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    Hi everyone, I have a question…. I’m almost 23 weeks at this point, and all of the books say I’m supposd to be able to feel my baby bump an inch or so above my belly button, but I can only feel it right at my belly button–like there hasn’t been any growth for the last couple of weeks. I know this sounds paranoid, but I have a long history of miscarriages, and I’ve never made it this far, so I don’t know if it’s normal or not. Also, I haven’t really felt any kicking yet. I’m overweight, though, and I have anterior placenta, so I thought maybe that was the reason. Does anyone know at what week you should be able to feel kicks really well, even with anterior placenta? The most I’ve felt is this vaguely ticklish feeling, usually right under my belly button. I’m trying to stay calm and not stress about this, but any answers would be so appreciated. Thanks!!



    hey ladies. Its my due date and baby isnt here yet, but he will be real soon! He ant stay in there forever! lol. Im here just wishing you all luck and love and loads of baby dust!



    Hey ladies! I’m new to this site, and I’m looking for other soon to be mommies to chat with. I’m 19 weeks pregnant, and due Feb. 8th. Anyone else due around this date??



    For the past couple days I’ve been taking Tylenol PM (since Thursday but only one pill at night, 500mg). I’m only taking it bc I’ve been having this HORRIBLE pelvic pain and back pain also I get little to no sleep at night. But I’m worried about how it’ll effect my baby. Is he going to have any withdrawl symptoms or anything? The nurse told me it was okay to take but as a mother I’m still a little bit concerned. BTW: I’m due in 6 days.



    hi girls, I need advice. Well, long story short – my husband and I have a 15 month old little boy. We were planning to get pregnant in March so that our kiddos would be close in age. I just found out my sister is pregnant and due in Oct. Our planned baby would be due in Nov. Should we hold off? We live very far apart so if we both delivered within a month of each other that means I couldn’t go see her baby, she couldn’t come see mine and our families would be broke from traveling all over the place, or would just not care about my baby cos it’ s the second baby. Or should we forge ahead with our plans and see what happens? anyone in a similar situation?



    hey to all those nauseous mommies. I had it pretty bad in my second and third month. Could not move w/out feeling like i wanted to puke. Lost about 10pounds from just not being able to eat. Then I started w/ saltine crackers which were my main courses and ginger ale. Also the tea brand Stash makes a ginger lemon tea that really helps w/ the nausea feeling. Helped me. 🙂 Hope it gets better for you ladies soon. Oh yeah I am 26weeks and 4 days today. This is my first pregnancy. and it’s a boy. I hear you can’t get a heartbeat until later on in the pregnancy. Usually 8weeks is when they check that stuff out. Good luck ladies 🙂



    Hey Ladies, Just a ? for anyone out there who got pregnant via clomid. I am 18 weeks and am still vomiting every 2-3 days(I am taking zofran) Does anyone know if clomid can make ms. worse? My dr said that it was a possiblity since it messes w/ur hormones…Anyone else experiencing this?


    i am 19 weeks and i rolled over in bed last night and squished my boob and the pain was so bad it woke me up! my breasts already feel like they are full enough how can they get any bigger, they are so hard and tender like i am already nursing and i missed a feeding, if you are a mother already and you nursed you know what i am talking about. i dont understand why they are suddenly like this now



    ***Bixgirl, just to be safe have u called ur Doctor. I would defenitely consider that option 1st. This is my 3rd pregnancy… my 2 last pregnancy where noting like this one. So i can’t really guide u. But I would call and have it checked on. Just to be on the safe side. Good luck and i hope all is well with you and your baby.



    Hi Everyone, I have just moved from the TTC room, I found out on 25th August that I am pregnant :-). So the baby is due around May 3rd, its so far away.
    Anyway wanted to say Hi and I am wondering if there is anyone else here at around the same stage of pregnancy as me.



    Why is there nothing on this site about a blighted ovum? I am having a rough day.



    claire.. my tummy has quite a bump as well. I am hopeing like you that this is normal for the 2nd baby. I am already looking for Maternity clothes my jeans are already too tight!



    Hey everyone. So I’m new to the site, and I need some advice on a very touchy subject. I am 16 and pregnant. I’m thinking I might not tell my family who the father is until after birth. I DO know who the father is, but my family doens’t even know I have a boyfriend. My boyfriend knows, and wants me to move in with him and all of that, and i might, but for now, i have to tell my family. Everyone else I’ve talked to says to tell them, they just want to know…buy i dont really thinks its their business. I think it would add a lot more stress if they knew, b/c they would constantly riding my back about him…so should I tell them, or should I wait till after me and baby are out of the hospital?



    pregnancy dust to all those worried



    2ndontheway2010~ I have never heard of Clomid increasing your M/S. I am but one person so asking for a second opinion from your doctor may be the thing. By now that Clomid is way out of your system. It sounds to me like you just have one very strong bean in there. Congrats and I hope you feel better.

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