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    hi wondering if anyone knows what this means last night i went to the emergency room for bleeding and cramping. they did an ultrasound blood tests and a pelvic exam. what they told me is my b-quant level is 11116.2 but they didnt know if that was normal for how far along i am which is 8 weeks and they also said my yolk sac is very large which could mean miscarriage.. is my b-quant level right? is there any other reason for a large yolk sac? they told me they couldnt tell what was wrong and they scheduled me to se my ob-gyn



    i find out the sex of my baby on dec 8th!



    God works in mysterious ways



    hi all,im 14 weeks pregnant with my second child (there will be an 11 year gap between my children) i was just wondering when you all felt your first flutters of baby movement because im feeling the slightest bubble feeling but its been so long im really not sure.



    Lately I’ve been feeling extremely dizzy and nauseous. Sometimes it feels like the whole room is spinning and my vision gets a little blurry with some ringing in my ears. I’ve also had a light bleeding and my period was a few weeks ago so it’s random, I took a pregnancy test and it came up negative, but something is telling me I may possibly be pregnant. I called the doctor to make an appointment but she can’t see me for another two weeks. Has anybody else experienced anything like this with a pregnancy?..



    I need your help ladies. :), If your from the Tennesee area. I’m searching for my older half brother. We lost contact about 9 years ago. His name is Jeremy Keiper. I beleive his middled name is Carl. I should know this, but we didn’t exactly grow up together. He’s in his early thirties.

    I was lucky enough to find him last time. someone who worked at a court house had looked up his address for me. We stayed in touch for about half a year, and then unfortunately we both moved within days of eachother. Me back to Pa, and him, somewhere else in TN. We lost eachothers numbers because they changed. This was before the days of cell phones where your number went with you.

    I’ve put feelers out everywhere, I have tried googling his name, nothing. at least not my brother, there are a few other jeremy keipers out there. If any of you ladies know of him, or even know him, or have the contacts or ability to look, I would greatly appreciate any help you can give.

    Being a mom now, I really want him to know his neice, and I want to know how he’s doing. I cant afford those people search things. they are a rip anyway.

    thanks everyone. 🙂


    If I have another girl which I don’t doubt with my history, her name will probably be Ashlyn Grace. The second I saw the name it stuck out to me and I love it.



    Has anyone had the tummy tightening at 5 almost 6 week? I thought it was a bit early however this is my 4th pregnancy.



    just a quick question, i am nine weeks on tuesday and i havent experienced any sickness yet? i will ill around week 4 and had severe stomach cramps but only for a day, i have all other symptoms but would like your opinion on weather something is wrong or i am just being paranoid?!….thanks



    i know exactly how you feel! my poor husband has been so patient with my craziness! tonight, i was making dinner, and dropped a breadstick out of the oven, and got so upset, i threw a spatula at the wall lol funny now, but my husbands face was priceless. he’s dealt with me crying because of a commercial, being ecstatic because of food, and mad at well…just about anything. not to mention that our front door has become a revolving one. hes always running out to get whatever food im craving at the moment. and hes not even mad that i wont let him cook any beef because the smell makes me sick. i guess we are some lucky ladies! and yes, they have to deal with us being slightly insane, but we have to deal with being pregnant, so i feel its a fair deal.



    I am 28 weeks today and keep waking up with horrible pain everywhere my ribs my hips , legs bum..i never had this on my other 2 children and dont know how much more of this i can take everymorning . Im wondering if it has anything to do with the postion of my baby.. she is liein side to side and when she does turn which she does most days she is in breech postion. Roll on July or sooner please as i have had both my babies early.


    Hi every one!!! I must admit that I am totally nervous. I am 8 weeks pregnant with my first baby! I am a teacher and am about to start the first day of school tomorrow. YIKES! I joined because I wanted to be able to chat with other women who may be experiencing some of my same feelings. I have my first appointment this friday and hopefully I’ll get great news…..I’m praying for a healthy baby (and begging for a girl…lol, even though I know its way to early to tell) anywho, I pray all is well with all of you! Hope to chat with you all soon!



    I am 13 weeks pregnant and I have been arguing with my fiance every day for the last month and i have found it hard to control my emotions. i have had morning sickness which is now fading yay. i have had really bad pains in my tummy and my belly is big for the stage i am at i am showing which i think is to early??? I have just stared eating and i am eating so much and i eat food i never use to like!! is all this normal at this stage?



    I am 14 weeks, and dr says I feel further along. I look like I’m 5 months pregnant. I am 100% sure of the first day of my last period. If I am not carrying multiples, what else could be the problem? Dr says we can check out at my ultrasound next month, but I’m just anxious to know if something could be wrong. I know that you show quicker after your first pregnancy, but this just doesn’t seem right! I’ve only gained about 10 lbs so far…it’s like it all went to my stomach! Anyone else have this issue?



    Hey girls, I have a question. I am 13 weeks preggo and have been having mild ‘growth’ cramps in my abdomen on and off since conception. Lately the cramping is more frequent, although it is no more intense. I also have mild achyness in my back on and off and once in a while, pains in my vagina. No extreme pain or bleeding. I just go about my day. Is this normal? Does this mean the baby is starting to grow more rapidly? I am still not showing much. Thanks for your imput!

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