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    @ mom1babyboy- how many weeks are you? i go for number 2 everyday like clockwork, i would speak to your doc



    aaahhhhhhhh what is up with the comment box in the week by week forums! i am just dying to talk to someone ANYONE as i just got a bfp today,.. and haven’t told my hubby yet. hes still at work, and i dont wanna tell him until he comes home…so i cant even tell my best friend yet either! i LOVED this site and was addicted to it with my first baby, who will be 3 in december. so ready to do this again!



    Erin B. I am no doctor but I have had four children and am 30 weeks pregnant with my fifth child – and judging from my experience – my children did settle down into a head down position around two weeks before I gave birth. But understand, unborn babies are such acrobats – they may still cartwheel around later than that! =)



    I had my daughter at 36 weeks. She was perfectly healthy at birth. However she did have a little bit of a hard time learning how to suck and she had jaundice. Remember 35-36 week babies are premature. It’s best for them to stay in!


    anyone ever had really weird dating issues with pregnancies? According to LMP i should be 9 weeks, 3 days. U/S last week said 6.5 days and U/S this week said still about 6 weeks. I know this doesn’t look good at all esp. since there has been spotting too. But, there has been a good HB on both U/S’s. Any experience would be appreciated. Respond to my page



    Hi ladies I am new to this site and just wanted to say hi…we found out on Dec4th that we are pregnant I am now 6w today with some spotting and it’s very scary anyone else having the same thing.


    Perhaps I had a craving, i want salad, like bad! Me and the bf were watching a movie and thee guy had salad and them I wanted salad so much I got frustrated th at I didn’t have any but today i will go hunt down a salad i still want it.


    Today is first US and SOOO excited. Will finally know how far along we are. Definitely emotional and had first few days of ms (though fairly minor). Saying between 9-17wks – so we are VERY READY to KNOW, BFP was 3 wks ago. Only a few more hours-can’t believe how stressed out it can make you waiting for stuff like this.



    Hi 3beautifulbrothers ,
    WOW, you will certainly have your hands full!!
    I have no experience with twins just wanted to
    congratulate you!



    1st pregnancy with a boy! naming him jeremiah (a family name) found out i was pregnant at 8 weeks, conceived on our 3rd year anniversary (valentines day) or maybe a couple days after! found out it was a boy at 16 and started to show at 10 weeks! at first thought he was gonna be 2! LOL!



    hey guys.. im now almost 16 weeks tomoro and i got really ill with a cold 2 days ago … ive been sleeping around 14 hours a day and still very very tired… ive got to go to work but honeslty dont know if i can do a 8 hour shift like this … sorry just needed to see if im pushing myself.. i havent really grasped the fact that a pregnant person cant do what a normal person does.. i know of people who work all the way through there pregnancies and hardly have any sick days off.. am i being too hard on myself??



    well my 1 hour test resuts came back i passed everything all except for my iron being really low.Im also 30 wks today im so excited and nervous all at the same time because my due date is nearing the end.i just cant wait to see her!!!



    preciousunknown- get a test from ur doctor, they will do a blood work and go from there

    adriana03 – i got it given to me at 8 weeks after saying nothing is staying down.

    Mrs.Nichols – i still get that and im 35 weeks, make sure u are eating enough and getting enough iron… i found after i started taking iron tablets it disappeared



    GB-MOM You are really lucky that you have no sickness yet, it might be to early. I had a very good first trimester the best ever. i only got really sick once. i was always tired, but still to this day i don’t have food craving or the other signs. All i can say is enjoy it while you can once they big belly come we wll have enough pain. lol congrats!



    Hi I am 27 and live in Tennessee I am due Aug 8th…. I am new to this site and would love to meet some friends close to my due date to kinda be a support group! I have an amazing Husband and A sweet & yr old boy. We have been trying for 2 years and my OB put me on clomid for 5 days and it took the first time! So needless to say we are SOOOO excited! Looking foward to meeting new friends on here!

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