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    hey ladies! I just joined this site yesterday. DH and I have been TTC for a little over a year. I’m on my 3rd round of clomid and still not pregnant. Did anyone take clomid and get pregnant? I need support! 🙂



    Hey ladies…Iam usually in the IC forum since I have a cerclage, thought I would check here and see if you guys have felt the same or any adevice. I don’t want to be a worry wart and call the doc but severe back pain for about the last 12 hours (kept me up last night). No tightening of my uterus or anything but a pain at the bottom of my belly. Could it be just bad RL pain? This is my first pregnancy so I am not sure what normal is! Thanks gals



    Hi, my husband and I have two beautiful girls, 24 months and 7 months old. Our younger daughter has a rare chromosomal abnormality but is doing pretty well right now. We are ready for a third child. I am awaiting the day when I can test. I hope that this month we will get our BFP.


    Hello ladies I just got my BFP today… new to this side of the site — I’ve been in the TTC area!! How is everyone


    ashleykaye: Here in the UK we get one at 12 weeks then another at 20 weeks, unless you are high risk or have any abnormalities



    wow… that sounds like no fun. i think that yellow stuff is just stomach acid tho. i got sick before (b4 i was prenant) and thats happened to me, its not very much that comes up but what does come up is bright yellow… its gross lol.
    nausea didnt set in for me till i found out i was pregnant i dont know if it was a physcological thing or what but b4 i knew i would just get motion sickness on the bus or in the car. and as i now i havent thrown up at all yet. thank goodness i hate that. my nausea is so unpredictable. its crazy 2 nigghts ago i woke up early cus i was so sick but didnt throw up, this morning i woke up feeling perfect. and then i got scared. i am so afraid of miscarrying. 🙁 any little change and it scares me. but anyways today i naseated later on. so i am guessing things are ok. lol good luck ladies! <3



    I took a test lat Saturday … three days late.. but I have been having symptoms for at least three weeks before that. is that possible



    Jazzylen- every monther is nervous the first time and i think it’s a good thing, cause now you will take the time to educate yourself. Others think they know it all and really dont. Plus we are all here for you so ask as many questions as needed. I find out what i’m having the week of Christmas as well i can’t wait



    Hi laurenj14, i was on the generic form of clomid for two cycles. Still no matured follicle. Doc upped my dosage to 1 & half tablets of clomid. Finally tried Clomid on my third cycle and to my surprise I was finally pregnant. Dh & I were TTC for 3 yrs unassisted & thanks to clomid & finally got my little miracle that I prayed so hard for. Lots of baby dust to you!!!! 🙂



    Hi ladies! This is my first time on a forum of any sort, but I felt like joining this one to hear stories and tell some of my own throughout the next few months!Iam pregnant with my first child and am 20w6d today. I was told I had a low lying placenta after my first ultrasound at 15w, so I was sent for a second ultrasound at 18w to see if it was moving and I found out today at my monthly checkup that it did move over! My husband and I are very excited and I can now get even more excited for the arrival of our little one in January! Good luck to all the mommies to be! 🙂



    hi everyone newbie here! hows it going for you all? I am 5.5 weeks this is not my first baby. good luck to you all!



    18andpregnant – Well I can relate your hormones do run wild I know. But ehh just shake it off who cares what other people think of you. The only people who’s opinion should matter to you are those of your family. For those people who are being rude to your family, pay them no mind those are just ignorant people with nothing better to do.



    ashleyhaye-I was also told that I would just have one unless anything looked troublesome. I have one today (I’m 33w2d) to check fluid levels. I’m not sure how they decide if one is needed-but I guess there’s still a chance you might get another one!



    That yellow stuff is bile..awful awful tasting bile. Its just the stuff thats in your stomach to help digest fats. It comes from your liver/gall bladder. If you have nothing in your stomach, that’s what you get to throw! hehe Its normal, dont worry.



    Ok so in the past couple week when I cough or laugh heavy,….. i feel a strain on the lower left side of my stomach…… i have had a positive test with many symptoms and appointments set up HELP ME

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