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    I am 22w, iv felt the baby start moving around 16 or 17w every once in awhile. the last 2 days, i have actually really started to feel her moving, a few times threw out the day, and some good hard i havent felt her move very much at all. i know shes still very small, but is this normal??



    Pregbelly – I had those pains at the start, even had a little blood too, I was told that it might be something to do with my Bowel. Now 19 weeks and everything going ok.



    18andpregnant – Your hormones are raging crazy style huh LOL. I don’t know about anyone else but I never click on the persons link to see their page when I answer their question. Plus there are other reasons that people may not have answered your questions, they probably can’t relate to it. LOL.



    Oh thank you so much happyforest for the advice i fill better.Im also between 110-115 lbs before I got pregnant.



    That’s funny! I’m just about five weeks. All my books say morning sickness doesn’t kick in until six or seven weeks. Yeah right! Didn’t last time and not this time. I’ve been sick for over a week. The egg implanted and POW! I was sick. HAHA! I feel pregnant. I feel weepy and lots of anxiety. I have an active 18month old. It’s crazy we are doing this again so soon. It is exciting. We haven’t told anyone yet and I can’t wait. I’ve lost some weight but I already see my waistline shrinking. Eek! Last time I was in maternity clothes BY 13weeks. They say your uterus remembers and will pop sooner. Does this mean I will need to pull out my maternity shorts at 10weeks! That’s a little over a month away. And to think, I just got back into my old summer clothes. Couldn’t wear them last summer because I was still losing weight. Dang! Oh well. I hope they’ll still be in style two summers from now! HAHA!



    question ladies: I joined this site last year when I found out I was pregnant with twins. I was updating my page today because I had some free time while the babies napped – AND I am pregnant again!! I have such good vivid memories written on my page of the twins and I hate to lose them, but it takes up alot of space. Is there anyway to save your page or history that information without printing it??


    I tested this morning and it came out positive! I want to tell the whole world, but want to be 100% sure. is there a chance of a false positive or am I being cynical.



    Hi all I am almost 5 weeks pregnant and this is my first pregnancy. I am so excited but also very worried of miscarrying. Hoping I am not the only one worried of this. Have nausea but eating helps and constipation which is lovely! I also have light brown discharge, hope this is normal???



    Not sure where to put this but i was wondering if anyone else has had the Liver Function blood tests done and have anyones come back abnormal? If so what was it and how did the docs treat it?
    Mine as been tested 3 times over the past 3 weeks and its still coming back abnormal and my doc isnt telling me a thing 🙁



    Hello all! I’ve gotten a BFP, and have guessed I am about 6 weeks. I don’t see the doctor until the 14th. I’m new to this site, and don’t know how to add friends, so if anyone is at about the same stage, please add me! My husband isn’t quite happy about this pregnancy, as this is our second, and I’d love to have someone to chat with from time to time. Good luck to everyone!



    18andpregnant – chill sweetie – politics is off limits on this site per the admin…. I’m positive people not answering you has nothing to do with the color of your skin. If that was the case, I’d have no people talking to me on here either because my daughter is bi-racial – just like our president elect!!! 🙂



    Ladies I have another question here.Im 29 weeks and 5 days now and i had an us at 20 weeks and i asked my doc. yesterday if i would be getting another one…she says its not necessary.but i thought i would at least be getting this rite just 1…..


    does anyone else sometimes wake up the mornings and vomit yellow mucus looking stuff..i do sometimes and i dont kno y



    I’m in my 26th week with my first pregnancy and I’ve noticed a lot of numbness in my fingers, especially while sleeping. Is this normal?


    ok ladies anyone else feel bad for their hubbys? I have been so sensitive in the last 2 weeks, swearing at him one min then 10 mins later about to cry and telling him im sorry, he knows it has to do with being preggo and doesn’t take it personally but still i feel so bad, the other day in the car i started to cry just because i was happy in my life, i felt so stupid but couldn’t stop myself. Its scary i dont know if im going to be mad or happy and the smallest things set me off.

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