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    Hey all I’m new to the website. I’m 34 weeks pregnant with my first baby. My dr and I have talked about scheduling me for an induction because my husband works out of state and I want to be sure that he’s there with me the whole time. My dr seems pretty opposed to an induction but says he understands the circumstances. He says 35-50 % of the time when women are induced it leads to them needing a c-section. Does anyone have any experience or advice about this? I want to do the safest thing but really don’t want to go to the hospital alone in labor and have my husband possibly miss the whole thing because he’ll likely have to wait for a flight back home.



    hi everyone,im on my 3rd pregnancy now and have never used a website for info and to chat during a pregnancy b4,its nice to read that other people are experiencing the same as you and worry about the same things! you’d think id be use to all this by now but its different everytime! feels like its the first time again! im fed up of being a zombie lol gettin crampy the last couple of days (forgot the joy of that too!) xx



    Congratulations to all future mothers!
    And may God protect you and give you good health!
    I am 31 years old and I waited so long to have a child. But now, God made a miracle for me and I am so happy!
    I am suffering from ulcerative colitis , a disease of the large intestin or colon. Now I am 11 weeks pregnant and I started to bleed a little. I was wondering if any of you had this disease during pregnancy and had a healthy child?
    I am confident so I appreciate if any of you, ladies , would like to share her thoughts and experience with me.
    Best, Anca


    Hey ladies i post two belly pics!!! come check them out and let me know.



    sarahm – did you message Laura Ward about it? I’m sure she could help you get them off.



    so hows all the ladies doing?im doing fine besides the tiredness and cravings.


    anyone else had wierd dreams about their pregnancy and baby. i dreamed last night that i went to the hospital fro some reason and that i was getting an U/S in a very open room with my mother and grandmother there. and the doctor was doing the u/s and was showing me how you could hear the baby cry inside and i really did hear it and then she was commenting on how small my baby was (im only 10 weeks btw) and said it was so small cause it had some green slime on it and it was making it not able to breathe. and later the u/s lady was commenting on my twins and i know im only have one baby and she said well your twins blah blah and when i questioned it she said i was having transverse twins andthat why i could not see the other one it was hidding behind the bigger baby. is that even a type of twins? what does anyone think this dream means?



    amyan209 – I had severe PUPPS with my first son. We tried inducing for a week! I went in every other day for gel and then Saturday night I went in for pitocen. I was on 12 hours of max pit and it slowed contractions. I only got to 60% efaced with three doses of gel and pit. I only got to a finger tip dialated. Pretty much my body wasn’t ready. Many times for a first child inductions just don’t work. If you are already dialating and effacing then it might work. If you aren’t like wasn’t it probably won’t. If I had known what I do now I would have waited for more gel and just kept waiting. I was in a lot of pain and on drugs for the PUPPS so I just couldn’t think of waiting. The up side was a section ended up being our choice. They said I coudl go home and wait which I just couldn’t see myself waiting OR have a section. I opted for the section to stop the pain. My doctor said it would probably be another two weeks if I let things go naturally. Considering my son was already almost 9lbs I think we probably did the right thing. A 10+lb baby doesn’t sound too thrilling. Now with my second I want a VBAC and am willing to let my body go completely natural, even if I end up with stupid PUPPS again. HAHA! In your case I would wait and see. If it looks like your body is starting to progress then maybe talk again with your doctor. If it’s not then really there isn’t much you can do. I understand wanting Dad to be there but sometimes you can’t help it.


    hi i am new to this site just found out i am pregnant with number to and so excited



    Anca~I have a very good friend who has ulcerative colitis, she has given birth to 3 happy healthy babies, her last one being in July 2009. She is planning to start trying for her 4th after her daughter turns 1. I don’t know much about her colitis, but I can sure ask her any questions you might have. Message my page if you’d like. Congrats!!



    Hi all, I am 6 weeks 6 days pregnant, Wondering if anyone experienced light cramping kind of similar to the soreness after rough sex(but definitely no rough sex for me since I found out)? It only lasts 2 seconds and happens maybe 5 times spread throughout the day…No bleeding whatsoever….I am over-reacting right?



    I need to know if I’m pregnant! I’ve missed my period by a month and i’ve had some light spotting around two weeks after sex. I have been on prednisone and have been under considerable stress lately. We had sex the day before my period, which then lasted two days. Am I? I have no signs except for slight mood swings and bloating, but both I get regularly with PMS. what should I do?


    Hi new to this sight. Amybe someone can help me. I am currently 11 weeks and very up and down. My boyfriend is amazing, he deals with my mood swings with patients and understanding. Well since I found out I was pregnant I haven’t been very sexual towards him. Is this normal and what could I do to fix this. Any help would be grateful



    when did everyone start getting baby stuff



    I am new to this site, so hello ladies!! I was happy to stumble upon this site. 🙂
    I was wondering if someone could give me some feedback. My doctor sent me to the ER on Monday because I fell pretty hard on my stomach. Anyway, baby and I are both ok. But I during my visit an ultra sound was performed and the tech told me it looked like we were having a little boy. However, she also said 15 weeks is a little early to definitively determine the sex, so its possible its a girl. Then she said she was fairly certain it was a boy because the little protruding part between the legs looked like a penis not an enlarged clitoris. So I am just wondering if any of you have had an experience where you were told one sex, but a few weeks later were told it was the other. I just don’t know if we should start buying boy or if we should wait a month for my actual 20 week anatomy scan. I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you!!

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