im fine measuring rite and everything…



    Olivia… I have a kidney disease which causes my kidneys to produce stones. I pass a lot (9 with my 1st and16 with my second) of stones during pregnancy. I am now pregnant with my third, no stones so far. As far as I know your docs are right the only way to pass them is LOTS of water. Not just fluid. As my urologist says, ‘Would you wash your face with lemonade?’ ‘Then don’t wash you kidney with it’ He thinks he’s funny. Good luck. I hope you pass it soon. It will bring immediate relief!


    morning ladies im new to this page i found out 2day im 4 weeks pregnant, im very nervours its my second an i need all the tips you can give me on morning sickness because i suffer realy realy bad with it, and am worried about copping with it with my 2 half year old, xxx



    what do you think of the name Jaziyah Marie Royae’ do you think its to much



    Hello… I have a question for all you experienced momma’s… I have a 2 year old son, and I think I am pregnant again. If I am I would only be about 3 weeks currently, too soon to take a test. Am I crazy in thinking that I just know that I am?!?!?! My breasts feel heavy, not sore, just heavy; lower back hurts bad when I first wake up; none of my pants fit (or bras)… I HATE waiting to know!!!!!


    how accurate is the OB when she tells you whether you are having a girl or a boy?



    everyone, I just found out Yesteday that I am pregnant. I had a MC about one year ago. The thing is I am felling a little bit of cramps on the right side pelvic area. Does anyone fell this too? I made an appointment w my doctor but they won’t be able to see me till the 11th. I am just scarred. I hope i am not miscarrying. The pain is not sharp. it’s there all the time, i feel it more when I get up and walk, even my right leg hurts a bit. Any thoughts?



    I’m bi-racial too. But you couldnt tell by just looking at me. Maybe it is the horomones. I dont know. I just want to have this baby already! CYNSOILS: my horomones have been crazy throughout this whole pregnancy. Sometimes I feel like a different person, like normal me wouldnt act like this or cry over that, etc. Thanks for laughing it off…maybe I should too. It never hit me that they probably cant relate.
    ***believe it or not people have been rude and mean to my mom at work & my brother & sister at school…after the election, so I did sorta feel like people were being that way on here.



    ashleykaye–it depends on how much u weighed before you got pregnant. i weighed only 110 lbs, so my doctor told me i would gain about 40 lbs. that is exactly what i gained!! i weighed 150 when he was born. i put the weight on pretty steady, always weighing the same as what week i was in ( example: i had gained 20 lbs at 20 weeks, 30 lbs at 30 weeks etc). it is when u are already overweight or close to it that you should only gain, say, 20 lbs or something. so dont worry if your doc isnt worried and u are normally small then u should expect to gain more. and i only gained in my belly and boobs, luckily i am not someone who gets ‘pregnant all over’.



    I am only 5 weeks but I woke up this morning feeling pregnant! LOL Funny how that happens.



    hello everyone I have a question my first ultrasound at (6 weeks 2 day) said I would be 13 week 2 days and there was only one as of today but I went in for my first prenatal and when I got check out she said I felt like I was 20 weeks and now I have a utlrasound next week, has this happened to anyone before could the utlrasound be wrong could I be 20 weeks or could there be 2?



    heading to the doctor to verify i am PG; then have to contact my OBGYN to set up exam; oh how the fun of exams begin, lol.



    satucker – I knew I was pregnant the second time around 4weeks. I didn’t get a positive test until almost a week past my period. I got a negative on the day my period was due. I just knew i was though. I was already sick. I ended up with the worst MS. I had to be put on zofran to stop losing weight.

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