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    Hello ladies i hope everyone is doing well.


    this is my first time on here and i have a ton of questions,..heres my first if any one can help,..this is my first,..and my cervix is post,..which i guess means that everything sits up higher, 15 wks today,..and worried that i should be able to feel my uterus and dont know were to feel since i sit up higher,…help please!



    Hey first time iv joined something like this but im 6wks 4days pregnant with my second, i fell pregnant around 4days after i had my iud removed, me n my partner expected it to take longer lol but after 4 bfn’s i finally got my bfp 4days after af was due and even though i was geting symptoms from afew days after conception i was quite shocked lol.. Really lookin forward to my pregnancy progressing but tbh im reeeaaally scared about latbour i definitly havent forgotten the pain lol and i had a very traumatic labour with my son due to many complications, but i suppose every pregnancy/labour is different so im going to try not to worry to much.. Still waiting for my first midwife appointment and datin scan date to come through, i cant wait 🙂 anyway i dont know how you add friends or whatever on here but id love to make some friends on here to chat about pregnancy to.. Tc xx



    luciasmom- I did!!!! I started the clomis in Dec. got pregnant in May (found out that I was pregnant on 6/13 my husbands B-day)



    im 14 weeks tomoro and i swear to god i felt the baby move the other night .. is that possible this early



    Hello everyone, My name is Emma and I am new to this, I have just signed up… not sure what I am doing!!!! Just thought I would try and introduce myself. I am 10 weeks Preg with my first… 🙂



    I’m 6 and a half weeks pregnant. During the day I worry that I have virtually no nausea or symptoms. Yet during the night I become hotter and hotter, I have vivid dreams and my breasts hurt so badly I wake up repeatedly with the pain of them. Then in the morning I wake up with killing breasts which are as hard as concrete and very tender, drenched with sweat and with a banging migraine. I am not overweight and I am young and healthy – could these symptoms be a sign of something more ominous – like a pregnancy induced condition or something? – And should I be worried that I am not experiencing nausea?



    Hi am in my 11th week. Is there anyone due about Feb 26, 2010?



    Congrads to all who just found out. we are all really blessed!



    i’m new to this site and i’m 29 weeks pregnant and was told i may not be able to have children due to a serious operation when i was just 2 so i feel pretty lucky 🙂



    When Rosemarie, my wife was pregnant, she also ate a lot, ‘giving in’ to the cravings. She gained a lot while pregnant, and lost more again afterward. When it comes to eating, the golden rule is to make sure you get the nutrients you need. Eating balanced, use supplements and listen to your cravings. Throwing exercise in, makes things just easier.


    Ok, so yesterday my 2 yr old son was diagnosed with Pharyngitis – however today I think he may have Fifths Disease as his cheeks have been bright red all day and it isn’t going away. I did a little research and it looks like an adult that contracts this can cause a miscarriage! Does anyone have actual experience with this kind of situation? I’m gonna call my dr tomorrow, but would like any info you all may have!



    Maybe someone can help me with my concern… I am 20 weeks pregnant but for 2 weeks off and on have been having VERY sticky, clear, mucus-y discharge (TMI- like snot) I had this same discharge the last month or so of my last pregnancy before I lost my plug. Is this normal to be having this this early or should I see the doctor?



    so does anyone have any good names for a girl on here.I was kinda thinking of Alexis Sky.So what do yall think good or not?



    I had a m/c at 13 weeks in Oct. I am now pregnant again and I am 10 weeks today! It is weird that the only thing that goes through my mind is “I going to have another miscarriage”. I am having a hard time being optimistic. This is my 2nd first child so I am so worried. I did have an early ultrasound at 7 weeks and the baby’s heart was beating at 150. That made me feel better. But until my next appointment I am constantly worried that something is going to happen. Any tips on how to feel less stressed about having a m/c?

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